Adiós Cesc Fábregas

So Cesc Fabregas has finally joined FC Barcelona. Thank God!
As an Arsenal fan, transfer windows are never something that I look forward to. But this summer has been particularly painful, most notably because of the whole “Cesc saga”.
Naturally, I’ll admit that I’m absolutely gutted to see Cesc go. No one can deny that we’ve lost our best player. Cesc was, and will always remain, a truly special player.
For me, seeing Fabregas go now is more upsetting, than when Henry left for the Camp Nou in 2007.
As sad as Cesc’s departure is, it’s delightful to realise that this saga is finally over. No more will we have to listen to Xavi, Puyol, Pique or any other moron talking about our players in such a disrespectful manner – until they hunt down Jack Wilshere in a couple of years time!
It’s great to see that this aggravating tale is finally over. Although, it’s a great shame to see that the villains have triumphed, in the end.
Ever since Fabregas introduced himself onto the world stage, Barcelona have shown nothing but disrespect to both Arsenal and Cesc.
For the last 18 months or so, there have been inexcusable and unprofessional comments from a handful of Barça players.
Congratulations on re-sign him, but from now on, the world will never associate FC Barcelona with class – no matter what your club motto suggests.
FC Barcelona – More than a club? You have to be kidding me!
You don’t throw your 16-year old kid out, and then 8 years down the line, start to claim all the credit when they turn out to be one of the best footballers in the world.
Arsenal made Fabregas into the player that he is now. No football fan, even those from Catalonia, can argue that. I’m sure even Cesc will back me up on this.
Arsene Wenger took the unwanted Spaniard in, nurtured his talents, and showed great faith throughout his wonderful career in North London. Thanks to Arsene Wenger’s belief, Cesc was able to transform into one of the best midfielders in the world.
Barcelona have pulled off a great signing, and while doing so, have also rubbed a mountain of salt into The Arsenal wounds.
Originally, they valued Fabregas at just £27m. Despite remaining stubborn for the majority of the transfer window, they eventually bought him, in a deal valued at around £35m. And now that they’ve finally got him, immediately, they’ve slapped a £130m buyout clause on him. Excuse me, but that just doesn’t make sense.
I’m not sure who’s fault it is, but Arsenal have been totally done over, well and truly.
It’s a disappointing end to a beautiful Arsenal career, but let’s be honest, no fan should be surprised by this move. Ever since he showed he was one of the best, Cesc was always going to go back to Catalonia at some point. This move has always been inevitable.
On a lighter note, I can say that I will always remain proud, as it’s been an absolute honour to watch him progress, ever since he stepped onto the Arsenal scene.
Unlike some Arsenal fans at the moment, that appear to be blinded by their personal disappointment, I am not bitter about this move. I understand that Cesc wanted to go back. I’m just greatful he stayed for as long as he did.
He could have gone back years ago and won, quite literally, everything with Barcelona. But no. He decided to stay and re-pay Arsene Wenger for showing belief in him, when nobody else did.
Unfortunately, he didn’t win as many trophies as his talents deserved. But ultimately, he will always be remembered for his admirable determination. It’s hard to accept that we couldn’t keep hold of a player of such class, but at the end of the day, we couldn’t stop Cesc’s return to Barcelona.
I would like to wish Cesc all the best, and say thank you for 8 simply wonderful years at Arsenal Football Club.
Good luck and goodbye.

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