There appears to be a repositioning in the camp of Red and White Holdings since I confirmed yesterday that Alisher Usmanov had made substantial losses. The back pedalling is strange given that Usmanov is not wanted by Arsenal fans. This coming a week before the Arsenal AGM is rather disappointing and one wonders what might have changed Fattie’s mind.

The fact that he thinks he is wanted by someone in Arsenal means that he is either deluded or something has changed in the relationship between Red and White Holdings and Arsenal Football club. The Guardian extract which I find most revealing is this one.

“inconceivable” that he would sell his 24% holding in Arsenal. He declared he wanted to increase his stake to 25% – an “objective” that he said he announced last year.
“When a man loves a woman he can’t conceivably sell that love. I’m in love with Arsenal. I have no intention of selling my stake,” 

He went on to say in this Guardian interview:

“That may be possible at some point in time when I know that Arsenal hates me. I will make sure this doesn’t happen. I have not lost one single share.”
 “As long as Arsčne Wenger is manager that’s not going to happen.”

Does he mean that Arsene wants Usmanov to stay connected with the club? Surely not. If Arsenal hates him he may sell up, so how come the change of perception? Chelsea Football club will have to rethink their own strategy given the following…


Abramovich – had collectively lost $230bn (£130bn) over the past five months. According to the financial news service Bloomberg, Abramovich – Russia’s third richest man and the owner of Chelsea FC – has seen his fortune plummet by $20.3bn (£11.75bn). Usmanov has lost $11.7bn (£6.7bn), the survey claims.

So Russian Billionaires are feeling the pain. But Usmanov is playing down reports of his losses. One can understand why, if it weakens his attempts to buy into other concerns as I indicated yesterday. The Guardian goes on to state that

Last night Usmanov insisted it was “absolutely inconceivable I could have lost that kind of money”. He said that he had used some of the equity from his iron ore and metal firm Metalloinvest to prop up other parts of his business empire. But he said he had lost “zero shares” in other investments, which include a 1.5% stake in the state gas giant Gazprom and 4.9% in the metals firm Norilsk Nickel.

Well, he must be doing very well then as Russia’s richest Billionaire has suffered far worst than Usmanov seems to admit

Oleg Deripaska has been forced to sell his holding in the German construction company Hochtief as well as a $1.4bn stake in a Canadian auto parts company, Magna

So the question is simple, what must the Board or Arsenal fans do to convince Usmanov that he is neither wanted or loved. It must be made clear with an increase in demonstrations against him. We could start with the AGM perhaps?
All Arsenal fans must mobilise to save our club from this monster. Protest vocally, join the march from the Rocket before match days, and flood the airways with our real feelings about this Russian business man. My message to Usmanov is simple and to the point.
Hands off Usmanov, your kind is not wanted at this club. Sell up and GO!
Or am I over reacting here…?
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