Can Arsenal Light a Fire and Become Champions Again?

Talking Points

The thing that drives a football team to success is the same thing that drives its players and fans, a passion to win. Teams that have it never give and always fight hard no matter the score or where they sit in the standings. This drive creates hardcore and loyal fans who also stick by the team even when they are not getting wins.

But if this level of passion and commitment are not present, everyone can feel it particularly the fans and everything begins to spiral down. This has been a description of Arsenal these days. The club appears to have lost their passion. They currently seem too comfortable with losing the big games and sitting in fifth place behind Tottenham. Sports betters on sites like betolimp have a hard time figuring this team out making betting on them a big challenge however this is the place you need to be to get best odds.

In order to turn things around at the club there seems to be a general consensus that several things need to change:

Players Mentality

When you don’t win you can begin to expect to not win and you can see this in the way the players approach the game. They do not make that extra step, go for that pass that is a bit too far out front or dive for the ball. Instead, they lay back and become timid. When you see Arsenal matches you can easily tell that players are fragile mentally. There seems to be a lack of leadership. While defending they too often back off rather than going for a tackle to break up an attack. In short, they don’t think or act like Champions. They need to get their confidence back and play like they expect to win and they will win.

The Manager and Style

Arsene Wenger is one of the most decorated managers in football history and his talent and track record cannot be denied, nor can anyone deny what he has built at Arsenal. But perhaps it has been too long for him at one club. He gets the team playing a beautiful game no doubt with slick passing, playing high lines and always being in the right places. But too often it seems like we are getting style over substance and players are working from memory rather than thinking while they are in the game. There is not enough pressing and good work off the ball in addition to on it. You can only attribute this to the coaching, so perhaps there needs to be a change.

Owners Focus

Unfortunately, the management at Arsenal appears to be more interested in generating revenue than they are in creating wins and winning trophies for the club. A winning attitude would mean spending money for the players that will make the club competitive. Their current purchase of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s is a great example of going after a talented player in his prime and a really good sign that they are hearing their die-hard fans. Aubameyang joined from Borussia Dortmund in a £56 million move that was completed recently. But the club needed to do more including landing a new centre-half, but it is being reported that the club would not spend the necessary money to get any of the quality players available.

The club has been on a roller coaster lately pulling out a big 2 -1 win over Chelsea two weeks ago and losing to lowly Swansea last week. If the club wants to end the season well they need to win every game from here on out and stay focused.