FTK: Thought for the day – why send Wilshere out on loan? We need him too!

We are sending our kids out to play in the Champions league and yet one Jack Wilshere appears not to be good enough for a first team berth in the Premier league. If he were an Everton or West Ham player, he would be playing first team football, but apparently he is not yet good enough for the Arsenal first team. At least Jack will have the chance to prove that he is good enough tonight, I am really looking forward to this.
OK, going out on loan has it’s benefits, look at Song who has matured into a fine player courtesy of his loan spell at Charlton. One could argue that being loaned to the likes of Celtic or West Bromich Albion is valuable experience, but I disagree. He has trained with the Arsenal. He lives breathes and plays Wengerball. I honestly believe that to place such a gifted player into a mediocre side will hinder his progress.
Am I alone in wanting some of our senior players to should the same desire that the likes of Wilshere, Vela and Merida show when they are given the chance? We have a youth policy which relies on the loan system, but we should NOT use it for our best players. Why learn the skills of the lump it and hope mentality of the SPL or mediocre sides in the Championship. Ok if the loan side is a team that plays beautiful football then I might waiver, but I have not seen one in evidence.
There is also the risk of injury as less gifted players see the opportunity to give the young lad a taste of primitive aggressive football. If he suffers a major knee injury it could blight his career. OK none of my arguments are going to convince Arsene Wenger that he should not go out on loan. Well how about this one Arsene. After three straight defeats, with van Persie out, and our attacking midfielders lacking in inspiration why send Wilshere out on loan? WE NEED HIM TOO!

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