FTK Comment: If Arsenal can’t win the title from here we don’t deserve to!

OK, I am near to recovery apart from a wound infection which set me back, so I blame my rant on the medication I am currently taking.
My opinion is of today with the weekend’s results. From what I have seen of the Premiership thus far, If Arsenal following sensible buys in the January transfer window, cannot win the Premiership title from here, then we don’t deserve to…
Why do I say this?
Man U lost to Fulham… now lie second in the table on 37 points with 18 played.
Chelsea have just drawn with West Ham resulting dropped 2 points mean that they lie top of the table with 41 points from 18 games.
Arsenal lie third with 35 points and 17 games played. If we win our game in hand, then we will be three points behind Chelsea and we will be due to play them when their key stars who are to play them one week after their players will have returned from the African Cup of Nations. The player that I fear the most is Essien.
If Essien recovers from his hamstring in four weeks, then he will be available for selection with Ghana, his home nation. If by that time as seems likely with the tournament, Ghana reach the semi finals, then there is every chance that he may be involved in Luanda on 31st of January, with of course perhaps five days of celebration afterwards! OK this is fanciful stuff. None of which makes as much sense as the other forms of logic based upon

  1. Man U have defensive problems for at least another two weeks. They will drop points
  2. Chelsea will have Drogba, Essien Mikel and Kalou  involved. Plus the realization that they have only won one game in the last four. That means PRESSURE!
  3. Arsenal are currently the team in form of the top THREE, note no Liverpool

Our bogey game will be Aston Villa on December 27th. If the Emirates fortress effect holds up, then a victory will ensure that we are at least on par with Chelsea.
Whilst our current squad was not good enough at the start of the season, those who read my blogs regularly will recall me saying that the playing field has leveled. With Man U losing Ronaldo, Chelsea’s new manager and Liverpool, well the Tinker man Benitez effect!
Arsene Wenger has been put on record this season as saying that we can beat anyone on the planet, we have that kind of quality, well now Mr Wenger, now is your chance to prove it. We will never get a better chance to stake a real claim to the title. We have money according to Wenger, we need a striker, according to Wenger. Well I am going to say something that  I never thought that FTK would ever say… If Arsene Wenger can’t win the Premiership given the current state of disarray with our rivals, then HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO!   Come on Gooners, do we want the title given to us on a plate, or are we going to beat the top teams to do it? Beat or draw with Chelsea on Feb 7 and win all our games against opposition from tenth position downwardsk, beat Man U on Jan31st… THEN JOB DONE. At last we have something which we can win now based on OUR quality and OUR results, not anyone else’s. That is the hallmark of worthy Champions! But will we….?
Ok I blame this rant on my medication, back to my sick bed then… hold my dressing gown and I’ll get my wheelchair…lol
I’ll try and answer comments tomorrow!

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