Wright ‘sorry’ for Gooners ‘mugs’ Twitter rant

ARSENAL legend Ian Wright has apologised to Gunners fans after labeling them “mugs” in a rant about Ashley Cole on Twitter. Wrighty backed Cole’s decision to quit Arsenal and join Chelsea after the they lifted the Champions League trophy following a penalty shootout win over Bayern Munich last night.

He took to Twitter to attack Gooners who have continuously barracked the left-back for leaving north London in 2006 for the King’s Road after he baulked at Arsenal’s wage offer of £55,000-a-week.

Cole insisted that the win, which sees Chelsea lift a maiden European Cup before Arsenal, proved his decision to be correct. He said: “I’m lost for words, we stuck to our tactics and in the end we deserved it. Now no-one can say anything to me. This is the reason I came here.”

Wrighty backed him and last night he tweeted: “Ashley cole. Laughing last. To you all you mugs who caned him! He made the right decision! Swallow and move on.

“mugs was a bit strong. Suppose when you’ve sat down at heard how he speaks about the AFC situation first hand, happy 4 him

“it won’t make any difference mugs or not! Just supporting him has been enough for the fans to cane me. Sera sera my friend.

“I suppose maybe when he’s ready he’ll explain. Would love to see him do piers Morgan show.

“plus with some AFC fans I’ve only given them a proper reason to dislike me. They know who they are.

“But support I believe true AFC fans will accept that. And the one’s that don’t! Well…… You know what you are……”
But today he has said sorry for his remarks. He said: “Mugs was way out of order! And I apologise unreservedly! To true AFC fans. Who I owe everything. :-(((. #i’mthemug. But support I believe true AFC fans will accept that. And the one’s that don’t! Well…… You know what you are……”

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  1. take your apology and shove it up your A$$

  2. What a sour person he has become……what is it with our former players disrespecting our club, Wright, Viera, Merson………i betcha when Arsenal Succeed he will kiss a$$, they are just slimeballs that crave attention.

  3. Wrighty’s whole life seems to revolve around him being a knob and then apologizing for being a knob. I doubt anyone really cares about him anymore.

  4. WhatdowethinkofTottenham? | 20/05/2012 at 14:26 |

    He’s acting out because he didn’t get a statue.

  5. if ashley cole marked beletti in the champions league final against barca arsenal would have been the first london club to win it and should have been the first london club

  6. A true AFC felt pain last night that a team with 10 year history won it before us, as for the players and pundits, imo theres not that many that remain loyal to the club as there all looking to get on the Man city & Chelsea payroll.

  7. Give him a break, he’s an Arsenal legend – and there’s none of those at the club these days.

  8. This is the same man who insists that only Weger can lead Arsenal to Glory? Who’s the mug now Wrighty? As for Cole, well, as much as it sticks in my throat he was right to leave us for Chelsea. He was an Arsenal player but could clearly see that we weren’t going anywhere with Arsen in charge. Of course the money was another factor but I don’t think it was the only one. Same can be said of Henry, Fabregas and Nasri, they’re all top quality players with major ambitions to win things. It’s not going to happen at Arsenal unless some serious changes take place. I really can’t see us winning another thing under Wenger. Even when we were successful we didn’t seem to dominate the EPL Like we should have done. It’s been one step forward followed by two steps back all the time. Without a change of mindset – and I’m not talking about spending money on players we can’t afford – then we’re going to be left crossing our fingers and hoping that we can still get into the top four again.

    • “He was an Arsenal player but could clearly see that we weren’t going anywhere with Arsen in charge. Henry, Fabregas and Nasri, they’re all top quality players with major ambitions to win things.”

      Whatever these players say, all of them have gone for more money…..Henry and Nasri have doubled their earning by moving to another clubs ( but not to sound greadythey have put ” trophy arguments)….Cole oviously gone for more money as he himself stated in his biography….Fabregas might be a different reason (due to family reason and moving to his parent club).

      ” Without a change of mindset – and I’m not talking about spending money on players we can’t afford”

      What mindset are you talking about……….Apart from arsenal, PL is always won by biggest spenders( in terms of wages+Transfer money)…..All the so callled winning mentality mostly revolves around best players who just goes for more money.

  9. No class Wrighty, keep your insulting opinions to yourself.To call fans mugs that idolised you is disgraceful.Next time you come to the Emirates dont be surprised if you get the bird from the crowd as that other two faced  slag Alan Smith got a few years ago.If you want to learn how to behave look to Thierry Henry,a true Arsenal legend

  10. Everyone at Arsenal need to grow up!

    We have a nice club, but the trouble is we all suffer from a lack of ambition n desire.

    We have been walking around with two goals season by season CL qualification n beating the Spuds n we keep on achieving just that.

    Now our sole ambition is on keeping RvP, as it was with Nasri n Fabergas before him.

    With this type of thinking it show Arsenal’s owners, Board, manager collectively is not taking this Club anywhere. Now we know why the best players ask to leave – it’s because they realise Arsenal’s Ambitions do not match their’s. It is time we take our attention away from the departed players and start to develop some “Pride” of our own.

  11. We are as Wrighty says mugs. Mugs to support guys like him and Ashley Cole, and Nasri and Fabregas. They don’t love Arsenal; they love themselves. It’s not about being loyal to Arsenal it’s all about personal success and high wages. If Wrighty had been offered more dosh to play for Chelsea he would have gone, and kissed their badge.Proably have kissed ass if it paid more.

  12. Second question:

    Do Arsenal have to break the bank to achieve success?

    The answer is No!

    We have to get rid of a few players Yes!

    But we do not have to be a Man C or match Chelsea for spending. Arsenal currently have a few players that reached the furthest they will go, yet we seek to keep them on. They ain’t going to improve. But Arsenal have over 15 players, (some in the reserves) are capable of reaching a higher level. We can afford to cut deep, bring in some quality players n decent decent players and start to raise the bar.

    The question is: What is the desire of the board and Wenger?

    What are standard of our coaches n coaching?

  13. If I was the manager and a player start kissing the badge, I will sell him as soon as the market reopened.

    Badge kissing is not a sign of loyalty! Players are brought in to do a job. The moment they do not live up to expectation or show signs of improving their skills levels, they are of no value to the Club that is paying their wages.

    Should RvP be contented with just one good season, he is not worth investing in. The expectation should be HIGHER!

  14. I don’t accept that “apology”. nasri attacks us, cole attacks us and then our own “legend’ attacks us. You would think he would stand up for the fans who backed him more so than ashley cole who clearly is a C***. The moment he has to take a shot at us he took it. What have the fans done other than show their anger at a disloyal player? Maybe we shouldn’t say anything, but then c**** like nasri will question our passion. I give up, I don’t give a shit who or what a player has done or does, if he is disrespecting us he is disrespecting the club so he can go F*** himself. 

  15. I use to like this guy thought of him as a true gunner but i guess he is just another a$$ hole!

  16. wrighty you are a prick …. & will always be a prick!

  17. Im hoping to see WRighty at MK Dons next season (I live in MK) and I’ll pass on yr messages. In the meantime the guy is still my idol and I cant wait to shake his hand if I get to meet him. Wright 8 – LEGEND

  18. Watch out gooners, now that we are “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS” Oh how i love saying that, we may decide to raid your team for some talent, you being a selling club!

    •  Be careful, look what happened to Liverpool after winning it !!!!!!

    • LOL yeah, because your shit club gt by with nearly 2 billion pumped into it and can’t create your own talent and had to pay way over the odds to get anyone to play in your barn………….500m of talent and you won the CL with a 9-0-1 formation HAHAHAHA, your NOTHING without your money, and that is the thing Youngsters do not want to go there because they know they wont get a chance nor get trained properly so the only way you can secure your future is by buying from others………well dont for your CL trophies but if Wenger had that cash he would have won at least 5 of them by now………….not even Managers wanna go there so you guys are royally ****ed now!!

    • ChelseaPrick more like!…..Enjoy, you wont win nothing for the next 10 years!

    • Wouldn’t be suprised your team is crap.

  19. In defence of Wrighty, he has always been a complete idiot.  He shoots out with the first thing that comes into his head, it is probably why he was such a good striker.  He was always a laughing stock when doing any punditry and I never valued his opinion on anything because he is basically thick.  He should just learn to keep his trap shut because everytime he opens it he just makes a fool of himself and loses whatever respect anyone had for him as a player  I can understand when he gets questioned by someone but this type of sh!t to come out unprovoked needs to stop.  Maybe I am being too nice and he simply wants to call us mugs because we hold Dennis and Thierry in such high regard as the best ever strikers to play for Arsenal and he never really gets a mention.  But again maybe this is because off the pitch he is instantly dislikeable and stupid.

  20. Arsenal are a club in decline and all the ‘true’ Arsenal fans who continue to back Wenger and the approach he has taken over the last 5 seasons are supporting the club sleepwalk into mediocrity. Soon we will not be able to attract any big players and will be fighting for has beens and players with dubious injury records as other clubs show more ambition to sign players who are winners. Well done Wenger. You undoubtedly achieved greatness but have failed to adapt to new era and are now ruining all your good work. I expect lots of the ‘true’ fans to come out ranting again. You will be saying the same thing 10 years from now as we are satisfied then with Europa spot .

  21. I hate these ‘my mate’ stories – but I know this is true…….. Wright used to buy his cars from Lancaster Cars. He wanted a new Aston delivered to his house and my pal being an ardent Gooner jumped at the chance to meet his hero. He was massively disappointed – he said that Wright was a “twat”. When he was about to leave – he asked Wright to sign a programme and IW refused.

    I know that some of you will say that were all allowed our off-days, but I have been fortunate to meet a couple of my Arsenal heros (Bergkamp, Adams,Parlour) and they’ve always had time to be nice/chatty about anything Arsenal.

    I don’t know if any of you remember when IW had been getting some stick from the fans during his last season at Highbury (deservedly so), but he was leaning out of one of the upper windows at Highbury and remonstrating with some Gooners………….my whole perception of him changed from thereon in. Just an arrogant, classless dick…………….. Not unlike Cole then!

  22. Hey Arsenal fans calm down. Wrighty’s a bit thick but the point he’s trying to make us correct. AC has filled his cupboard with medals since he left and what have you got since he left? Nothing. Truth is, all your money’s been spent on that lovely stadium and not the team. RVP looks on his way to City and guess what he’ll get medals, just like Nasri

  23. You are a stupid mug also, an empty slat championin in what you never achieved. leave Arsenal alone Mr loser

  24. Ashley Cole won 2 EPL titles and 3 F A cups in his time at Arsenal. Arsenal also reached the Champions league final in 2006, losing 1-2 to Barcelona.  So for him to say that he left Arsenal to win cups is utter nonsense. It clearly indicates a man looking for vindication for his mercenary decision, thats all. And as for Ian Wright, the mans brain has always been in his feet. Perhaps thats what they call a football brain!

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