Arsenal Fanshare Launches/Injury Gremlins – Again!

Off the field one bit of good news today. Arsenal Fanshare was formally launched. On the field YET more bad news. The knee injury to Samir Nasri means yet another crock in the treatment room. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
The Arsenal Fanshare website is also “injured” at the moment. So many people were trying to get onto the site to join it crashed. AST predicted a high level of demand for the scheme, but nothing like that which has been experienced today. AST is working hard with its propeller-heads to get the site up and running again. Bear with them. They’re victims of their own success at the moment.
I’ve already signed up (last night before the formal launch) for a nifty a month. I know there are sceptics and nay-sayers out there. I don’t care anymore. Nothing is forcing those who aren’t convinced to join. I do get a bit weary of those who knock people who’ve volunteered their time and expertise for no reward whatsoever. I’m not one of them so I can safely say that. They should be all be decorated as Heroes of the Gooner Republic as far as I’m concerned. They all deserce medals the size of frying pans for all the unpaid hard work and expertise they’ve offered to make this scheme happen.
You can sign up for any monthly amount between £10 and £1,000. One-off contributions of between £100 and £12,000 are also welcome.
Congratulations too to the board of directors, chief executive Ivan Gazidis and all his colleagues for having the vision to back Arsenal Fanshare. The club’s support is completely in keeping with the club’s proud tradition of cutting edge innovation on and off the park. All the major shareholders have backed the scheme. The goal is wide open. All we have to do now is convert an easy chance into a goal. That isn’t beyond us, is it?
Keep the faith!

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