FTK Thought for the day: We have truth and perfection so enjoy it!

Ok the knives are out for another Arsenal player, with the Hull v Arsenal emotions seemingly becoming like our hatred of Ashley Cole, Adebayor and Phil Brown. Yet you have to wonder why oh why the media, (and you know who you are), go again out of their way to wind up gooners by trying to get their players banned for incidents that would not get the time of day if it was a Man utd player called Rooney or the England Captain called Terry. So Eldo has pointed out the campaign that is currently waging, So lets ban Samir Nasri for three games shall we? pathetic, the referee ignored the number of yellow cards that needed to be given to the Hull players, Hunt especially who made more fouls than the rest put together. Hull should have been by that reckoning already reduced to ten men, but anyway I am becoming paranoid yes?
>Violent conduct: Does a stamp on the foot mean the same as a smack in the face? the hull player had just elbowed Nasri so this was retaliation. But no-one copmments about the elbow, just Nasri’s stamp. The player went down as if he had got his metatarsal fractured, the melee that followed really summed up the frustration that all of the Arsenal players had felt. Hull were taking the piss end of! Ok Nasri was wrong, but when are Arsenal players going to be protected? We are as much sinned against as being the sinners here, lets be straight about this. But the only crime on show is yet again INCONSISTENCY from the match official. they claim that it is unfair and that they are only human, PRECISELY MY POINT! who was it who said to be human is to err? Yes I am bashing referees and being sarcastic, so what’s new? These points are surely as predictable as Stan Kroenke’s share buying strategy (Have I lost you yet?)
If ever we need proof of my theory then apparently our friend Mike Dean has given so many penalties away this season, we can now see the concrete evidence of his INCONSISTENCY from the fouls that led to the award up until whether he allows the goal keeper to come off his line, or the players encroach into the 18 yard box. I am getting heartily sick of the media who want us to read their copy as lucrative southerners, but can’t wait to get one of our players in the spotlight. More copy is it? or is it just a witch hunt? So lets ignore the Rooney dive, the Calvalho shove in the back and the Terry foot over the top last weekend. Ignore the referee inconsistency that allowed the thuggery from the Hull players, because our referees as Benitez stated are “perfect”. I like his sarcasm, we should use it more often. So in response to any any bad refereeing in future, just remember that these referees are the best in the world, in fact they are perfect.
Phil Brown is the perfect manager, Rooney is a perfect gentleman, John Terry is a perfect truthful England Captain,  our media when they criticise Arsenal players, they too are truthful and perfect. In fact why do I complain so much when we live in such a perfect world?

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