An Open Letter To Ian Wright

Dear Wright,
I really think it is time the club considers dismembering you from the Arsenal family, once and for all. I have had it with your negative rants against Arsenal, a club which has so much respect for him.
Arsenal may win the title, it may not. But as part of the Arsenal family, we expect you Ian to make the right sounds about it in public. There is no need for you to add to the naysayers when the entire world seems damned to believe that Arsenal is going down the drain.
History of your statements in the press have been as rubbish and damning to the club morale. It can never be forgiven that he publicly came out during SWP’s transfer and said that if he were in his son’s position, he would join Chelsea. I respect what you think is good for your son, Ian. But you don’t have to come out all the time and blabber about how it is better to join a title rival. And now we all know what it has done to his career.
“If my son wants to play for Spurs, I will support him playing for Spurs. If it means small-minded Arsenal fans saying I will not be popular at the Emirates then they are idiots. I am now a football pundit, I am a Londoner and I support all London teams.”
This season when SWP was linked with Spurs, we, as fans, totally expected you to cheer your son. But you had to rant about how you cared little whether if Arsenal fans booed you or not. You could have come out and said, “I am sure the fans would respect my dilemma here.”
Ian, there is glory in silence. Please try to make positive statements about the club. If you too have been bought out by Chel$$ki then do inform us. We absolutely are done with you.
With no regards for you at all,
( A gunner fan unlike you)

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