Arsenal in the Champions League for a tenner...'ave it

Watching Champions League football in Serbia is just the ticket. That’s my conclusion after I purchased my brief for the Arsenal’s game out there against Partisan Belgrade later this month. Why so? Because of the extraordinary price of aforementioned ticket. Are you sitting down (readers of a nervous disposition look away now)…it cost £9. NINE POUNDS.
Ok, the club stuck an extra £1.65 on top for ‘admin’ but I’ll settle for just over a tenner to see the rip-roaring Reds in action. Chelscum in a couple of weeks is about £50. Villareal last year was £73! Is there a case for ticket prices to be regulated?
Admittedly, the Serbs price the tickets at an attractive rate to encourage tourism in a country where they will happily cut your head off for having the temerity to cheer for the opposition. But that’s what 1,200 Arsenal fans will be doing in the White City come September 28.
What else is new on this fine morning (well, it’s sunny in Sussex)? Some of Her Majesty’s tabloids report that Theo Walcott may be out for up to six weeks after turning his ankle in England’s 3-1 win in Switzerland on Tuesday night. Others say RVP will miss the first three of our Champions League games. Ho bleedin’ hum.
The Mail says we ‘may’ hold the upper hand in the chase for Anderlecht’s teenage striker Romelu Lukaku after showing interest in his younger brother Jordan. The paper reports that both Real Madrid and Chelsea are favourites for the 17-year-old striker, but that we have watched Romelu’s younger brother Jordan, who plays at left-back for Anderlecht and Belgium U17s.
BTW, requested an interview with former Arsenal player Danny Karbassiyoon on Twitter the other day. He works as our scout in USA. have an online chat with him up at the mo – I will report back if we get access. I reckon America is a very furtile hunting ground for new stock. Right, time for the school run. Cheers and COYG!

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