Ok, I just needed to write something before all the scum fans start going on about their conquest. I believe in fair play and sportsmanship so let me first say well played and congratulations on your trophy. Now let me also take a moment to set the record straight. Between 1999 and 2008 Spurs have now won 2 League cups; in 2001 their captain of 1999, Sol Campbell, joined Arsenal in order to win more trophies. During his time at Arsenal, he won the league and FA cup double in 2002, the FA cup in 2003, the league in 2004 and the FA cup again in 2005. Yes that’s right 2 league titles and 3 FA cups!!! Well done once again on winning the league cup, sorry I meant to say Carling Cup, or was it Rumbelows? Littlewoods? Milk? Disney?
Spurs can now celebrate their league cup triumph knowing full well that their domestic season is over. They are still in the UEFA cup so I’ll give them that too but lets just take a look at the top of the table for a minute. Wait, who is that team 3 points clear at the top? is it Spurs? It can’t be their lesser local rivals could it? Now way! That can’t be right! What about that upcoming fixture at the San Siro. The second leg of the champions league last 16 sees the current champions entertaining Spurs. Hang on a minute, not Spurs? are you sure?. Milan failed to score an away goal so that means they have to win the match or draw 0-0 and win on penalties. So I guess one can assume that Milan are safely through. I hope the Milan players are as confident as the Spurs fans and the English media.
Come on gooners! we are Arsenal FC!!! and we do things our way. The season is far from over. The fat lady hasnt even entered the stage yet. The 2 biggest trophies are still there to play for and play for them we will. When you go into work tomorrow and some scum fan tries to give you grief, just say 2 league titles and 3 FA Cups, how about you?