FTK thought for the day: A faint heart never won a fair lady

How many more exhibitions of Wengerball must we see that fill us with pride about the quality of our youth set up. The display by Aaron Ramsey was shaky at first, and Carlos Vela showed his nerves as he missed chances that he would usually take in his sleep. Jack Wilshere was busy yet given the crushing tackles he had to endure, he was unable to give the master class that we know he is capable of doing. From Song to Merida, and Gilbert to Walcott, this young Arsenal side oozed class. The confidence sprang from the positive goal keeping of Fabianski who looks in superior form to Almunia. Yet on another day Arsenal could have scored three or four goals. Olympiacos were chasing shadows for the first fifteen minutes so superlative and assured was the performance.

Having given Arsene Wenger a hard time with my comments this week. One must give credit where credit is due. He is responsible for the training methods that enable the brightest propects to go into the cauldron of a Champions League fixture with a hostile crowd and still play without fear. Our best player was Alex Song who should by now have over the few remaining doubters of his succession to the throne vacated by Flamini. With every performance Song is getting better and his dominance of the midfield was a joy to watch. He broke up the opposition attacks and managed to keep the ball under extreme pressure of two or sometimes three players around him. Again it is Arsene Wenger who kept faith with the player even after the Boo Boys at Arsenal had voiced their displeasure. 

Yet in a results business, we failed to deliver despite the pretty football. It was not so much a lack of desire in front of goal, but too much emphasis on the team ethic from 15 yards out. These players can shoot, those of us who have followed their progress watching Academy and Reserve games have seen this. But somehow when they step up to a senior role, the killer instinct in front of goal seems to disappear. Is this inexperience? Is this lack of confidence? Perhaps what is needed is an experienced burly striker at the helm. Someone who is very forceful and determined to net the ball at all costs. This kind of selfishness in front of goal is what is lacking from our sides at the moment. We have scored the perfect goal following passing movements exceeding twenty passes. Now we need boldness. We need someone to be brash and forward in the striking position, because if this was a fledgling relationship where players were the suitors and the match victory was the lady, a faint heart never won a fair lady. 


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