Any Answers?

Firstly my apologies for the nature“or rather timing of this piece“ it should have been posted on Monday. But I forgot. So I am sorry, and I will post it now nonetheless, as most of the questions are relevant. It goes as follows:
I wonder dear readers if anyone out there can answer me half a dozen questions regarding the lovely victory over the Blue Mooners last Saturday?
1/ Why wasnt Hamann red carded for that terrifying leg breaker of a tackle on RvP?
2/ Why wasnt the penalty retaken when Schmeichel moved nearly two yards off his line before the kick was made?
3/ Why didthe referee ignore the linesman when he indicated the above fact?
4/ Why did Arsene not start with Eduardo instead of Adey? He was fresh from a good and relatively easy international run out and scored a goal as well. Adey on the other hand was just back from injury and surely should only have been used as a second half sub to ease him back to match fitness. We all saw that he was well short of match sharpness, if not match fitness.
5/ Why was Song on the bench ahead of Hoyte and Walcott?
6/ Why did Arsene send on Song in place of RvP for the last 5 minutes?
Talk about giving us all collywobbles. It’s not that it happened to be Alex Song, but I will never understand changing your formation when you are on top. Yes, if you are under the cosh and hanging on, by all means change an attacker for a defender, but to do so otherwise, is simply a signal for your opponents to throw everything they can at you for the remaining minutes. How often as dubious policy cost us matches? Subsequently of course Arsene has given us all a terrifying anecdote by suggesting that he can play Song in central defence? Has he not heard of Gus Caesar? He is hoping that loaning out Djourou will have him match fit for when Kolo goes to Africa in January. I don’t really follow the reasoning as he would have had plenty of chances to make plenty of appearances before January. My own fear is that Johann might come back crocked and carrying an injury instead of being in perfect health to slot in to the back four when needed. Back to the present, and whilst we mustnt take tonights game too lightly, we cant afford any injuries and after the first leg, no doubt a certain Mr Repka will be out to maim someone – especially Cesc. It might be a good idea if Arsene gives him a rest. Good game for Song perhaps?

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