An Ode To Arsene!

Today’s announcement of Arsenal being the second richest club in Europe and the richest in Britain took me back to 1998. We were about the 15th richest club in the world. And where has this great man taken us. I applaud Arsene for his vision. More than anything, you put the club’s interests before anybosy else. You made sure that when people talk about the greatest clubs of Great Britain, Europe or for that matter the world, they do not forget Arsenal ever.
Arsene could have easily spent the money has pumped into the club for a new stadium on old experienced players that could get you a trophy for a year or two. But unlike some of our neighbours, he sought to build a legacy. Even twenty years down the line, far past Arsene’s era (How I wish he stated on for twenty more years, but that’s not humanly possible!), Arsenal FC would owe at least a part of the success to this base that Arsene has built today.
Wenger has done well in terms of trophies, but would it be fair to measure his contribution to our club by them? A few silverware diminish in front of the legacy he has created. He has set a standard for the club which determines the ambition of the club.
Here is wishing we have many more years of Arsene FC!

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