2012 could be different

Three loses in a row

Perhaps that should be, 2012 HAS to be different. More than some recent poor results, last night’s 0-0 with Bolton felt like it signalled the death knell for our season.

I say this because for once we can’t hide behind conceding fluke goals or wonder goals. I say this because despite keeping a clean sheet for the first time in what feels like eternity, we could not score at a ground where the likes of United and Chelsea scored five. I say this because this latest result sees us drop not to 5th, not to 6th, but to 7th (!) place. I say this because it came just after the closing of the transfer window, where once again the club decided to remain inactive.

There had even been news earlier that day that Jack Wilshere could miss the rest of the season. Although the club moved to deny the rumours, they weren’t exactly full of optimism themselves, saying that Jack wouldn’t necessarily miss the rest of the season. One of our big hopes, one of Wenger’s “like a new signing” players looks set to be out for a long time, and the news came just after the club elected not to sign anyone, relying on the returns of players like Wilshere, not to mention Gibbs, Santos and Jenkinson, or the continued fitness of injury-prone players like Rosicky, van Persie and Vermaelen.

It’s a real smack in the face, but perhaps a timely one for a manager and a board who are no longer fit to run this club. Perhaps this immediate punishment for being so unambitious in the transfer market will be particularly resonant. One can only hope.

As for the rest of this dire season, well, we’re quite clearly not going to finish in the top four, with Chelsea, Liverpool and now Newcastle to compete with. New signings can’t save us now, so this is what we’re stuck with. Our once laughing stock neighbours Spurs are a massive 12 points ahead of us and are no longer the team we need to be thinking about catching. More likely is that we should look over our shoulders at the likes of Sunderland, Stoke and Everton.

This club has been going backwards for years, continuing to sell its best players and sign cheap replacements, either too young or over the hill. As long as others around us didn’t improve sufficiently we got away with it and could mask our failings the continued ‘achievement’ of Champions League football, but Wenger and the board have gone too far and this season we will finally be punished.

Will this be the much-needed wake up call the club need? Will there be major changes? A new manager? New coaching staff? New players? New methods?

If there is any positive to take from this, it’s that it surely can’t go on. The club will have no excuses for this disasterous season. Everyone saw it coming except them. Fans were fed up enough last season when the team somehow managed to finish 4th in a two-horse race for the title and the club raised ticket prices. They won’t put up with much more of this.

2012 could be different. It has to be.

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  1. I really think and feel that we are turning the corner and will finish in top four.
    Arsene does not become a bad manger over night and many of the so called minority Arsenal fans will eat their words. In Arsene i and forever will trust!

    • He hasn’t become bad over night Jenny it has taken 6 years !

      • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 02/02/2012 at 16:19 |


        • Go away both you horrible little men who have nothing better to do than stir things up for us true Arsenal fans.
          You make me so sick and angry..

          • Im not stirring im telling you facts Jenny, you said he didn’t become bad overnight you are right it took 6 years.

          • Yes you are and your not welcome here anymore, now please leave and take Dan with you to some low intellectual spuds blog page where you belong!

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 02/02/2012 at 17:43 |

            COMON U SPURS!!!

          • Bake a Cake Jenny and buy the latest edition of spare rib whilst your at it.

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 02/02/2012 at 17:32 |


          • Now I am more than happy for a yiddish shin dig, but the kebab bit is not happening, meet me and the family pre match up for it ? this is our club we drink in.


          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 03/02/2012 at 13:39 |


          • Crazy Horse | 02/02/2012 at 17:51 |

            Hey bigsy, you’re alright, mate.  I’d rather have a discussion with you – even if you are a spud – then I would with poor misguided people like Jenny.  Can’t say the same about your mate Dan, though.  I bet he sits in his bedroom at night watching his DVD of the football factory, then standing in front of the mirror practising his best Danny Dyer walk whilst telling his reflection to ‘jog on’!

          • In Arsene we trust!!!!

          • Look your problem is obvious, the real hard core Gooners who I used to dodge getting into the ground past the plimsoll arms are long gone, people like jenny sit in awe of the magnificent surroundings, I am scared we will lose our passion and go the same way I really am, we may be a bit cavemanish at the lane i agree, but we do get behind them and make it intimidating, i remember the real arsenal fans dont worry, i have done a few irish jigs over them and under them in my time..ha ha..passion is gone forever at your place, but i do sympathise i genuinely do with the ones who undertsand football.

          • Haha

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 02/02/2012 at 16:46 |


      • Your best season in 50 years, and still no chance of winning the league. Remember, we won the league at your place. Wenger alone has won more leagues than Tottenham, even Chelsea have won more. Newcastle had a better season in ’95 than you’re having now, and who remembers them?

        • Muhammed Ali was a great boxer, but I wouldnt trust the bloke to change his underwear without a face slam these days, we all have our time, now unless Wenger wants a place in the National History Museium move the bloke on !

    • Oh Jenny I wish I shared your optimism.I do hope you’re right…only time will tell.

      • Thank you Nick..
        I am right and if we all pull together and really get behind our manager and sing his name it will filter down into the dressing room and our players will react through this ripple effect!

    • not a bad manager over night just 6 years! Time is well & truly up!
      Support arsenal football club, not the manager or the board.

    • HA, HA, HA, Jenny!  You’re wasted on here…ever thought of doing a few  scripts for Only Fools and Horses should the BBC decide to bring it back?  God, I’ve read some deluded nonsense in the past but this little masterpiece really is a classic!  According to you you can only be called a ‘true fan’ if you never question the compentence of  that French pudding we are forced to accept as a manager.   We do live in a democracy you know?  Believe me I would love for him to prove me wrong but I really don’t hold out much hope. I just can’t see the logic behind your belief in him.  Yes he’s had good years, but they are long gone.  My confidence in him began to dwindle a couple of years ago, not the last few months.  However, what has gone on this season is not acceptable.  And for the last time I am not talking about the money he has or has not spent.  It’s his poor judgement in the majority (not all of them) of players he’s purchased recently.  It’s his total lack of tactical judgement, player motivation as well as his pathetic reluctance to change a formation when it was needed.  In short, he is no longer capable of doing the job.

      • I find your comments a kin to someone who has a norrow and negative mind.
        Do you want to go back to the dark days before Arsene when we used to play negative not pleasing on the eye football? Arsene is the best manager in the world now please trust in him you must!

        • Best manager in the world? Oh dear God, you’ve got Wenger glasses on again, you see only what you want to see. How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise, Jenny. I’m not negative and I’m certainly not narrow minded. But, unlike your good self, I am a realist. When something is broken…fix it!

        • Jenny that is a ridiculous statement, Spurs have always played good football, but if you are genuinely serious about swapping trophies for pleasing on the eye, im telling you now, every single time we lost 2-1 to a well drilled George Graham outfit I was in awe, gutted, frustrated, angry and jealous..now please talk sense..as you are finding out an empty trophy cabinet hurts, and it is nice to have people saying you play good football, but you are even bordering on not doing that anymore, you cannot hold the ball like you used to and that is wengers fault pure and simple.

          • We’re just lacking a little bit of confidence.. that’s it.
            I don’t know why i even bother with answering to a low life such as you.

          • low life , low life,, Moi..mange tout..non non you have me wrong ..merely support a better team than you..

  2. Bigsyupthechuffer | 02/02/2012 at 17:30 |


  3. Bigsy does MOST of the time tell it as it is,he is still a saddo for trolling an arsenal blog though.
    And dantheCAPSLOCKman …please please jog on and stop your non existent iQ spam,shadowing bigsy like some lost little sheep (spud).

    • Oi you swine, I am on here to discuss Football, I don’t like arguing because I can accept when Arsenal have a decent squad, right now your squad is weak but your first team has too many decent players in it to be where it is, that is why I am falling out with a few on here, they just fail to recognise that Wenger is not doing his job properly, how can you have the best forward and defender, and keepr in the league and be ,mid table without it being Wengers fault..??????? as for being on here it is a good website..we don’t have one anywhere near close to it.

      • You’re not falling out with a few, you were never accepted as more than a sad Spud who was good for a laugh now and then, now you’re just boring.

        • No Jin, im not boring, you don’t like what you are hearing, there is a difference, Arsenal are currently struggling and the topic is mainly why ? but you fail to recognise there are problems so you will never agree with my current views will you.

          • arsenalbob | 03/02/2012 at 12:40 |

            why have you never won the EPL? That is the question.

          • Because a move to Nth London for any player of any ability meant he would always have chosen Arsenal, not for one minute am I deluded enough to think that we are better than you over time, but right now it is our turn and as you may find out, it takes a bloody long time to get back on an even keel

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 03/02/2012 at 14:04 |


          • arsenalbob | 03/02/2012 at 14:17 |

            I think you’ll find the reason is that you have never had a manager as talented as Wenger.

          • Am i supposed to bite on that ? you have had a man at the helm who has converted you to a foriegn outfit in 15 years, 7 of those you have been crap, we had a man at our club who was there for 70 years, done it all within the budget, without foriegners, and was the first to do just about everything..

          • Thank you Bob.

        • John your are a true gentleman xx

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 03/02/2012 at 14:08 |


          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 03/02/2012 at 14:11 |

            WENGER OUT
            WENGER OUT
            WENGER OUT

          • Berg10 | 03/02/2012 at 16:06 |

            If Wenger is so bad why would a yid want him out?

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 03/02/2012 at 17:45 |

            I CHANGE MY MIND
            WENMGER IN
            WENGER IN
            WENGER IN

          • I don’t I want him to stay and have a good run in the cup and perhaps get you to a semi of the champ league..i would be gutted if he goes he is looking ill, thin, weak and fading these days, wouldn’t wish his health harm that is crossing the line but happy to see him going nowhere fast

  4. I bet if Arsene decided to leave Arsenal, proclaim himself the son of god and set up a commune in the desert, Jenny would be the first to join.

  5. Stick to your guns Jenny, simply ignore the drivel constantly pouring out of the Spuds fans Bigsy and Dan.  They have only one purpose and that is to stir up trouble.  Take no notice of the abuse from the so called Arsenal fans, by stooping to that level they merely display their ignorance and inability to hold a reasoned debate. 

    Think how it must feel to be a Spud when they read about their tax dodging manager squirming in the witness box as he tries to avoid a prison sentence.  Yesterday he boasted that he received a £500,000 bonus, for failing to get beyond the qualifying stage of the Champions League.  The bonus paid by a club that can’t afford to pay the wages of it’s star striker, the club that’s begging on it’s knees for money from Harringey Council and The Mayor of London so that they can redevelop the festering slum they call a football ground.

    Jenny, let them have their moment of glory,the first for half a century, you and I know it wont last.

    Trust in Arsene Wenger?  Without doubt!!

    • I suggest you read Eldo’s latest post JIN, how am I stirring up trouble, Wenger is on the verge of officially being the worst manager in Arsenal History..I don’t need to stir up trouble pal you being blinkered is doing it for me !

      • Ps ..I apologise for this comment to the decent gooners on here but to you my friend, take the piss when one of our players cries because he is a coke head and another wraps his car around a tree and goes to prison because he is a piss head, do we want to really talk bungs JIN ? and how was the tag pennant was wearing is it off yet ? hillier off anywahere nice on holiday this year with someonelses suitcase, lets hope it doesnt have storeys porn in it, but is rape more your thing these days? im confused

        • Just think, even Blackburn Rovers have a more glorious recent history than you lot. Chelsea have won it 3 times ffs. You’re having your best season for 50 years and will probably not even be runners up! 

      • Brave move calling your own fans ignorant !

        • Ha Ha. Old stories again Bigsy and totally irrelevant to the current management or club. Normally you present a fair argument but this is tedious, you’re just displaying what we Gooners have always said that you’re soooo obsessed with Arsenal FC, DVD’s available yet for still being above us after 23 games? 

          • Ha Ha..never really understood why we do a DVD for everything, well actually yes i do we are money grabbing gits !..no mate i am only having a wind up with old JIJ ..and his mate.

          • Have It Berg10 x

          • Berg10 | 03/02/2012 at 12:32 |

            B4stard Ha Ha!

      • And as for you pathetic horrible little man.. As you can see most of us true Arsenal fans are still behind Arsene, and we know that when we ride this storm we will once again be above the spuds! put that in your pipe and smoke it ha!

        • errr 3 or 4 of you Jenny to be precise, should we take a vote right now on who wants wenger out ?

          • All my friends are still behind Arsene and the people i work with in the office are behind Arsene..  We true fans love Arsene with a passion and he loves us back, something you will never understand ha!  

          • Good for you Jenny, but occasionally lets back some of this love up with some football about him, you must have a view if he has ben with you so long now that he is the best and worst manager you have had.

    • Thank you my dear John xx

    • Their new ‘away’ kit

  6. I love this website it is pure class ! ha ha

    Jenny I can sense it now, Women are always cruel to people they admire, it is a female alarm a trigger a reaction, you are now even beginning to go from hatred to telling me all about your office friends, secretly you want to come to the Lane don’t you, don’t be ashamed it is a lso a woman thing to change support frequently, not that I am suggesting more than a friendship but you can see it slowly building can’t you, it is not hatred you feel for Bigsy, you now understand his humour ..come with me, come to the lane, let me show the atmospheric intensity, the raw neanderthalness of the men and most importantly a bagel, salt beef and 3 points..consider it Jenny, it is your only way out from this mess ! ha ha (wenger can be replaced he really can)

    • Aww c’mon bigsy, be serious…who in their right mind would deliberately downgrade (club) ?

      • merely playing into Jins hands mate, I love the Lane it is quality, I must be honest though and I really do mean this, I am surprised by the attacks on Tottenham, crikey I know it is an evil place my family used to live there, but Holloway and Caledonian Road, King Cross scares the shit out of me it really does, I think there is very little between the two to be honest.

    • Jenny,

      Before even considering a visit to the Lane there are a number of precautions you need to take. 1)  Don’t go by car, it will be stripped, vandalised and torched before you’ve walked fifty yards away from it.  2)  Don’t carry any cash, credit cards, mobile phones, jewellery and dress as a bag lady or you will be mugged and robbed of all your possessions.  3)  Check your life insurance.  4)  Ensure that all your inoculations are up to date , including Tetanus, Typhoid and Bubonic Plague.  5)  Take a pomander with you (all Spuds will have to look that up in a dictionary, except DAN who will have to get someone with an ounce of intelligence to explain it to him).

      The most entertaining thing to watch, while you are there, is poor old ‘Arry’s reactions to events on the pitch, they usually occur ten to fifteen seconds after the event.

      I really think those Arsenal fans who are becoming disillusioned with our great club would benefit from a trip to the Festering Slum in order to remind them how much they owe to Wenger for introducing the best football played in England, a magnificent stadium and a string of trophies that saddo Spuds can only dream of.

      By resorting to bigoted, sexist and patronising comments Bigsy has revealed himself as the out-dated neanderthal that we all know he is.

      • Thank you John,
         nice to know there are still real gentlemen left in this world.
        Your warm comments always fill me with joy! 

      • You have crossed the line now JIN, my comments were not patronising not sexist and not neanderthal they were meant tongue in cheek, Jenny argues with most men on here even her own fans are calling her deluded, she is entitled to a view, but when she went down the line of horrible little man, I thought a reference to WI and feminism would not be too harmful, I always do things tongue in cheek, i am not getting involved in this type of thing anymore people clear;ly struggle with humour, and it  gets taken out of context, I am a happily married man of 2 kids who loves sport, I watch all games from Crawley to Valencia, we all love our sport in our house, and as a rival fan i naturally watch the old enemy, my late grandfather was a passionate gooner and i miss the banter with him dearly..spite was never on my agenda..but I will retaliate when provoked..so lay off !..as a fan of spurs I accept we are shite 90% of the time, but I am different in that capacity, i may support the club but I am not immune from criticising them either and i am surprised some on here fail to be the same, i won’t defend the indefensible, and i expect the same honesty…I never mean to offend but I will speak the truth, Robin Van Persie is a genius, Walcott is a tosser, so what ? any fool can see that !

        • Perhaps you need to highlight those of your comments that are “tongue in cheek”, not everybody appreciates your particular brand of humor. 

          As for my “crossing the line” as far as I’m concerned there was no line to cross.  I will never apologise for replying to your offensive comments about Arsenal Football Club.  The nastiness of some of your comments is matched only by the spite included in them, your admittance that Spurs are shite 90% of the time does not excuse your persistent and persistently boring criticism of the club that I have supported for over sixty years.  I may or may not have concerns about how the club is run but I prefer, if they exist, not to air them in public.  I support the club, the manager and with one or two exceptions the players. 

          If you want honesty go on a Spuds website and repeat your 90% shite comment and your less than complimentary remarks about your manager. I am sure you will be just as welcome there as you are here.

          Your views on Walcott are at variance with one or two people who might just be more qualified to judge him, namely Arsene Wenger and Fabio Capello.

          If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    • Jenny, if not Arsenal then the next best in the area is Barnet.

      • I’ve been to Barnet many times to watch the reserves and also catch a glimps of our great manager Arsene.. wink wink!

      • As a former Barnet player who played under Barry the legend Fry I couldn’t possibly argue, loved those days with him and Flashman..Happy Days !

    • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 03/02/2012 at 17:52 |


      • Yes splended!
        Why don’t you two get together and do your cave man thing or what ever you do at your horrible little ground..  

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