Searching the Stats: Most Expensive Transfers

Expensive Summer

The summer of 2017 was the most expensive transfer window in history for Premier League clubs. Despite only signing two first team players, Arsenal made a significant contribution to this combined spending, through the acquisition of Alexandre Lacazette.

A lot was made about the signings of Lukaku and Morata, due to the stature of their previous clubs and the number of goals they were expected to score. The former Lyon man, by contrast, had a more understated arrival, in relation to some of the signings made by title rivals in recent years. But how does Lacazette compare to the other members of the top five most expensive transfers of 2017?

Lacazette set Arsenal back £46.5million, making him the fourth most expensive transfer of the summer. The other members of the top five are Kyle Walker (£45million), Benjamin Mendy (52million), Alvaro Morata (£60million) and Romelu Lukaku (£75million).

The Top Five

Lacazette has enjoyed a very solid season so far for the Gunners. In 11 Premier League games, he’s contributed to 7 goals, providing 0.64 goals each game. The Man City full-backs, who cost around £100 million combined, can’t really be judged on their goals per game. Only because they have received significant injuries in the early stages.

The attacking wing-backs have contributed to 2 goals in 8 games, combined, or 0.25 a game. To balance things up, the combined efforts of the full-backs have seen them make a combined 2.5 tackles per game, in comparison to Lacazette’s 0.5. Despite this, it seems fair to suggest that the North London striker has been more influential for his new side than those in the blue side of Manchester.

Morata and Lukaku have proved to be tougher competition for Lacazette. The Spaniard has provided 12 goals in just 11 games (1.1 per game), whereas Lukaku has been involved with 0.85 per game.

More to Come from Lacazette

While the transfer fees can be pointed towards, Arsenal may want to see a little more from their new man to compare with the rest of the top six. Lacazette cost almost £30 million less than Lukaku, or a whole Alexis Sanchez, to put it another way. The sheer goal scoring masterclass that he put on in France is coming through with Arsenal slowly but surely, but it could do with speeding up.

It’s been said regularly at this club, but Arsenal have several players who can hit over 10 league goals a year. Compare that to United or Chelsea, who tend to rely on just a lone striker throughout the season.

Lacazette not hitting the heights of Lukaku or Morata isn’t a metaphor for the whole club. But Arsenal are certainly yet to kickstart their season, and maybe when they do, their record signing will do the same.