Arrogant Arsenal players live in a bubble

Many of you will now be aware of the Twitter row between cocky celebrity Arsenal fan Piers Morgan and outspoken fringe player Emmanuel Frimpong that took place last night in the wake of our 2-0 FA Cup exit to Sunderland.

Let me make this clear very early: I detest Piers Morgan. I think he’s a vile attention-seeker. But there are probably many Arsenal fans in the world I wouldn’t get along with. The one thing we all have in common, however, is that we want Arsenal to win. That’s how I feel it should be, anyway.

Piers, like me and an increasing number of gooners, think it’s time Arsene Wenger stepped down as Arsenal manager. That’s our opinion and we’re entitled to it, it’s not exactly unreasonable to start asking questions after six or seven years without a trophy at a club of our size, not to mention the manner in which we have let success slip away at crucial moments so many times.

Emmanuel Frimpong, a player who has achieved precisely zilch in the game, has come out in defence of the manager, and does not welcome the views of fans like us.

What a surprise. A player who would never have played as much or earned as much money if not for Wenger comes out and tells us we don’t know what we’re talking about, and that we can keep quiet.

The sheer arrogance, firstly, that Frimpong even thinks his opinion is at all interesting. The guy seems like a decent prospect, but nothing special. He has made only a handful of appearances in the first-team and is far more famous for being a bit of a ‘character’ on Twitter. Achieve something in the game before you decide spread your wisdom, Emmanuel.

This is exactly what Wenger has been trying to do for years: give chances to players who don’t really deserve it, so they owe their careers to him. Except it hasn’t exactly worked, has it? When they get fed up they can all leave, as I have no doubt Frimpong would if he had a better offer. As fans, we are attached to our club for life and cannot simply walk away. Nor are we required to be loyal to players or managers or any other staff if we feel that they are letting down the club we love.

Wenger was a great manager, there is no doubting that. But the ‘was’ is the key word there. Seven years of dismantling good teams, failed youth projects, shocking defending, unproffessional behaviour, falling apart in February and no trophies is a long time.

Isn’t anyone else sick of being treated like they don’t matter by Arsene FC?

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