Adebayor’s recent comments reek of inconsistency and in small places, lies

I personally think Emmanuel Adebayor’s recent comments reek of inconsistency and in small places, lies.  I know some fans are disappointed to see him leave; some believe he still has a lot to offer.  In my opinion, sometimes a player has to go, no matter how much they may or may not have to give to the team.  It seemed that Adebayor had become something of a corrosive problem in the dressing room; two things tell me this.
Gael Clichy did not hesitate to criticise Ade when he left; any friend would probably have refrained from such action.  Secondly, Adebayor has already been discussing which Arsenal players should leave for Manchester City.  Any player with any respect for a club which made him good would hold back on such comments.  Thierry Henry has come out against his current club to declare Arsenal must keep Fabregas; that is the sign of a true loyal player.
Wenger clearly saw Adebayor as the right man to leave the squad despite many claims that the squad must stay together.  Granted the money was on the table and it seems Arsenal is in need of accepting big money each year.  However, had Wenger wanted Adebayor to stay he would have found other ways to raise money, with the sales of the likes of Senderos and Eboué.
Adebayor claims the fans drove him out but I think he needs to grow up.  He gained a hefty wage rise after one very productive season (6 goals against Derby though) and many articles have been written on his courting of top European clubs before signing such a big contract with Arsenal.  Criticism is always going to come from fans and players, although they are human, must take it.  It is the same in any profession; these spoilt professional athletes are no different.  Emmanuel Eboué showed Adebayor how to face up to fans criticism; he silently improved his effort, quality and form, meaning he won over the fans.
Adebayor’s decision to strongly criticise the fans that turn up every week to support him he lost the support of the fan base at the Emirates.  Wenger may well have considered the ill advised rant on Football Focus when deciding whether to accept Man City’s bid.  Adebayor has never been far from controversy wherever he has played; even when representing his country he has been involved in various rows.  Trouble follows him around and people like this are sometimes too much of a negative influence for a manager to keep faith in him.
You may be wondering where the inconsistency lies.  The following comments reveal a few things:
“The £25million Togo striker recalled: “When I came back from holiday, I landed on July 13 and my agent told me I was going to speak with the club. When I did he told me they had come to an agreement with another club…It was a difficult decision to make. But I went away and thought now is the time for another challenge. It took about a week to sort everything out.”
“Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger put me where I am today but he cannot stand up and say last summer I told him I wanted to leave.  I told him I wanted to stay. I don’t think our relationship is broken. I think they need the money and need to sell someone.”
Adebayor says he did not want to leave Arsenal and only considered Manchester City once Wenger surprised him with the news of a transfer.  Next we see headlines that saw Adebayor claim that the Arsenal fans drove him out and made him want to leave.  So did he want to leave or not?  I certainly do not know.  Ade needs to stick to one story and contradictions like this make it hard to listen to anything he says.
As for his claims that Arsenal fans do not turn on Fabregas when Barca or Madrid come calling, it is sheer arrogance from Adebayor.  Every time Cesc has been courted by clubs in Spain, he has released a statement to show he wants to stay.  Last summer it took Adebayor weeks to dismiss moves to Barca or Milan and it was obvious that he only decided to do this one interest died and a new massive contract offer was on the table.  Adebayor had played a game with Arsenal and to be honest, he won.  Cesc is a far superior professional, player and team mate; Ade will never be able to achieve such a profile.
Wenger may well have decided that putting his faith in Nicklas Bendtner was a gamble he was willing to take.  Actions really did speak louder than words when Wenger brought on Bendtner before Adebayor against Chelsea at the Emirates at the end of last season.  Although many people will point to the fact that it was a meaningless match, I think there is more behind it.  Adebayor had provided nothing to the team during the important semi-finals and Bendtner had begun to show the right kind of form to deserve Wenger’s faith.
In that Chelsea game, Bendtner provided added impetus to the side and actually got himself a well taken goal.  Like Eboué, Bendtner suffered booing from the Arsenal faithful after a run of poor form, and like Eboué he did the right thing in trying to win the fans over.  He put his head down and really improved his all round game.  Rather than going on television in order to slate those fans who showed their disapproval, he proved them wrong through his performances on the pitch.
Adebayor and Bendtner never got on but Ade can definitely learn something from his adversary.  Adebayor can learn things from many players who have shown leadership, loyalty and commitment over the past year.  He has finally moved onto pastures new and I know I am not alone when I say that I await Adebayor’s return to the Emirates and the abuse that will rightly be directed his way once again.

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