Arrogant Arsenal players live in a bubble

Many of you will now be aware of the Twitter row between cocky celebrity Arsenal fan Piers Morgan and outspoken fringe player Emmanuel Frimpong that took place last night in the wake of our 2-0 FA Cup exit to Sunderland.

Let me make this clear very early: I detest Piers Morgan. I think he’s a vile attention-seeker. But there are probably many Arsenal fans in the world I wouldn’t get along with. The one thing we all have in common, however, is that we want Arsenal to win. That’s how I feel it should be, anyway.

Piers, like me and an increasing number of gooners, think it’s time Arsene Wenger stepped down as Arsenal manager. That’s our opinion and we’re entitled to it, it’s not exactly unreasonable to start asking questions after six or seven years without a trophy at a club of our size, not to mention the manner in which we have let success slip away at crucial moments so many times.

Emmanuel Frimpong, a player who has achieved precisely zilch in the game, has come out in defence of the manager, and does not welcome the views of fans like us.

What a surprise. A player who would never have played as much or earned as much money if not for Wenger comes out and tells us we don’t know what we’re talking about, and that we can keep quiet.

The sheer arrogance, firstly, that Frimpong even thinks his opinion is at all interesting. The guy seems like a decent prospect, but nothing special. He has made only a handful of appearances in the first-team and is far more famous for being a bit of a ‘character’ on Twitter. Achieve something in the game before you decide spread your wisdom, Emmanuel.

This is exactly what Wenger has been trying to do for years: give chances to players who don’t really deserve it, so they owe their careers to him. Except it hasn’t exactly worked, has it? When they get fed up they can all leave, as I have no doubt Frimpong would if he had a better offer. As fans, we are attached to our club for life and cannot simply walk away. Nor are we required to be loyal to players or managers or any other staff if we feel that they are letting down the club we love.

Wenger was a great manager, there is no doubting that. But the ‘was’ is the key word there. Seven years of dismantling good teams, failed youth projects, shocking defending, unproffessional behaviour, falling apart in February and no trophies is a long time.

Isn’t anyone else sick of being treated like they don’t matter by Arsene FC?

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  1. No club pays average players the way Arsenal do,its pathetic and the reason we have so much deadwood on our books as other teams cant afford their wages,Arsene Wenger is penny wise and pound foolish.

  2. Frimpong is Arsenal through and through

  3. Strange seeing as Wenger neither negotiates the contracts or sets the wages. In fact he has no control on the overall budget. He is set that by the board.

    Surely we should be saying that the board is foolish and so on…

  4. Piers Morgan is an idiot and its about time somoene really put him in his place.

  5. Actually trying not to get sidetracked by the standard Wenger Vs Board debate.

    Frimpong is a proper Arsenal man. I like his fight and effort during games, something lacking in many of our players. He just needs to sort out his experience levels and positioning.

    Morgan is a publicity hound and has his agenda. I disagree with it and post here and there on the internet. Frimpong disagrees with it and posts on twitter. No difference really.

    I do feel that i am ignored but by Arsenal FC.

  6. Change what we can now! Get the back room staff sorted Bould Promoted to assistant manager, get either Adams and/or Keown in to drill the defenders! and even try and nab Bergkamp!  who have these young prospects got as mentors?!?!?!?! NO ONE young players look up to the older players so for us that is Almunia, Squallichi, Rosicky and Arshavin wow the inspiration is ooozing out!

  7. And this article Is not any more interesting than frimpong.

  8. Whilst I agree with the fans that Wenger should step down etc. Frimpong is right to defend his boss and mentor publicly. TBH its a naturally thing to do and as such your article is pointless mate.

  9. opinions, opinions, opinions… everyone has them on AFC… some interesting, others not so much. Arsenal will not sack Arsene Wenger FACT – they just don’t do things like that. We have a reputation dont you know. Arsene Wenger will not break a contract FACT – he’s far too loyal/stubborn (use at your discretion). Best thing we can do is get behind the team, support them next weekend against sp*ds and show some pride on the terraces even if the team are in a quagmire. Nothing will chance till the summer so we have to build our defence of “we were there when we were sh*t” argument

  10. Arsene Wenger can only spent the budget he is given.
    Stan Kroenke, the owner, has the final say on all things Arsenal FC and the bucks stops with him. He is not a Arsenal fan but a businessman and we ‘gooners’ are just paying customers..keep your money in your pocket is the best way to effect change…like it or not.  

    • Whilst what you say is right, AW can only spend what he is given, there is certainly an argument that says he has soent what he has spent very poorly. Very, very poorly.

  11. This is a terrible article/rant coming from a site that is meant to be on Arsenal’s side. Frimpong has talent, and I, like many of Arsenal’s fans enjoy his spark/passion. That’s what’s missing in this side. I’m not saying he should be a first team regular yet, but he’s the sort of player you want coming through your ranks and getting odd minutes here and there amongst world class players. That’s where our faith in youth has failed because we’ve now got players coming through with talent but no world class experience around them to help them develop. I think the biggest problem at AFC is the lack of communication between the club and fans. Let us know WTF is going on. If it’s the board that’s stopping Wenger buying quality then let us know that and they have to go, if it’s Wenger that just doesn’t want to spend then his number is just about up.

  12. you say that Frimpong doesn’t have the right to express his opinion because he’s never acheived anything in football. Yet it’s acceptable for Piers Morgan, a cunt anyway, who’s never acheived anything in football, to go out of his way to challenge specific footballers as well as Wenger. Your article seems more like a rant than any type of balanced blog or article

  13. There’s a disgusting racist post on here by Ihateyids, should this not be removed?

  14. If I am honest everyone has their right to an opinion, and I can see both sides.. Frimpong sticking up for Wenger, and Mr Morgan having a go at the manager!!!! The only thing I would say is that this current situation is not as black and white as that! The reason for my opinion is because the following people should share the responsibility for our current predicament;

    (1) The Board – Not being able to communicate our medium term on the pitch strategy (Not financial / property development strategy);

    (2) The CEO – The team has gone backwards since Ivan’s arrival, I thought he was supposed to be this all singing all dancing CEO;

    (3) The manager – This season more than ever, every team knows if they pack the midfield with 5 men we will only have a few shots and not score;

    (4) The players – overpaid – call them arrogant if you like, but they are not achieving anything;

    (5) Buying power of Man City / Chelsea – changed the shape of the game again because we cant compete;

    (7) Lack of an English / Arsenal mentality backbone (except for RVP, Wilshire and Shez);

    (8) Youth setup – Dont seem able to produce world class youngsters, as we have to buy them in at 16;

    The one which sticks out the most in my mind is the CEO as this is the person who is supposed to drive the club forwards not backwards.

    This is the first season where we dont know our philosophy / strategy for moving forward and being successful.

    I blame the CEO


    • Caerphilly_james17 | 20/02/2012 at 08:20 |

      I agree the CEO is shit and needs to go but why would the board sack him when hes doing such a wonderful job of making sure Wenger does not spend money e.g Mata and Alverez and buy sub standard players as alternatives.

      But one thing i don’t agree with is the English/British backbone how many British sports people have choked on the biggest stage only to get beaten by a foreign rival sports when they have the ability to win it.

      Its that 10% extra, that’s what they struggle to find because most sports people in Britain (particularly footballers) come from well off backgrounds and are far to polite. They prefer to lose with a British stiff upper lip than go kicking and screaming these people get to their position beacuse daddy knows the scout and therefor they go far (believe me i have experienced this myself and been left out as a result when i was the far better player at trial games).

      Look at the Difference between Theo Walcott (well off background) and Wayne Rooney (rough Background) look the differences in the way they play, when they are losing in particular one gets taken off and one scores a hatrick when 2-0 down. Unfortunately players of a high caliber and fight are rare in Britain that’s why for e.g no English team will ever win the world cup again unless they get their fight back

  15. Arsenal won 3 EPL and 4 FA under AW. The acquisition of Emirates Stadium was another achievement under AW. These are things to remember by us fans and we will continue to thank AW for them. I feel Arsenal is a big club that needs another coach of great ambition to take it to the next level.

  16. Ok hypocrite you should got done saying, you and every one is entitled to their own opinion. Then you bash Frimpong for giving his opinion. Your arrogance is threw the roof. Why you think any one gives a fuck about your uninteresting opinion I haven’t a clue. Your a complete imbecile and your contradiction filled “journalism” shows that you have no future in this field. While Frimpong is playing for Arsenal making millions in a couple of years you will be on food stamps wishing you picked another occupation. By the way im a Arsenal fan who thinks we need a major change, and to spend money. So this ain’t coming from some Arsene fan boy.

  17. Fuck off you racist prick

  18. An article written by a 23 year old,  who has never supported Arsenal under another Manager,  telling current players there opinion is worthless and his are worth listening too?    Comedy.  Who is this clown?

    Supporting a team doesn’t give you the right to an opinion,  it gives you the right to go and support the team…. just because you shop in Asda doesn’t mean you can tell them how to run the shop… etc.

    Your career as a jorno is destined to fail.    The Hypocrasy in this article is nothing short of stupidity.

    You do realise that Wenger is the second most successful premier league manager ever….?     7 years this and that… you do realise in this time two billionaires have spent, spent and continued to spend?     You do realise that 300 million was spent on the best league ground in the country in this time?

    You are aware that the game against Sunderland, Arsenal played in Milan only 3 days before, where as Sunderland had a full week to recover?  

    As it appears the only thing that the only thing you want is Wenger out – probably the reaons you started watching arsenal in the first place.   Your Bio states you only started supporting in 98′ (after we won the double…)  my god you are shallow.

    You have the journalistic skills of a dead cat,  and the apprecaition of a spoilt child, half of Arsenal problems are due to fans like you who refuse support the team and players and just moan.     try looking up the word SUPPORT in the dictionary Mr wanna be a Jorno…… 

    • He may have the journalistic skills of a dead cat, however his opinion (which we are ALL entitled too) is spot on! I have been watching since Don Howe was in charge, and I have NEVER seen such an unmotivated side. Your problem is you are blinded by all the great things Wenger HAS done, but can’t see what’s going on now.  In Wenger We Rust

      • Caerphilly_jemes17 | 20/02/2012 at 07:54 |

         yes but that lack of motivation is the players fault not wengers all hes done is scout them bought them trained them and sent them onto the field at the highest level.

        If i had been lucky enough to make it as a pro football player (which judging by some of the trash that play today that wouldn’t be fit to lace my boots) i would bust my arse until i had ring sting, for my team and fans regardless of who my manager was as a player at an amature level im always looking to improve my game and become a better player and my motivation is to win every week.

        Do you think i could blame my manger for a poor game i played

        • It’s more than just a poor game it’s a poor season. It’s obvious the players aren’t putting the proper effort into playing for Wenger, so what would you rather do, get rid of the 25 players or the manager?

          • Mashman147 | 21/02/2012 at 08:55 |

            Get rid of the players. Who else has a manager that any club in the world would take if he was available? That says enough about the manager for me.

    •  What planet are you living on, the team is rubbish due to fans like you who don’t question anything even though the situation gets worse and worse? This isn’t support it’s denying the facts.

      • Cock. We do question things, we get pissed off, we can see problems and mistakes. But we are fans of the CLUB. Not managers, not board members. Grow a pair you dickhead and support your CLUB. If not, jog on somewhere else.

    • Well said!

  19. Never thought i’d read a post by a so called Arsenal fan, lambasting an Arsenal youngster for defending his club and manager. The manager that gave him a shot at first- team football at Arsenal. 

    You and Piers Morgan are morons. No difference. 

  20. The whole structure is wrong.  The manager makes more money personally through commissions on buying selling players (fab. ade, nasri, etc) than he does by winning trophies so where do you think his interests are going to be?

    He has to go and the structure has to change.  Protest should be directed at the greedy board and not the coach.

  21. Bring back David Dein to help Wenger and bring in bould to help the first team and bring in Usmanov to help the board spend some money problem solved

  22. C’mon, boy just said that the squad is livin’ in a bubble puttin’ millions in their pockets (your millions BTW) for nothing. AND THATS TRUE. Dont care of Frimpong even if he plays with passion,.. so what? He wont give a boost to this mediocrity team. M E D I O C R I T Y. Thats what Arsene built. Get in a new manager, let him get rid of ballast like our Bordeaux closet homosexual star + 5 or 10 more finished deadwoods, get in flair ambitious players matching RVP level, rebuild the squad, inject the fury..

  23. This incident actually happened!

    A cashier at a checkout was wearing a crucifix, because she was catholic and in the queue was a woman in a full burkha. Also in the queue was an old soldier who was wearing his war medals as he had just been to a service, a man in a turban who was sikh, a man with a limp, a woman with an outrageous flowery hat on and several other …people… of various races an…d religions and choices of clothing. Everyone was served quickly and the cashier was polite and cheerful, as were the shoppers, and when they all got home they enjoyed eating the things they had bought and the cashier enjoyed her day at work but was glad to get home when her shift ended. Not one of them thought about the incident again because Britain is an intergrated society and has been for hundreds of years. The plum above can jog on.

  24. AGREE …..get rid of Wenger.  Its unacceptable that we have become the laughing stock of every league……call for Wenger’s head….he has lost the plot completely !!!!!

  25. DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 20/02/2012 at 13:19 |


  26. DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 20/02/2012 at 13:21 |


  27. fans like GoonBag has no ambition
    and should leave

    • I should leave because I still support the Arsenal when they are not winning….? 

      Great attitude.    I bet your parent are  really really proud.    Grow up.

  28. I do not understand how some fans feel that Wenger should not be held accountable for what has gone wrong at Arsenal for not only this season but also for the last four or five.  When he first came to the club he was like a breath of fresh air, giving us some of the best players and football I have ever been privileged to see.  But if Wenger deserves praise for those wonderful times than so too do the players he brought in.  Likewise if the players have played a part in this years debacle then surely, so must Wenger?  I can’t have the argument about there being a lack of money, either.  On the final day of transfer window he was given in or around 26 million pounds to spend on very average players.  And I doubt very much if he would have felt the need to spend that much money if we hadn’t been humiliated at Old Trafford the week before.  He also spent a lot of cash on Gervinho in the summer and, unfortunately I don’t think that was good business ( and my opinion was based upon what I saw of him in 2010 World Cup and not just what he has done since he’s been at the Arsenal).  I’m sorry but Wenger’s been at the club too long.  We’ve been cought up by clubs like City, Liverpool and, worst of all, Spurs.  Chelsea and Man U have been ahead of since 2006.  I can’t see Wenger turning it around.  And I can’t see us beating spurs on sunday.  Best we can hope for is a draw.  Not being pessamistic just realistic.  This current team is probably the worst of ever seen. 

    • The house that Arsene built

      the irony of that is should we fail to qualify for UCL and go down +/- £50 million in revenue we are the first club to fail meeting FFP… the FFP mantra allAKBs are bragging around. so the massive clear out is inevitable but will be NOT because of OT massacre, San Siro abjection or recent FA abhorrent fu)Kup but simply to keep afoat, thats it. and still the man that knows best extends JD’s contract, my arse!

  29. Insider, I think it is time you stop getting your writers from Rent A Clown. I would even say let Bigsy write some articles as he has more valid opinions on Arsenal.

  30. 23 year idiot. Must be giving away degree now-days. What a load of garbage. A fan of Arsenal, what else have they got on the walls at kindergarten. My grandson goes to one which one of the Muppet’s are you? Top lad Frimpong, keep up the spirit lad.  . 

  31. Too right Frimpong defending the team. Since when does ‘support’ mean
    tearing into the team and calling them losers? Arsenal don’t need your
    ‘support’, they’d be better off with you ‘supporting’ spurs so you can
    sh** all over their players’ confidence when they don’t win and not

  32. Ok so you are allowed to express your opinion, and Frimpong isnt??

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