FTK thought for the day: If it has feathers and quacks it probably is a duck

How many more times must Arsene Wenger be told what is needed for this Arsenal team to make that final leap to greatness, if this is going to be judged by winning the Premier league or the Champions league? It seems that our senior players are queuing up to let Arsene know what is needed. Fabregas is the last i9n the line of players who seems certain what the team requires, but the challenge is will Arsene Wenger finally listen. Given that he himself acknowledges that this is our worse season for injuries ever.
Our new CEO Ivan Gazidis tells us that Arsene is a listening man, well from the fans perspective one wouldn’t think so. He had the opportunity to go for the lofty Hangerland of Fulham,he didn’t bother despite having identified the long high ball over the centre of defence as a major problem. We continue to concede goals from that kind of set piece, irrespective of the calibre of Hangerland, whilst at Fulham he is considered an asset to them and certainly one of their best players. We need a tall player to strengthen our squad, so why won’t he listen?
Certainly when it comes to previous, Arsene Wenger has it in spadefuls. He was told by Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires and Thierry Henry what additional players would strengthen the squad. So the call from Fabregas is not unusual as captains of Arsenal go. What is different is that Fabregas plays for Spain, many pundits bet for winning the world cup. Despite having a team which is generally regarded as small in the midfield Spain have recently employed Torres 1m 85 and Llorente at a staggering 1m 95. Our own van Persie is 1m 88 but was smaller than Adebayor who was 1m 91.
Using Arshavin whose 1m 72 failed to dawn upon the marauding full backs against Stoke City who continued to put in aerial crosses, it was like the song. Same old Arsenal, tak-ing the piss! But eventually the ball was put on the ground for him to score. Big may be better but Didier Drogba is only the same size as van Persie but more muscular. But clearly Fabregas is a frustrated individual. I am tempted to say that Arsene must buy Edin Dzeko who comes in at 1m 92 and would clearly fit the bill, but I cannot see Arsene parting with the best part of £25 million can you? But Cesc is right, we need a plan B.
So down the meaning of my thought for the day, which apparently caused some Insiders to misunderstand the point of these blogs. The thought is intended to echo or amplify the hypothesis within the blog, so yesterday’s blog was intended to point out how proud utterances were swiftly followed by embarrassing incidents which made those utterances look rather stupid. Today blog, if explanation is required, relates to my premise that a TALL striker is required and I am in agreement with Fabregas. So it is rather STATING THE OBVIOUS, so if it has feet like a duck and If it has feathers and quacks it’s probably is a duck… Comprendez?

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