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You’ve got to play the big boys at some point, and just like almost everyone else who have gone up against Manchester City this season, Arsenal were dispatched of quite easily.

This is the second this season that Arsenal have suffered a big away defeat (the other being 4-0 against Liverpool) but there were at least a few positives in the performances from yesterday and here were the only ones.

First off, a player who’s been wrongfully slated for a poor managerial decision, Francis Coquelin. When everybody saw the teamsheet yesterday, it was assumed the Frenchman would be played in a three man midfield, but no not quite.

Coquelin was thrust into the centre of the back three, where he hasn’t played before, but it was a task he didn’t shy away from.

Yes, he isn’t amazing with his feet under pressure which was exploited a couple of times by City’s press but Coquelin still got by. Without the ball he done well as he showed good timing in his tackling on a number of occasions as well as putting out fires before they became too risky. Not the worst outing for Francis.

Next up is our main threat from yesterday over the 90 minutes, not Alexis Sanchez, not Mesut Ozil, but Aaron Ramsey.

No, he wasn’t the only one trying to attack the City backline, however he was the most effective. He was able to navigate his way into the box late in the second half before coming close to scoring as well as breaking forward a couple times in the second half, one break saw him lay the ball off for to Lacazette for his goal.

As for our man of the match from yesterday, there’s only one option for only one real reason. Alexandre Lacazette.

Everyone has called that he should’ve started, however, I’d still like to see a partnership between him and Giroud which might’ve worked yesterday.

When he did come on though, he showed Arsene Wenger why he should’ve been on the pitch from minute one as he calmly tucked away his goal throw the legs of Ederson in the City goal.

Very much a day to forget, but Lacazette shows he’s able to bag against the best in the league.

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