Next up it’s a trip to the Boleyn Ground on Sunday afternoon in the League against the ‘Appy ‘Ammers. We need three points there if we’re to keep up our challenge for the title. We need to put Tuesday night’s disappointing draw in the Netherlands firmly behind us, EXCEPT to learn the lessons of conceding another silly goal. It’s an old cliché, but it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.
We need to put that out of our minds though and focus all our attentions on Sunday. If we can cut out the cheap goals we’re conceding I’m convinced this season could be something special for us. I’d certainly continue with Don Vito in goal. I’m also concerned about Gaël Clichy’s form at the moment. He’s spending too long on his backside. He needs to stay on his feet more and improve his defensive concentration. Too many more sub-par defensive performances and Kieron Gibbs will be knocking on the door for his place. He could well play through the indifferent patch he’s having though. Cesc Fàbregas wasn’t setting the world alight at the start of the season. He’s on fire now. Likewise Rockin’ Robin van Persie.
Reflecting on yesterday’s Arsenal Holdings plc annual general meeting, I think the time has come to replace Peter Hill-Wood as chairman of the meeting. I happen to think that Hill-Wood is nearly as daft as he can sometimes appear. At his worst he can come across as a combination of Sir Bufton Tufton and Coronel Blimp. For all that, he is however an intelligent man, if sometimes he appears at pains to demonstrate otherwise. He does have the endearing quality of saying what’s on his mind however. This can be refreshing in a world of carefully orchestrated spin control.
When it comes to chairing a large meeting like the AGM he’s coming perilously close to losing the plot however. Some of his performance yesterday was frankly embarrassing. I’d gently suggest to him that it’s time for one of the other directors to chair the meeting.
Keep the faith!

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