All hail Tommy Gunner the goal king

Another six star performance from Arsenal yesterday continued our excellent start to the season. I’m sure many Arsenal supporters would have settled for third place (with a game in hand) in the league this season at this stage. 

Considering we have already played two of the league’s big hitters away from home so far, we have made excellent progress with a limited squad, and not only are we scoring lots of goals (top of the league in that respect) they are coming from all over the pitch, none more than our goal-scoring centre-back Thomas Verlmaelen


Quite how Arsene has done it again and unearthed another gem I don’t know but I tip my hat to the miraculous Frenchman.

OK, so £10m isn’t exactly a bargain basement purchase, but considering what other clubs have shelled out for defenders these days with Man City shelling out £40 million for Lescott and Toure and Liverpool paying £17 million for Glen Johnson then I think that’s business well done again.

He does strike me as another Vidic, not only in strength and power but looks too!  A goal scoring defender can usually be worth up to 10 goals a season, but just a few games in and Thomas already has five, and none were better than yesterday’s effort at home to Blackburn.

Quite where we’ll end up this season I don’t know, against teams such as Blackburn we seem unbeatable, but then silly mistakes seem to cost us at when we play the big teams.  Chelsea at home and Liverpool away inside two weeks at the start of December will probably determine a fair amount. 

As will a string of big games at the start of February, we play Man United at home, followed by Chelsea away the following weekend and Liverpool at home on the Tuesday after that. So we will have a big say in the title run in, six or nine points from that trio could really set things up nicely for us.  It could equally rule us out of the title completely.

I was pleased to see a good atmosphere yesterday too, luckily my season ticket is situated one row from the back of block 6 so we are always stood up and singing, but even there it can go a bit flat now and then, especially when it’s a run of the mill game and Sky have switched it to a Sunday lunchtime.  I dare say the flurry of goals helped it a fair bit.

Finally, a few songs have started to come through for our players, which I feel we should really try to get going at every game.

One that is really picking up is the Eboue song to the tune of the 1994 dance classic “I like to move it” by Reel II Reel changing the words to “I like Eboue-boue, I like Eboue-boue, I like Eboue-boue, We like EBOUE!” another that I heard for the first time yesterday “Vermaelen whooah, Vermaelen whooah, he plays at centre back, he wants to play attack!”

The players really do appreaciate when we sing their names and to something which just isn’t “Super Tom” or whatever, so if you hear a song going then join in with the lads and create some atmosphere!

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