No need to extend Arsene Wenger’s contract this soon

Wenger says he will not be forced to spend

When it comes to Arsene Wenger, Arsenal supporters should realize the camp is definitely divided into two solid factions. There are those who simply love this guy and feel he can do no wrong whatever he does and those who are feel exactly the opposite. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, the recent comments made by Peter Hill-Wood are either going to sound like music to your ears or a broken record.

In case you don’t know, Hill-Wood told the Sunday Mirror that he hopes Wenger will extend his contract beyond 2014. He said he can’t think of anybody better to run the club and then rambled on about mindless people rubbishing the team due to the Gunners bad start to the season….yada yada yada. Cynics will point to the fact that Hill-Wood simply wants Wenger to stick around because he makes money for the team and silverware be damned.

Those who are more interested in how the club performs in the standings and cup competitions will counter by opening the trophy cabinet and pointing to the last one the team won, which came back in 2005. Fans must decide if it’s the manager’s job to win trophies or to balance the books for the board. There’s no doubt Arsenal is one of the better teams in England and will continue to be so, but it’s a hard fact that the team hasn’t won anything in nearly a decade.

But whatever side of the fence you sit on regarding Wenger, the simple answer to any contract extension should be to wait and see and don’t rush into anything. With two years left on the current deal there’s simply no reason whatsoever to extend it now. Let’s give it at least one more year and see how this team does next season. In fact, lets’ see how they do the season after that as well.

If Wenger doesn’t produce any silverware by then that’ll be nine years since last winning a cup and even the diehard Wenger supporters will have to admit this guy doesn’t deserve a new deal. If the Gunners win something in the next couple of  seasons then those who can’t stand him might agree to another year or two with Wenger in charge.

Wenger’s been in charge for 14 years now, but for half of that time the best he’s done has been getting the team into the Champions League. There’s definitely a strong argument to be made for those who want him to stay and those who want him to go. And again, it comes down to what they think constitutes a successful football club. Is it one with a padded bankbook or one with a padded trophy cabinet?

Regardless of how the club ends this season, we can’t predict the future, so why commit to it this early? What if Arsenal crashes and burns next season? And even if they don’t, and end up in second place without a trophy, it’s bound to be considered another poor year to those who want silverware and nothing else. Because Arsenal supporters are divided on this issue, it appears the only way to make some people happy is by winning something important and that’s understandable.

It all depends on the reasons Wenger was hired. If he was given a job to produce silverware then he’s failed over the past seven years and should move on. If he was hired to balance the books then he’s done an admirable job and a contract extension makes sense. Of course, in a perfect world we’d see Arsenal doing both, winning trophies and making money. So I leave it to you to discuss among yourselves, what do you think the top priority for a football manager should be, satisfying the board or satisfying the fans who want to see silverware?

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  1. Sorry, you are wrong. There are also fans who love the guy but think he has done wrong. Not interested in Johnny come lately fans opinions and those who dont have a clue. They can jog on.

    Yes it has been 7 years without a trophy. I would love us to win something. But we are in a different era now where clubs with unlimited resources are now on the scene. This season has been both good and bad. Due to a poor summer last year that has caused the issues this year. It has been acknowledged and hopefully it has been learned from. It gives me hope for next season.

    As long as we are competing and in with a chance of winning the league come the latter stages of the season and playing good football, I will be happy.

    • I agree it’s not the big signings that have to happen mega signings its relieve the chamakhs park signings players who will never make it at arsenal. The real fans know we can’t do the massive wages and signings but as our manager is world class he needs a little more room to do his business. What happened to us in the summer was a shambles but we have responded well and we should be proud of the way season is finishing. All we want as fans is to be up there competing with the best teams not twenty points behind making the same defensive errors early in season which keep costing us. A defensive coach would be a important this summer maybe Steve boald getting promoted to pat rice position. We must keep van p and when we sign podzol ski wilkshere to come back next season is a exciting prospect Wenger needs to do his business early and arsenal need to apply themselves with same belief and attitude at the start of next season as they are to the finish of this if we won a trophy on the back of it then so be it. But there is no given right to winning trophies and it’s much harder without the finance of some other teams. Let’s hope the ffp balances not just the books but teams ability to challenge for honours.

    • You’ve summed up a lot of us there Mashman, to divide fans into just the two categories as above shows a total lack of understanding of a lot of Arsenal fans. 

    • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 18/04/2012 at 09:15 |

      bullshit, his french mates are not the force of old and his lack of managerial knowledge is exposing him, got lucky when france were top dogs, how else do you explain shit like Ramsey ? Jenkinson ? SANTOS ? (does he know what left back/wing back is?)

  2. Peter Hill Wood himself is becoming a serious obstacle in front of Arsenal Development and progress and he is the last person to speak about Arsenal future . David Dean should be back as he is a real football man

  3. owwwwwwwwwwwww  owful should be teribile the team without this fantastic guy. It woeld be quationable if Arsen Wenger sacked terible terible. Instead of such gumbling why and why we spend more money to buy talented footballer in addition of the recent talents. This would be fair. We love Arsen Wenger too deadly !!!!! Let’s invest talented players insted of sacking the fantastic guy.

  4. 5-1 Bigsy. Enjoy your day at Wembley??? Pissing myself…

  5. Palmer, you sound like a Wenger must go kind of guy because you say that the AKBs look at him like a god. No we don’t we see that, we look at the circumstances and we have seen that time and time again he has done brilliant. When he was hired, he was told to win trophies and he did. When we moved to the Emirates he was told to keep the team in the top four and balance the books, and he did that exceptionally. Two years you say is too much? Does Nasri, RVP, Wallcott ring a bell. You were probably berating Wenger because he did not extend their contracts, yet you want his to run down to a year. It sounds like hipocracy to me.

  6. That’s 3 times they’ve shipped 5 goals in their best season for decades. What a laugh.

    • And Chelski didn’t even play well, oh dear, the wheels have certainly come off.

    • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 18/04/2012 at 09:11 |

      Blackburn Rovers anyone ? Wigan anyone ? 8 at OT, was that the day you watched from the stands and realised you can’t compete with top clubs anymore ? in wenger we rust ! Theo looking good, Ramsey even better, Jenkinson the real deal, Mertesacker class, Almunia legend, Santos doesn’t know his position, Djourou a laughing stock, Benayoun having a blinder and gets taken off..wenger is doing a great job 7 years and counting !

  7. Think about the awful signing he’s made recently chamahk, bender, arshavin and soon to be confirmed gervinho. still not convicted by Walcott either. it’s very hard to inspire the players if they know he hasn’t won anything in 7 years he’s not believable anymore and u can tell he’s too soft anyway. He was completely delusional when he thought fabregas and nasri were gonna stay and he left it to the very last minute it was beyond ridiculous. Such a shame he’s a great guy but far too stubborn. Bring on bergkamp!

    • Maybe, but also think Torres and Carroll, just throwing millions at players with Prem lge experience guarantess nothing, complacency seems to be the biggest problem that needs to be addressed.

      As for Dennis (God) what about the European games. his phobia of flying complicates them.

  8. I admire tthose guys who have the courage to change someone like AW, a top drawer manager wanted by clubs all over the world, a manager who has delivered on many fronts… Get rid of AW and then what… Most people think that someone like “the Special One” would take over, he wouldn’t be interested becasue there is no money to spend at Arsenal… Maybe get rid of the Board and things would be different or bring back  David Dein and things will definitely be different.
    From an all-time-Arsenal supporter from the Land Down Under


  10. There is not a top club or manager who has gotten every signing right.  The devil you know versus the devil you don’t.  Barca goes through signings like water.  Hleb perfect example of a signing form us that did not work for them.  The important thing to do is to not waste too much time on them and ship them at aas little loss as possible and sign new better players. 

  11. Why no money . every other club have money except Arsenal . where does the money goes . London is bigger thanMadrid , Bacelona or Milan and Arsenal are the pride of London. Whom Wenger is protecting and why . We want to know why no money and why we are wasting our money under Wenger on players Arsenal are findu=ing it difficult to get rid of them . Wenger is a phiosopher and a psychlogist but a bad football manager specially in the transfer market . Year after year he wait till all the credible players are signed by other clubs and then he brings the remains and inexperience kids . It is time for him to go .

  12. Wenger must go or we will never win anything for the next 5 years… Give me an FA cup over 3rd place anyday.

    • Chelsea only beat them with aid of the ref, they beat ManUre and after the great run we’ve had you want him sacked? FA and Carling cups are easier to win than the prem or CL but if you prefer trophies to status then fair enough….I don’t. That’s not to say we don’t all want a trophy now and then but come on….beating Stevenage is hardly equivelant to being up against serious contenders.

      • I cant believe what u just said… goes to show how Wenger has brainwashed most of our fans into thinking 3rd or 4th is better than being winners.. Thats why Wenger must go! 

        • Johnny come lately. I would rather watch us play Barcelona, AC Milan, Real Madrid every season than watch a cup final against Cardiff or the like. Doesnt mean we are brainwashed by Wenger, is just a personal preference.

          • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 17/04/2012 at 15:32 |

            bet you were one of them in tears when you lost to Bham, obviously mattered then but not now..lying cunt !

          • Mashman147 | 17/04/2012 at 15:41 |

            I was in barcelona that week. Not in tears at all. But at least it was a final. Must be far worse going to Wembley for a semi final and losing 5-1. They smashed your best team all over the park. I love Willy Gallas. Gooner through and through. He destroyed you. Still laughing.

          • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 18/04/2012 at 09:08 |

            payback i call for when we beat them IN A FINAL, shame we lost to United though, get your history book out for you last won a comp !!! ha ha little club these days

          • Mashman147 | 18/04/2012 at 13:14 |

            Still laughing….

        • Not brainwashed at all but 3rd/4th in the Premiership is harder than winning a few rounds of a domestic cup given the opposition, as I said above it’s MY preference and I acknowledged yours.

  13. U stupid idiots can’t pull away from us even after our blip in form!
    Well now we will be concentrating on the league after the bang paid ref put chelsea through to the final so watch your arses gooners, we’re comming for you.

    • We’re still ahead of you muppet, and after being so far behind you I’d say that qualifies for some serious pulling away.

      • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 18/04/2012 at 09:06 |

        err no we all play the same games, so thats bollocks isnt it, it aint over yet, chelsea loss and the arse nips, fancy having to get 3 points at Stoke ?? ouch especially when you cant head a ball at the back and have Ramsey in the midfiedl !

        •  I didn’t say we’ve finished above you….yet!

          • arsenalbob | 18/04/2012 at 12:43 |

            Can’t defend, did you see how shagged King and Gallas were against Chelsea?  

          • Berg10 | 18/04/2012 at 14:28 |

            A crock and another AFC reject, pride of north London? Ha Ha!!

          • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 18/04/2012 at 18:18 |

            king and gallas are a joke nearly as bad as Djorou who is fit and 10 years younger. ouch !

          • Berg10 | 18/04/2012 at 19:36 |

            JD isn’t our first choice and has time to regain the promise he once showed, injuries have been a set back but defenders play on a bit longer.

    • Hilarious. Is that the league where you have taken 8 points from 30??????

    • Lionelmessiwantstobeme | 17/04/2012 at 15:30 |

      we have had a snooze since feb and they still aint got 3rd, shows just how shit they are !

    • What happened against Norwich then dog breath? Your team is as shit this year as any other. Wankers.

  14. Bigsy will be back very soon….

  15. jennywithastraponinjin | 18/04/2012 at 18:27 |

    Sign Arsene for life, I love old men and want JIN to rattle his bone in me !

  16. Did anyone get a photo taken with the PL trophy and FA cup in the north bank? Spuds have never experience that.

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