Dear Ex-Captains,
After the subdued performance in the Emirates where we were defeated 2-0 by our humbled neighbours from the midlands, I can’t help by missing the presence of you guys on the pitch. Gallas, Fabregas and Walcott who are donning the number 10, 4 & 14 shirts, that are used to be worn by you guys, were simply out muscled, out paced and out gritted in yesterday match. Dennis, Patrick and Henry, being the ex-Captains of our beloved club, I am proud of you guys. Also, how much I miss you guys too!
Hi Henry, I’ve seen your rejuvenated performance at Nou Camp recently. It seems you are finally settling in Barcelona pretty well and enjoying playing with Messi and Eto. I understands you still do keep in close contact with Adebayor but please help him more, especially to advise him on his finishing. And if you do have the time, please help out Walcott. This young lad really needs your advice urgently. Other than the pace, as well as the number 14 shirt that was worn by you, I saw nothing in him that reminds me of your glorious past. Henry, you did mention that this young lad possesses speed that could even surpasses you and you foresees great potential and future in him for the benefit of our club, but he doesn’t seems to know how to make full use of his stunning pace. Maybe you could send him some of your past videos as Christmas present so that he could do some self-study during the winter holidays. He could also refer to the trickeries you used to perform and how you ran at the defenders and went past them with ease. Good Luck to your international games for France! No one in London forgets the legacy that King Henry has left behind. Last but no least, do send my regards to Hleb and tell him that Fabregas misses him and Catalan so much!
Hi there Dennis, it’s been a while since I read about your news in the media. Heard that you intends to take up the coaching position in Ajax youth team? Please do not make the decision yet! I think Arsenal needs you now more than ever. Our great youth team build-up needs a leader like you to guide them. I miss your calmness and composure so much on the pitch and I haven’t seen any player yet to have your attributes. With upcoming stars like Wilshere, Vela and Merida, they will be pleading to have you as their coach. In the past, you seldom shout and scream at your team-mates, but whenever you are wearing the captain’s armband, your presence seems to boost confidence and class in the entire team and brought about order and stability in the team in face of crisis. It makes me wonder how come Gallas fails in this aspect. Despite the erratic performance from his other team mates, he fails to motivate them and spur them on. But anyway, he can’t seem to motivate himself too, confessing of his loss to performing consistently in regular basis. How could that guy speak like that to the press? More importantly, it’s really weird to see a central defender donning the number 10 shirt. You would agree with me, won’t you, Dennis? I know Van Basten initiated by inviting you over, but surely you owed a great deal to Wenger in your playing career right? So please, come over to Arsenal instead.  We are missing the menace of Dennis in the Emirates.
Hey you there, Patrick? I hope you have finally gotten over your injury jinx and re-ignited your career. I am thrilled to see you among the 23 players selected for France’s upcoming international game. Glad to see you back. Have you been following Arsenal’s games while you are sidelined by injuries? Hope that you did not take it to heart against Wenger for letting you go at the expense of Fabregas. After playing for about 200 matches for Arsenal and winning the European Cup with Spain, you have to agree this young lad does possess some magic in him, right? You could see the courage, passion, determination, as well as the class and vision in him to orchestrate all the attacks from the midfield. His vision and passing is superb too, and of course he undoubtedly becomes the heart beat of the entire Arsenal team. I saw some glimpses of you in him, when he marshaled the entire midfield and take the game on his own during last season’s victory over the mighty AC Milan. Playing for Inter now, you must have known how hard it is to play against Milan players such as Gattuso, Ambrosini, Kaka, and company.
But recently, if you haven’t noticed,  Fabregas seems to be faltering. He is spraying passes around erratically, getting more and more lethargic in his movement, as well as his support to the attacking department. In yesterday’s match against Aston Villa, he is caught napping on several occasions too. He is wearing your Number 4 jersey but fails to display the leadership and determination in the game right now. Do you think he is home-sick, Patrick? Or is the training in Arsenal too strenuous that he is not getting enough rest. But strangely, he wasn’t involved in the match against Wigan in the mid-week and how come he looks so listless and weary. Well, you used to play 3 matches week in week out in the packed schedule with Dennis and Henry, how come you guys don’t suffer from fatigue?
(I wonder why is Wenger pointing to the packed playing schedule as the main cause of fatigue. Also, is our new midfield recruit Ramsey catching your attention here? Do you think he will be a great Midfield Marshall that possesses guile of Vieira and the magic of Fabregas? Perhaps Ramsey should play more while Fabregas can take a break and have a winter holiday back to Barcelona)
To all of you above…
Oh Henry and Patrick, one more thing to add. When you guys meet up in the France training camp, please send my console to Clichy. He must be real depressed for the own-goal yesterday. In the matter of fact, he shouldn’t shoulder all the responsibilities but the entire Arsenal team should take the blame. I guess Domenech regards the Arsenal defense highly as the key to keeping opponents at bay so please urge them to practice hard in training and return back to Arsenal safe and sound. You know we can’t afford anymore injuries at the moment.  If you guys can spare the time, Patrick, please do tutor Gallas on his role as a Captain too. Send my regards to Nasri too!   Finally Dennis, hope to see you around in Emirates during the winter break. To Henry and Patrick, do keep in contact and good luck for your upcoming fixtures.
With Regards,

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