Why Nasri can be the new Fabregas

Real news is thin on the ground this morning when it comes to the Arsenal but there are one or two heart-warming stories in the papers. Check out the picture of the Phil Brown commemorative sacking dolls, BTW.
Those clever chaps at Hull City have, in their ultimate wisdom, decided that enough is enough and parted company with Supteran, er, sorry Phil Brown. That prompts the question: how many wry smiles must there be out there in Goonerland after his axing? Well one in this household that’s for sure and when my five-year-old and missus wake up, that number will rise significantly to three. The dog? Always smiling.
Brown has been an enemy of God’s Own for some time now so we are hardly going to shed a tear that he got the bullet some time shortly after the back of the Hull net swished sweetly with the sound of Nicklas Bendter’s late, late winner in the 2-1 win on Saturday.
Ironically, happy hoodie Cesc Fabregas — the player who seemed to irk Brown and co-mentalist Brian Horton going back a bit –wasn’t there to see our dramatic victory but no doubt he was in his local tappas with some el chums taking in the game over a few pints of San Miguel with sangria tops.
Fabregas, the Arsenal talisman. Fabregas, the leader of the young Arsenal republic. Fabregas, the artisan in chief. Wenger’s general. But how long before he heads for Barca? Rumours are rife that it will be this summer. Others say next. The truth is probably some where in between but when, not if, this Spanish genius can no longer resist the call from Catalonia who can fill his boots in that all-important string-pulling role?
Well, we saw against Burnley that Samir Nasri is the ideal candidate to step into the breach. He has all of the skill sets that make Fabregas such a wonderful baton waver when it comes to orchestrating football matches and I believe he would naturally flourish given the responsibility of making the team tick. In short, once Fabregas is out of the way, Nasri will shoulder the extra burden of responsibility thus unlocking the player he can be given the lead role. Quick-thinking, fleet of foot and with an eye for a critical pass, Nasri has the lot. He just needs the confidence that comes from games and an injury-free run.
Nasri was raised as a central midfielder in France, where he was a shining light at Marseille but at the Arsenal he played out wide most of the time. And he recently stated that he fears that his lack of action in the middle could count against him with France coach Raymond Domenech comes to pick his World Cup squad.
Of course, he can never be Fabregas and I in no way want to denigrate either of them by that remark. Yes, I’d rather Cesc stays and leads us to an array of titles and trophies. But let’s get real — it ain’t going to happen. Who wouldn’t want to join their boyhood club? I had a distinguished career with the Berkeley Arms in the Chichester and District Sunday league but, heck, I would have given up those Sunday mornings, half-cut on frozen pitches for a spell at the Arsenal!
While us fans periodically worry about the situation, one man, AW himself, has no such worries. He has seen players come and go, not just players but world beaters and, as was ever thus, he doesn’t fret at the prospect of more golden talent heading for the hills. It’s football’s natural order. Vitally, the philosophy remains.
Anyway, Cesc is still about for a good while yet — eight games in the league at least and, of course, a couple of Champions League encounters and hopefully more. Gird your loins for a rollercoaster ride to the end of the season and, pray God, Madrid in May. Bring us the Premier League title and the European crown, Cesc, and the wherever you go you will always be Arsenal. And when the Nou Camp beckons, rest assured your old mate Samir will accept the armband and lead us to more triumphs. No longer waiting in the wings.
*Henry Norris writes: “Eldo, have you lost your marbles this morning? Nasri has unlocked potential but he has a long way to go to compare with Fabregas. Suggest you consult the pharmacist to double check your prescription.”

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