A reminder for Tottenham fans

Most of the time I’m not one for animalistic rivalry. I prefer to put my bias aside and keep a rational head; to see football for what it is. But as derby day edges closer, I’m afraid instincts are kicking in.

Firstly, congratulations to Tottenham. After a LOT of waiting, they finally have a very good team. It would take a very brave man now to bet on them failing to finish above Arsenal for the first time since 1995. They are also favourites to do their first double over us since 1993.

Fair enough, Spurs fans. You could say it’s been coming (I’ve been hearing they’re going to finish above us every year since 2005). Our North London neighbours have shown far more ambition in the transfer market than we have in recent seasons. And although for a while that involved throwing crazy money around on duds like David Bentley, Giovanni dos Santos, Peter Crouch, Roman Pavlyuchenko – and too many more to mention – the club seems to have finally got things right.

And yet for all the years of big talk and big money, the one time Spurs do manage to finish above Arsenal it will owe a great deal to the fact that the Gunners are enduring their worst season in living memory. It’s not like we’re 2nd and they’re 1st and beating us to an actual trophy; we’re 4th and they’re 3rd, which is the very highest they can realistically hope of finishing this season. They’ve improved enough to overtake the worst Arsenal side for decades, but not enough to topple the Manchester clubs and win their first title since the days before colour TV.

They have become the media darlings this season, largely due to the popularity of their straight-talking cockney-stereotype manager Harry Redknapp (who is so popular he might well be driven out of White Hart Lane and into the England hot seat). Ridiculously though, they also have the image of the small team in a small stadium punching above its weight (a bit like Arsenal used to be?), which is totally inaccurate.

Sure, by Manchester City standards Spurs have not been big spenders, but it’s taken tens of millions of pounds worth of a few hits and a lot of misses to get to where they are now (see above). Where exactly is the money coming from? And is it being well-spent on old-timers like Brad Friedel and Scott Parker, who will surely need replacing in the next 2-3 years. Or on the wages of Ledley King, who has averaged 19 games a season for the last seven years?

It’s all looking rosey now, and while you have to credit them for their ambition – it’s not sensible spending – just look at what Harry did to Portsmouth.

So, Spurs fans, congratulations. You might well do the double over us, you will almost definitely finish above us, and you might have a chance in the FA Cup (just got to break down Stevenage in that replay first). No doubt if all this happens you and Harry’s mates in the Sun will lap it up and claim to have ‘overtaken us’.

Not quite though. Win eleven more league titles, then we can talk. Enjoy third place, (our manager considers it a trophy if that helps).

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  1. Bitter, very bitter……..

  2. More than a little bitter.

  3. twat. Wiltord/chamakh/arshavin/walcott/squillacci/mertesacker/arteta/benayoun.All money well spent. Oh and a new contract for Djouru. 

  4. Have a look at spurs financial reports before you go around accusing them of lacking financial restraint. Here is an article that shows more knowledge on the finances of both clubs: 

  5. Haha what a bitter article. Arsenal obviously have a great record in the transfer market in recent years, it’s been wonderful to watch Squillaci, Koscielny, Chamakh, Chu Young Park, Bendtner, Andre Santos, Eboue and Senderos lighting up the Premiership every week. 

    When Van Persie leaves you will have an extremely ordinary squad. You haven’t been able to sign a good striker in years and so finding two currently appears nigh on impossible. 
    Nice ‘history’ chat. It’s not like Tottenham have bought themselves to the top as you suggest. We’ve had years of consistent, controlled and ‘sensible’ spending. We deserve everything that is coming our way.

    • You can’t find a striker either, you have to settle for a Gooner cast off owned (and paid for) by another club.


      • A gooner cast off?…..well, more fool you for casting him off, then. And how clever of us to have him playing for us while another team is paying for him. Brilliant, isn’t it?

      • at least their manager plays strikers up front, AA was class until Wenger turned him into a centre half , shut up you wankrag

      • NorthLondonIsOurs(always was) | 23/02/2012 at 15:27 |

        Just like you had an average back four until you stole our Judas!

      • Sounds like more shrewd business by Tottenham to me. Certain most Arsenal fans would kiss Harry Redknapp’s shoes to have him back in your squad. Not that he’d fancy the Intertoto cup or whatever it is you’ll be in next season

  6. Spurs money is coming from our profits.  We are one of few teams in Europe that run in the black.  It comes from a strict wage structure, a good selling policy and prudent management.  As far as short lived, its not lived at all yet, until fat lady sings no position is set in stione.

  7. Hilarious.  But then I noticed you’re only a 23 year old boy, so it all makes sense. 


  8. Likewise, you could also argue that you’ve only finished above Spurs all these year as they were punching below their weight, like you are this season. A team doesn’t play well because their rivals are playing badly.

  9. Crazy money on David Bentley, Giovanni dos Santos, Peter Crouch, Roman Pavlyuchenko? 
    £45m combined.  Is that crazy money for four players?  Or is it just more than your lot can spend?  Bitter… So, so bitter.   COYS

  10. Muppet

  11. Apparently WE are a bunch of gripers who look up at YOU and moan and behave like peasants ……. but there are some of us who can remember when your idea of defending was to have Bill Dodgin (junior) kicking the ball over the floodlights at Highbury. Then you get the Library and the prawn sandwiches and, swelled by Johnny-come-latelies, tell us how noble and fine your football is ….. well – what goes round comes round. We are not actually given to boasting, you will find, but we’ll just carry on cheering our team (try it – it’s fun) and doing the best we can. Maybe you might build a new ground and emigrate to South London …..

  12. interesting way to prepare for a defeat on Sunday, that may never happen, both these clubs have spent plenty and not usually got it right, the difference between the two sides this year is the players sold and the players kept. Whenever Tottenham have looked to close the gap the key players within the squad have moved on Carrick, Berbatov etc, this season Moderic was forced to stay, while Nasri, Clichey and Fabregas have left a big whole in the Arsenal squad that cannot easily be replaced.
    if i had to predict a result for Sunday however it would be a 1-2

  13. Longtime(notflashint'pan)Goon | 23/02/2012 at 14:45 |

    Arsenal fan here…. Hang on: isn’t it only RVP and the most recently stolen kid from Southampton that are NOT duds in our team?!

    Or have I imagined we’ve been awful?  Grow up mate. Respect the Spuds, cos they’re likely to have bragging rights for a while yet.

  14. “Most of the time I’m not one for animalistic rivalry”…  Since you’re so bad at it, I’d avoid it in future.  It’s interesting that the players you say we overspent on only include one waste of money.  Crouch and Pav got us to the CL and pretty much made their money back.  Gio was about £4m, hardly bank breaking.  Would you care to mention Lennon, Walker, Kaboul, Dawson, BAE, Hudd, Niko, Livermore, all playing in the first team, all bought for less than £5m.  When you look at our big spends, Bale £10m and Modric £16.7m, that’s not bad business is it!?  We’re certainly not beating a great Ar$enal side but you haven’t been competitive at the very top for 5 or 6 years and have had your fill lauding it over us lowly Spurs.  

    I actually don’t go in for baiting rival clubs as I appreciate that we’ve not achieved anything yet, however I know that our board will do anything to make the club successful, whilst Ar$enal are paralysed by the myth that you can’t speculate to accumulate.  

    Articles like this only go to show how worried and jealous G00ners can be.      

    • It wasn’t even £10 million for Bale. We paid £5 million initially, with another £5 million to be paid on appearances. But Southampton were in financial crap shortly after we bought him so Spurs agreed to reduce the remainder due on Bale but to pay it early. Ultimately, therefore, we only paid a total of £7.5 million for him.

  15. Verrrry bitter. Couldn’t be bothered to read too much of this; what I will say though that this whole argument of we’re only where we are because of Arenal’s decline; well, we could say much the same thing. Arsenal hit a purple patch right when we were going through the most mediocre, rubbish, two decade long patch imaginable. Not that ever stopped you hypocrites from rubbing it in with us on a daily basis.

  16. Writing these types of article will never make you feel better about your situation, suck it up, accept that nothing lasts forever and that it may just be a few tweaks arsenal need to get back on par.

    Enjoy how close the rivalry and get back to the basics of supporting your team rather than being negative.

    We can argue all day about who spends more on transfer fees or wages but in the end both clubs spend within their means we just do it differently.

  17. When a media outlet talks about one team “overtaking” another, they aren’t talking about historical titles. They’re talking about current ability and position. So your “not quite, though….” qualification is utterly redundant.

    And yes, Spurs spent a lot of money, over many years, to get to this point. But it was all money generated by the club – either by way of normal operations or by selling players.

    And, contrary to your claim, Spurs have spent very little, in net terms, on new players since Harry took over. The reference to Portsmouth is therefore silly – quite apart from the fact that successive owners and directors are the ones who must take the blame for that club’s financial troubles.

  18. Mark Brus I think you need to work a little harder if you hope to be a journalist.  Whilst journalists are opinionated in many respects and their stories lean to one side more often than not, most at least back up their stories with a sensible argument .  For instance, you may wish to look in more depth at where Spurs’ money comes from.  You might also wish to assess the impact that players such as Brad Friedel (free transfer) and Scott Parker (£6m) have had in transforming the team into one that is now solid and resolute.  Maybe if Mr Wenger had invested in some older established players rather than constantly trying to develop young players who are not good enough, he may have continued his earlier successes.  Agreed, Ledley King has had more than his fair share of injuries, but if you look at the games Spurs have won when he has played, that suggests he is worth his wages.  RVP has averaged about 22-23 league games since 2004 – is that money well spent?  Answer – yes because of the impact he has when he does play.  I love the rivalry between the 2 clubs but your article is just too ill-informed.  I fear for the future of British journalism

  19. Erm… Some not particularly strong arguing there. You could hardly say that spending ZERO on Friedel, ZERO on King as he is home grown and 5m on Parker represents a bad investment. Even though you have tried to, it’s not very sensible, now is it?

  20. So the article is bullshit LOL how much have spurs spent LOL u have had one good season and still will lift as much silverware as us. I believe we will beat spurs on Sunday and will still catch them….season ain’t over yet son still 13 games to go and by Sunday nite u will have a 7 point lead and how funny it will be at the end of the season when were above u. I’m not a fool but I know u will blow it history says u will blow it. Mark my words. Also heard levy say harry can leave if harry WRITES his own resignation! Lmfao …..professor wenger vs can’t read or write harry. Hahahaha can’t wait to give out stick Monday wooo

    • brilliant reply – I take it all back

    • stupid twat, have you forgotten Fulham, Sunderland, Blackburn, Swansea already, it is all well and good saying we will finish above them but how do we do that exactly when we are two thirds through the season and losing every other week, you fucking ignorant dreamer !

  21. Sorry but even as an Arsenal fan this Blog is bollocks, the only 2 players we have that would get in the Spurs team are RVP and Vermaelen, 7 years ago not one Spurs player would have made our side, yes they have spent a lot of money, but they have done it within their means, they have done it gradually, and right now I would take Defoe off their hands in a flash and he can’t even make their first 11, you are talking bollocks and make us all sound bitter on here, apologies from one decent gooner, personally speaking I think we should have been out of sight and miles ahead but wenger is a cunt 

  22. I am probably a bit “old school” but I have been a Spurs fan since I first saw them play in 1956.
    Since then there have been times when we are ahead of Arsenal and vice versa.
    I am not one for the tribal rivalry, having said that I love Spurs to beat Arsenal just as you guys enjoys the reverse.
    London is very lucky to have two teams with such proud records over such a long period of time.
    I wish Arsenal well, not on Sunday, but after that. I look forward to the time when our two clubs are 1 and 2 in the league and battling it out for the Premiership.
    Good luck on Sunday, I hope the best team wins! But we all know at the moment which team that is.

  23. Tartaruga Jones | 23/02/2012 at 15:08 |

    Don’t kid yourself mate, that it’s because we’ve spent more on players or that any other season and you’d be above us.

    In the last decade you’ve only twice had a points total which would have put you in front of us at this stage of the season, and one of those times you won the bloody thing.

    Truth is that in virtually any other season in the last decade you’d have still been behind us.

    As for player expenditure, don’t be fooled by the transfer fee red-herring, that’s only a fraction of the total spent on a player, with by far the greatest proportion of a clubs expenditure on players going on their wages.

    For instance Spurs have spent on average about £16m net a season on player transfers, and yet we spend something like £70m a year on wages, so transfer fees, even for a big spending club like ours, represent less than a quarter the total outlay. 

    Arsenal, on the other hand, spend over £100m a year on wages. That’s a Rooney transfer fee each and every season that Arsenal spend on players over and above what Spurs do.

    So the true picture is that Arsenal spend far more each year on players than Spurs do, and yet only twice in ten years have they performed better, at this stage of the season, than we are doing now. 

    Our squad and team is better than yours, but we’ve spent far, far less on it than you have on yours.

    But hey, your possession stats are better than ours, I heard you thrashed Milan the other night 54% – 46% in that regard!!! I mean I totally got where Wenger was coming with his pre-match comments when I saw that, I mean who wants to do it the Spurs way and actually win at the San Siro?

    • Longtime(notflashint'pan)Goon | 23/02/2012 at 16:17 |

      this had me laughing out loud ” I heard you thrashed Milan the other night 54% – 46%”


  24.  Rather than post a load of bias bollocks depending on who you support
    Answers on a postcard
    Best Player to play for both clubs?
    Pat Jennings
    Worst Player to play for both clubs?
    Willie Young



  25. I wish we could all vote on here and get this idiot removed from writing blogs, not one person rates him, JIN, Mashman, Berg10, are all passionate about the site and they all think he is a tosser, this guy has a huge future in media, he is the new Piers Morgan everyone thinks he is a cunt !

  26. In fairness to this article…
    You got people to comment. Maybe that was the point. Because there are no other valid points in there. Forgive me for not following the rest of your rubbish on twitter

  27. Mark you are showing your ignorance again, or is it your lack of years?  “the worst Arsenal season in living memory”  Oh no it isn’t!  There have been far, far worse teams than this one, but then your memories probably only go back ten years at most.

  28. Pathetic!!

  29. At nine years old you just love the game. At nineteen years old you love the game and hate every other team. At twenty-nine years old you love the game but hate the people running the club. At thirty-nine you finally acknowledge that you have no control over what the club actually does and decide to go back to just loving the game and end up enjoying it a hell of a lot more. It’s all about perspective and acceptance. 

    Accept that the game you love is not loved by those in the board room. To them only the bottom line matters. Football is, if you’re lucky cyclical. A few years of success followed by perhaps a few more of mediocrity. I say if you’re lucky because due to financial mismanagement your club could find itself unable to support itself and end up being sold so they can put up yet another Tesco’s. Players are, for the most part mercenaries. Kissing the badge on the shirt is a celebration for most and means nothing.   

    Spurs have been on the verge of success for a few years. All they’ve lacked is consistency. Now they have a very good team with good flair and creativity. In Bale they have someone who can turn the game in a moment. Why, after so many years of success are Arsenal fans so jealous? It saddens me to see how knee-jerk and small some fans are. Are fans of other clubs supposed to wallow in misery in perpetuity or something? If Arsenal aren’t good enough to finish above Spurs then Spurs are better. Make all the excuses in the world but that’s a fact. Having lived in North London all my life and knowing what the banter can be like yes I’m sure it can feel like the world is coming to and end, but it’s not. Champions league or not the club won’t fold. Van Persie or not the club won’t fold. Wenger or not the club won’t fold. If spurs go on and have success over the next few years then good luck to them. Football is cyclical remember. The football world has changed. Money talks. The fact that both clubs are trying to compete with the financial might of Man U, City and Chelsea whilst retaining their integrity and ensuring their clubs futures should be applauded. 

    I hope it’s a great game on Sunday and if Arsenal win then brilliant, If not, then well done Spurs. To compliment a better team doesn’t mean that you don’t love yours. It just means that you see the game for what it is…a game.  

    Jogging on…

    •  Good man!

    • Best blooming post reply I have read on a website since they invented these super interweb facilitators… Thats how football should be supported and is in my house, I have a few Arsenal best mates and never begrudged them thier previous success’s and enjoyed being in the pub when they acheived them – though I took a fair bit of stick, but football is footbal and it is there to be supported!


  30. What a cunt.

  31. My word,Mark. What drivel.

  32. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that journo career mate.

  33. A next crap article,
    Look athe what wenger did in france before you comment the fact is money will always be in the game……….

  34. Actually it’s not a bad article. Real Spud’s and “anti-arsenal” magnet. 100% correct about Arry. Backed by corrupted FA in every scandal. And season is not over yet. All “anti-arsenal” so-called supporters should go to the “away” sector.

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