Who stepped up the most away at Chelsea?

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On another day a 0-0 draw might’ve given me a limited shortlist of players to pick for my man of the match but luckily yesterday wasn’t a regular boring goalless draw.

Going forward as well as at the back you could see a massive improvement from our last away day at Liverpool which thankfully made it a harder decision to choose who our man of the match would be. Firstly though we’ll go through the players who came close.

First up is one of our three centre backs who secured the clean sheet for us. Nacho Monreal, it may be an exciting choice but the Spaniard didn’t put a foot wrong yesterday. Making three tackles, four interceptions, winning three headers and throwing in a couple of blocks too he looked very accomplished at the back, however, he wasn’t the most impressive guy back there.

In the middle of the back three, Shkodran Mustafi looked assured and dominant as he frustrated his opposite number, Alvaro Morata, for the whole game. From a simple tackle to keeping Morata from running in behind, Mustafi was on top in every aspect as he made eight clearances, won four headers and getting a few interceptions in there too and was very unlucky not to top it all off with that header late in the second half.

One player that helped us a great deal in both aspects of the game though was Aaron Ramsey. Someone who was blamed for not being disciplined enough in the loss to Liverpool, he managed to keep his position next to Xhaka much better in order to break up play, making three tackles and interceptions each in the process.

We also saw an improved from Ramsey when going forward yesterday. Usually he can be a bit too eager to pull off something special and start attempting little flicks but none of that was seen at Chelsea. Ramsey was very patient on and off the ball which helped his decision making a lot and saw him play Hector Bellerin deep into the final third after thinking about what pass to make as well as dancing through the Chelsea box before seeing his shot go inches away from securing his second goal of the season.

With this performance we saw another flash of why there’s potential for Ramsey himself along with the whole squad to do great things if they were consistent, it’s hard not to fear that this could just be another flash in the pan away masterclass like that memorable win away to Manchester City a few seasons ago. I hope that isn’t the case so Arsenal, go and prove me wrong.

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