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Hector Bellerin was right in that attention is being grabbed around Arsenal’s failings but the authors are not Arsenal fan outlets (who report all perspectives) but in fact the national media who are clearly jumping in on current anti-Wenger rhetoric. The most indiscreet of all ploys is the “Arsenal Transfer Flops” article that is wheeled out with the obvious intention of kicking the club whilst its down. Such articles aren’t illegal however credibility is lost with some of the inaccuracies included.

It depends on your definition of a flop but the most common being, “players who never reach the required level at a club.” Keep that mind when you consider some of the names most recently included:

Giles Grimandi: Part of the 1998 double winning squad, playing a number of different positions whilst always doing a solid and steady job. Even chipping in with a crucial goal at home to Crystal Palace.

Thomas Vermaelen: Excellent for two seasons before a serious injury meant he never rediscovered his outstanding form. Also impacted by his and Koscielny’s inability to compliment each other meaning the partnership never took off. Let’s remember he became captain for a reason which was mainly due to his aggression, aerial competitiveness and bite in the challenge.

Nacho Monreal: Not only has Nacho been our best player this season but in seasons prior has always been solid and dependable defensively and energetic in attack.

Even some of the so-called headliners are debatable:

Phillippe Senderos: The butt of jokes towards the end but let’s remember Phillip was part of a back four that got to the Champions League Final (a feat we have not achieved since) and in addition was a key part of the 2005 FA Cup triumph, playing the full 180 minutes where we stopped a Man United side including Ronaldo, Rooney and Van Nistelrooy. His form dipped towards the end, likely the result of the evolution from a powerful defensive side to a technical team full of attack minded players (which left him exposed.)

Marouane Chamakh: For the first six months he produced an incredible goal return compared to games played. It was actually only when Van Persie returned from injury and Wenger decided to omit him rather than pair the two, that his form and confidence disappeared. It never returned.

Christoper Wreh: Rewind to 1998 and Wreh’s scoring contributions against Wimbledon, Bolton and Wolves, it is difficult to see us winning the double without such output.

This isn’t a defence of our transfer policy given some players did flop (like Andros Santos, Igors Stepanovs and Francis Jeffers) however clearly some players are being unfairly labelled in a ploy to keep the current Arsenal-bashing media agenda alive.

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