FTK thought for the day: No Bendtner? So every Cloud has a silver lining then…

The news that Danish striker Niklas Bendtner will not be back until sometime in the new year has compounded still further the injury woes of Arsenal. Far from being a catastrophe I am of the view that this is a blessing in disguise. I am not a great fan of the Dane, as I feel that he will never become the world class striker Arsene Wenger believes he will mature into. Harsh maybe, but I do not want Arsene Wenger to have another excuse not to buy a striker in the transfer window. He has to replace Adebayor and soon. Remember that Bendtner was our fourth choice striker not so long ago, and his elevation to number two should be based upon performance not because of injury or transfers.

Arsenal football club deserve better surely? Great aspirations, excellent youth policy, but if Arsene is going to deliver upon his promise of a trophy this season, which I recall saying at the time was very unwise, he is going to have to find a solution. Meanwhile, play Carlos Vela and give him the confidence to make that step up that we all know he is capable of. So my thought is that every cloud has a silver lining as being forced to strengthen the squad can only be to the benefit of our club, if his buy in January mirrors the quality of the last two transfers in the shape of Vermaelen and Arshavin. Dzeko for £25million? Just pay the money and get it sorted Arsene!

Am I alone in this analysis?

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