10 Points To Ponder Pre 12th Aug...

Just watched the Ajax game (still Saturday here) and was shocked at just how ruthless it was for a ‘friendly’. Both the Arse and Ajax seemed to be out to prove a point. Seemed to me to be the first serious game of the season even if they were just playing for a toy cup full of Kinder Surprise eggs. Very interesting game as the side Wenger put out was much closer to most peoples pick for the regular 1st team (minus Cesc of course).
Made me think of a few things that I wanted to whack down here before toddling off to the land of nod. Simple bullets rip ‘em apart at will:
1 ) RVP’s temper is a slight worry. Now that he’s blossoming into the talent we knew he’d become, he’s now the no. 1 target for the ‘bring him down’ brigade – as we saw with Ajax. With temper flares like that which he showed today, it could be an issue. He showed weakness by reacting and giving up a stupid foul (and yellow card) and in this business that’s akin to going surfing in Santa Cruz with a dead seal tied to your leg gushing blood…… in short you’re asking for it. Calm down mate. You’re numero uno now, you WILL be targeted – learn how to deal with it without applauding the ref as they tend to have all the humour of a loan shark that hasn’t been paid.
2) Hleb has shown where he plays best, and it’s not on the wing. Conclusion: We still need a dedicated wing man – but isn’t EVERYONE saying that? Have this itch that Wenger’s up to something.
3) This team has talent oozing from every pore. So many players that can play multiple positions and roles. Surely this is something to watch out for. Injuries could well play a part in our season again, but even if there are Le Boss the luxury of different formations instead of the 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 we were stuck with. 4-4-1-1 seemed promising….how about some 4-3-3 or (gasp) some 4-3-1-2 (I can feel that I may have lit a fire under my own arse with that one, maybe a step to far?). My point is that we have more options then last year, flexibility is good – just ask any bloke who’s missus can put her feet behind her head.
4) Gallas and Toure, if they are going to play together, need to gel somehow. Both have talent (and Gallas’ big gob too) but seem to get in each other’s way, both think they are in charge and Toure should be in my opinion… Better to play Senderos/Djourou and one of them instead, so there’s a pecking order and some direction?
5) Dudu rocks. I think he’ll be fully settled after just a few games and will be a serious force… Really looking forward to him lighting things up.
6) Diarra rumour seems like bollocks to me. Would be nice, but where would Arsene put him?
7) Alumnia will become no. 1 pick after the midway point of the season. I think Jens is finally starting to loose the few marbles he had left and Alumnia’s new hair seems to have mutated him into a new man. Some of the saves he’s been pulling recently were as golden as a RVP net stretcher at the other end (and just as important).
8) Even though they were friendlies – we all have to be heartened by the recent list of scalps: PSG, Inter, Lazio, Ajax.. Nice.
9) CANNOT Wait to play the Spuds and watch the forums fill up with whining at having bought the wrong players after we murder them…
10) Season can’t come quick enough.

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