Arsenal lose grip on 3rd place

With five games to go, 3rd place was in Arsenal’s hands. It wasn’t the season we’d hoped for, but considering how badly we started, we looked like saving some dignity. Four games later, we are looking at another typical end-of-season collapse.

Of course, it’s nothing like last season, where the prize we’d lost was far greater. This season there was never any hope of a title challenge, but following some strong form in March/April, we looked like saving ourselves from embarrassment. Once again our destiny was in our own hands and we couldn’t finish the job, something all too typical of Wenger’s teams to be considered a coincidence. In recent seasons our April/May form has been terrible; when it comes down to the most important games, the players we rely on most go missing.

Today at the Emirates Wojciech Szczesny in particular had a nightmare. He was clearly at fault for both goals in our home defeat to Wigan, and his weak hand on Norwich’s equaliser today started the mess. Although not directly at fault for the other two, he looked uncertain in everything he did.

There is no doubt he is a talented goalkeeper, and it would be wrong not to credit him for some of his saves that have kept us in games this season, but when you rely on youth there is always a chance of nerves or a lack of concentration. It looked like we finally had this cursed position sorted but, like most of the team, it could do with strengthening this summer. Despite some impressive-looking saves, his stats are poor, with a save percentage of only 63.3%, superior only to Paddy Kenny, Jussi Jaaskelainen and Paul Robinson (stats courtesy of @Orbinho). We lack, at least, an alternative to the young Pole if he does hit a bad patch. Fabianski is not someone we want to be looking to to come in for any prolonged period of time.

Of course, Szczesny is not helped by the fact that our defending is so often terrible. Today, as on many other occasions, players like Ramsey and Gibbs simply jogged back while Norwich broke at pace. How the players fail to learn from these mistakes is beyond me. Of course there has to be something wrong in the coaching, but it’s hard to believe there isn’t ANYONE looking at goals conceded at, for instance, QPR and reminding players to track back and put more pressure on other teams when they have the ball. The players were excellent at this against Manchester City when we claimed one of our biggest scalps of the season, so one has to assume it’s a motivation issue.

We are clearly capable of giving more. Big games seem to bring the best out of us, and yet perfectly winnable games like QPR away, Wigan at home and Norwich at home bring out the lazy and cocky Arsenal; the Arsenal that thinks it just has to show up to get three points. Aside from the opening two minutes in which we scored our opener today, we were simply nowhere to be seen until around the hour-mark. We took a 1-0 lead and didn’t bust a gut to add to it. From then on we were simply outplayed by Paul Lambert’s side. By half time the visitors had had a couple of penalty appeals wrongly turned down. Let this sink in: we were lucky not to be 4-1 down at home to Norwich at half time.

Two well-taken goals by Robin van Persie eventually saw us in front. At this point again we lacked the maturity and composure to see the game out. We were over-excited and looking too desperately for a 4th, leaving ourselves wide open at the back when Norwich scored their third. Once again Gibbs was miles away, jogging back lazily, but perhaps he was tired from all the running forward he’d been doing. At 3-2 there was no need to keep playing like we were losing, but these players lack any tactical awareness. After taking the lead, Norwich were obviously going to come at us and we needed to slow the game down, keep the ball and kill their momentum. I’ve seen this from Arsenal so many times this season and, quite frankly, I’m sick of talking about it.

We can still hope Aston Villa do us a massive favour against Spurs tomorrow, and it’s probable that Man City will beat Newcastle. However, I don’t see us winning at West Brom on the final day. We’re leaking stupid goals and our attitude stinks. West Brom are a good side and will want to send Roy Hodgson out on a high. I am officially giving up on 3rd place, and I’m not too confident of 4th either. Even then, Chelsea could defend their way to winning the Champions League and 4th won’t be enough. It doesn’t look good. And as much as we can bemoan Chelsea’s ridiculous luck in Europe this season, or even some questionable refereeing today (I’d still argue the penalty shouts evened out), this is entirely of our own making.

Wherever we finish, this is yet more evidence of Wenger’s decline. He simply has to go, or we can look forward to more misery every Spring.

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  1. Wow, an Arsenal blog that tells the truth. Obviously, it’s time for Wenger to go. 10 defeats and a scrap for fourth with Newcastle. He can’t motivate at all and the tactics are hopeless. How many times do we have to see players not tracking back or us getting counter-attacked by every shitty team in the division. This is getting beyond a joke. Arsenal needs an intelligent manager with CLEAR tactics that can be relayed to the players. And if Arsenal players are too lazy or mentally insufficient to carry them out, DUMP THEM.

  2. I completely agree, but unless there is a massive number of people who dont renew their season tickets the status quo will continue..

  3. your correct about Ramsey unable to keep up with opposition midfield players, he seems to jog back with no urgency!
    The biggest stat about Ramey is that in 2012  he has started 9 games and in those games we have only picked up 9 point!!!!!! We have not won a game at home that he has started this year! a Fact!
    In the 8 games that he did not start we picked up 21 Points the only dropped points were againts Wigan and at 0-2 down he came on for 80 minutes, we were totally inafective in the 2nd half.
    I have been to most of the games this season, all the games that we played well, were games that he didn’t start!  I put this down alot to tempo, when he is playing we seem to move the ball slower, alot of extra touches on the ball and moving the ball backwards and sidewards, we seem to invite self induced presure.
    In todays game we looked so fluid in the last half hour with the ox replacing Ramsey.
    It makes me wounder if we had been more possitive from the start in the last four games we could have sealed 3rd place already?

    •  No the most telling stat is that we haven’t won a game without arteta this SEASON. And it isn’t only down to the fact that ramsey is his replacement. it’s down to the fact that when arteta isn’t in the team, there is no one who offers any protection to the defence. The over reliance on Ramsey is wenger’s fault, because everyone except him can see he isn’t ready. The inability of rosicky and song, two seasoned internationals with plenty of experience, to step up when arteta isn’t in the team is the reason why we can’t win without him.

      yesterday, we made more than enough chances both when ramsey was on the pitch and when he wasn’t. But the fact that we have one player in the whole squad who can finish consistently means that most chances will be missed. And by the way, even robin missed several very good chances in the last few weeks (but still ramsey gets the blame for that). Also our wingers are mostly ineffective. But we stilll scored three. And the real crime is to concede three goals to norwich and the reason is that there is no one in midfield who has any discipline when arteta isn’t there. Song should be sitting and covering the defence, but he thinks he’s cesc or something and goes wandering every game and leaves us open to attack. Do you remember what it was like when gilberto was playing? Solid in midfield.

      Yesterday, the loss was nothing to do with ramsey. Yes we were more attacking when we replaced a midfielder for a striker, but we were also much more open and it was no surprise to me that we conceded. The problem has always been that without arteta we have no defensive discipline.

  4. it doesnt matter if wenger leaves and we get a new manager. its still gonna be the same…
    the problem lies with the stupid board and stan kroenke who will not fork out enough cash for wenger. we get that building a new stadium was needed to boost our overall revenue and give us a better chance to compete with the big boys. but it seems that every year we get further and further away from a league title. its clear that the board dont have any ambitions to win any trophys, all that matters is making enough money to pay of our huge stadium debt. so what the board want us is to wait 10-15 years until the debt is finally ridden and then we can go out and make som serious investments…..i say fuck the americans with there all corporate aproach and bring in usmanov, atleast he is serious about bringing in some trophies asap.

  5. spurs win next 2 games, newcastle win next 2 games chelsea lose champions league final and miss out on 4th = chavski and le arse recording eastenders on thursday nights and the balance of power restored in london ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Abduljaleel umar | 05/05/2012 at 23:03 |

    @ martin you are right, and all this fault is from wenger since his the one putting him alwayz, when oxlade came at the second half our game automatically changed nd we equalized bt at the end we were punished dough to our mistakes……

  7. Wenger is only a medicroe manager, he is weak strategically and unable to defence.
    Only champion manager like Mourinho,  Guardiola can bring us to the next level.

    If you’re to purchase all the best players in the world, we are still trophyless next year because the manager is simply not good enough

  8. Totally agree with everything said here and the comments, but yadda yadda, we’ll get into the CL next season after Bayern beat the mincers, which is Wenger and the Board’s trophy and huge pats on the back and Wenger is offered a new fatter contract for bringing such success. Wenger has created a culture to just do the minimum to get CL qual playing pretty football that just gets us over the line, period. trophies are for the petro-dollars teams. Its a business, its about a sustainable business model, profits and debt reduction. Wenger’s the perfect man to achieve that for Kroenke and his bumboy P Hill-Wood who think the sun shines out of Wenger’s bum and want to offer him a contract until he dies. Hell, they don’t even watch these games, they just want to know the revenue stats.

  9. Jose Mourinho, the man with the midas touch, has just won the Spanish league with Real Madrid. We should have gone for him when he was available. Yes, he’s arrogant and has a huge ego, but the man’s a winner wherever he goes. He’d bring discipline, focus and commitment to the team. And of course, he knows tactics. Something Wenger doesn’t believe in. Oh and did I mention his ability to motivate ?

    Pep Guardiola is another candidate for Arsenal. After his one year break from the game, he’d be the right man to take over at the Emirates.Young, enthusiastic and bright, and he can handle pressure too. Of course this all depends on our complacent board finally putting ambition ahead of profits, and having the guts to realise Wenger is a has been who can no longer deliver – and take action. We won’t win the league again whilst Wenger stays. Only the deluded A.K.B.’s still think he can.
                                                       ” In Arsene we rust.”

  10. DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 06/05/2012 at 10:37 |


    • I don’t trust us to exploit their poor performance Dan but I am surprised at how a few on here thought they had turned the corner, given the experience they have of seeing decent title winning teams, it was clear the defence and keeper is shaky months ago, sczezsny since Goodson has for some reason been playing absolutely suicidal passes from the back and looked a shadow of his former self, for me that still needs addressing, podolski will make a right difference he is a class act, and wenger normally has his potential deals done by now, but a victory for us and dare I say it Newcastle will be a catastrophe for the gunners, my cousin is suicidal ha ha although I still don’t think WBA will be easy for them in this form and with it being Roy’s last game, one left footer in one out by the looks of it. And please don’t blame EKotto for silly billy breaking his leg again he is just weak !

      • Embarrassing again. Sagna is weak because he had his leg broke. Dont keep showing yourself up…

      • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 06/05/2012 at 17:31 |


        • Hate to say it dan but told you, red knapp is shit, said it all season, taking off Vdv and bringing on Parker when we need 3 points and not a sign of bringing Defoe on, Defoe would score 30 goals a season a season for these pricks, yet we don’t play him, red knapp is a cock

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 07/05/2012 at 11:19 |


    • John_in_Norfolk | 06/05/2012 at 16:53 |

      Oh no they wont!!!!

  11. I dont agree with the point at 3-2 up we were looking for the 4th Goal. When we went 3-2 up we thought we could close out the game and lacked urgency. It was shocking, we couldnt hold out for 10 minutes and close out the game. Our defensive play should be feared, can we just have a return to boring boring Arsenal please? I remember when 1-0 used to strike fear into teams because the opposition knew they wouldnt score again. Lets not forget this Norwich side has pretty much the same players as when they were in the championship….. Shocking

  12. John_in_Norfolk | 06/05/2012 at 11:41 |

    This post from, Mark Brus, is pretty much what was expected, he has never had a good thing to say about Wenger and seldom about the team as a whole.  He is never one to pass up an opportunity to denigrate the manager and, in his own very humble opinion, the players and tactics.

    Naturally, as Arsenal dropped two very vital points, the Wenger Haters have once again raised their ugly heads and are spouting the usual rubbish about sacking him along with Gazidis and the board of directors as well as half the first team squad.

    Those calling for wholesale changes need to take a pause along with a deep breath and start to think a bit more logically about the situation. 

    1)  The board members are not going to resign en-masse.  Kroenke is not going to sell out to anybody, least of all to Usmanov.

    2)  The board are not going to sack the manager.

    3)   Wenger still has a year to go on his contract and will not break that contract and walk away.

    4)   Should the manager’s job become vacant, who would replace Wenger? Two candidates are usually proposed, Guardiola and Mourinho.  The first has said he is taking a one year break from the game and the second would require such a large transfer budget and increased player’s wages, as well as his own, that would put the club in serious danger of breaching Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules.

    Everybody, even Spud fans, are entitled to their opinions and to voice those opinions but they really should wait and see what happens over the next week or so.

    • predictable from you as well jin.

      1) you are right
      2) you are right
      3) you are right

      But that doesn’t mean everyone should just sit around and accept having the club continue to stick their middle finger up to the fans.

      4) Usual akb bollocks that there is only one manager who can do the arsenal job. Redknapp and Pardew have done a better job than Wenger this season on a fraction of the budget. How do you explain that? Di matteo has done a better job than Wenger with no top level managerial experience. These facts go to show that there are many managers who could do a better job with the resources we have (highest matchday revenues in europe, 5th wealthiest club in the world, small interest repayments, huge cash reserves) than Wenger has done over the last 7 seasons.

      Also if you’re still thinking that ffp will make a blind bit of difference then you are wrong. And if you think the club is anywhere near breaking the ffp rules then you are also wrong. You really need to read the financial reports. Even without a sugar daddy (who could just give us £45 million to spend in the summer under the rules) we are not anywhere near spending all we have. £160 million in cash reserves. And profits every year, mean that we could probably spend about £50 million more on transfer fees per year and still be within the ffp rules.

      Thinking about it logically, I would like a manager who can build a squad with some fight in it. Who doesn’t rely on youth out of choice. Someone who realises the importance of teaching defence. Someone who can build a team that isn’t mentally fragile. Someone who has some idea about tactics. And someone who doesn’t think 4th place is a trophy.

      • Can you please expalin how Harry and Pardew have done a better job? They are 4th and 5th in the league…

        • what he meant was when you compare the three clubs buying power.  They’ve kept pace with us all season, you can’t deny that, and the season isn’t over yet.  One or both of those clubs could still finish higher than us.  WBA away will not be easy.  It should be a walkover when you compare the two team’s squads, but I wouldn’t bet against WBA beating us or getting a draw.  If that happens and Spurs turn over Fulham then we are in fourth place – and I wouldn’t bet against Chelsea winning the CL this year – so that might not be good enough anyway.  And if Nwcastle beat Everton away and we lose or draw then we finish fifth.  Anwser  me honestly;  would you see that as failure? 

        •  didn’t mean to say better. but my point is, as vlad says, considering the difference in spending, two average managers have kept pace with us for the whole season.  Doesn’t reflect well on Wenger, apparently one of the best managers in the world at one of the richest clubs in the world with some of the highest wage bills in the world.

    • Jin,it is you who is predictable,you support Arsene,we support the ARSENAL.

    • First common-sensical comment on this page! Totally agree with you. People take their dreams for reality: Mourinho as Arsenal manager! Keep dreaming… For this to happen mentalities have to change. He wouldn’t be interested at all, knowing well that the board won’t give him the money he requires to build a team made of only established players like City did. In fact, I would see him going to Man City but not Arsenal.

    • So when Mark Brus voices his entitled opinion why is you you feel the need to put him down and criticize it? Why should he praise Wenger and the team when he’s obviously disappointed in them like thousands of others?

  13. So we have lost our grip on third place have we?

    Man City    2  Newcastle 0
    Aston Villa 1  Spuds        1

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as Le Professeur might say.  (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

    Hide your faces all you doom-mongers.

    A win over West Brom and third place is ours.

    Arsene Knows!!!!

  14. John_in_Norfolk | 06/05/2012 at 16:52 |

    So we have lost our grip on third place, have we?

    Man.City        2 – 0  Newcastle
    Villa               1 – 1   Spuds

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as Le Professeur might say  (the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Hide your faces all you doom-mongers and nay-sayers!

    A win over West Brom and third place is ours!!

    Arsene Knows Best!!!

    • So results have gone our way – that’s great.  But we really should have been beating teams like Wigan and Norwich at home so there would have been no need to have been praying for Spurs and Newcastle to slip up.  I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for more years than I care to remember.  I was there when Sammy Nelson bared his arse to the North back when he scored the equiliser against Coventry in 79.  I was there when Chippy Brady scored that beauty against Spurs at the lane when we mullered them 5-0.  I LOVE Arsenal, but I refuse to put my hands over my eyes so that I can’t see when things are wrong.  If we do finish third it will be because of other teams frailties and not our strengths.  Apart from a handful of decent performances and RVP’s goals, this has been a dreadful season.  Our defending has been attrocious this season.  I don’t know why because Sagna, Koshelny and TV are good players.  Gibbs isn’t bad just too injury prone, Santos is not a bad footballer but  Idon’t rate him as full back,  Shezny is a decent goalkeeper, a few mistakes recently but what goalie doesn’t make an error now and again?  So why is the defence so poor?  You have to look at how it is organised – poorly.  As a team we are too gung ho.  Time and time again are full backs are bombing down the wings, unable to get back when the opposition counter attack, leaving our centerbacks exposed.  We do not defend as a team and this must be rectified.  And I’m sorry but Arsen Wenger must be held  accountable for this mess.  He’s been a fine manager for Arsenal but I do feel that his best days are now behind him.  Of course any change is risky, but things can go right as well as wrong.  A new man with fresh ideas may very well turn Arsenal into title winning team as opposed to a cross your fingers and hope to finish in the top four sort of a team.  But who you might ask?   The special one?  No I think he’d be all wrong, we couldn’t afford him anyway.  Pep, yes he’d be good but I don’t think we’d be big enough for him.  What about David Moyes or Pardew?  Maybe that could work.  The fact is Wenger’s contract is up next year and I don’t think he’ll be up for extending it, the man looks exahusted.  So at some point in time we’ll ALL have to think about replacing him.   

      • I don’t agree with you vlad, Arsene still has the passion and energy. It’s just because we are in transition at the moment bringing in some  youngsters and a few new faces in the summer and i’m shure Arsene will get the defence sorted, lets trust him. It looks like 3rd place now the spuds failed to win against villa. I’m pleased that we have champions league to look forward to. Lets take the positives!

        • Well, you’re entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine, I think Wenger has had his day but that won’t stop me supporting Arsenal. Don’t count your chickens as far as third is concerned, though. Our form of late has been scandalous, and WBA away will not be easy. But I would like to pull you up on one thing, though; transition, really? We’ve been in transition ever since the break up of ‘the invicibles’. How long should this transition go on for?

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 06/05/2012 at 22:28 |


          • arsenalbob | 07/05/2012 at 09:45 |

            You sound like an illiterate tranny without a brain. Are you a typical spud?

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 07/05/2012 at 11:35 |


          • arsenalbob | 07/05/2012 at 12:11 |

            Like David Pleat the kerb crawling freak?

          • storey, van rapist, pennant, hillier, adams, rix, sunderland, merson, indeed a bunch to be proud of ..SCUM !

          • arsenalbob | 08/05/2012 at 10:07 |

            nibble nibble

      •  Spoken like a true fan, not somebody with blinders on. Good points

    • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 06/05/2012 at 17:49 |


      • John_in_Norfolk | 06/05/2012 at 22:22 |

        And you’ve got to play Fulham, a team managed by Martin Jol, the best manager Spuds have had since Bill Nicholson retired.  Do you really think you’re going to get all three points?

        Poor Old ‘Arry doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore, when he needed a goal scorer today he brought on a defensive mid-fielder, Scott headless chicken Parker.  WOT A LARF!!!

        • Ha ha Keith burkinshaw might have something to say about that

          • John_in_Norfolk | 07/05/2012 at 12:17 |

            You’re right Burkinshaw was better than Old ‘Arry, remind me what did he win at Spuds? That’s right! Two FA Cups and one Inter-Cities fairs Cup. In only eight years.

          • we still along with united remain the only club to have won a major trophy in the last 6 decades..and it is more than wenger has won in the last 7 !..thats right genius wenger who has a carling cup he could win as only 3 teams take it seriously but still fails..wakey wakey JIN..

  15. Mark Brus = wanker

  16. How can anyone be upset with Wenger, in all honestly before he came we were not a big club in Europe.
    Since his arrival he has transformed us into champions league regulars and top 4 finishers every year for the last 14 years and on top of that we are now the 4th most valuable club in the world and supported all over.
    Yes the trophy drought is fustrating but we have been keeping expenses down after investing in a new stadium.
    Wenger knows he has to deliver next season so lets get behind him and the team and stop the negativity, after all he has gave us the best years of our lives with Arsenal

    • John_in_Norfolk | 06/05/2012 at 22:16 |

      Spot on, Arch.

    • Didn’t you say wenger has to deliver this season too ? I accept your argument that he has turned you into a top 4 team, forget the champ league that is a token gesture for finishing 4th and above, as arsenal fans you are pleased with finishing top4. And claim that is success ? Clearly for a club like arsenal making top 4 is not something to celebrate, you can’t have it both ways, you can’t claim to be mighty and also make do with 4th! He has had 7 years now and that is plenty long enough to change your fortunes around, fergie is about to lose out on a title by goal difference whilst in transition, wenger has failed these past 7 years, stop clinging on to his former achievements and yes they were great, but he is failing make no mistake about it, should spurs really be within a point of you at this stage of a season ? Absolutely not !

      • Although not as successful as Man U, Arsenal are much more succsesful than tottenham. Would you like to list the clubs that tottenham are more succesful than? I can think of 10 clubs in the current EPL that have had more success than tottenham.

        • John_in_Norfolk | 07/05/2012 at 12:13 |

          Be fair, AB,  They’re not that bad, they did win the league title half a century ago and ten years before that.  Oh! and the FA cup eleven years ago!  Pretty successful club really.  Laughs and falls off chair!!

          Just wait for the response!!

          • thats what I like about you guys incapable of discussing your own teams downfalls its easier to laugh at the uglier kid than work out why your looks have faded too, noone is comparing arsenal with spurs so come back with a decent answer and not the obvious one which I admit readily, spurs are not as good as arsenal..we all know that !!! so explain why you are wank or don’t bother at all

          • arsenalbob | 08/05/2012 at 10:06 |

            conveniently not answering the question again? I was comparing tottenham
            with 10 teams in the current EPL. How do you rate tottenham’s glorious past with
            Everton for instance?

          • what do you call glorious ? Everton have won the league in more recent times than us, if you are looking for firsts then spurs have just about set the mould as a club, first british team to win a european trophy, and first to win one twice, first team to win fa cup as a non league team, along with united only team to win a major trophy in each of the last 6 decades, obviously the cup double happened 10 years before you lot joined the party, i guess what we need to decide is …is it more of an achievement to be the first person to climb Everest or do we heap more praise on the man who has done it every year for the last 5 ?
            to me its all bollocks we support who we support, i have never shirked away from the fact arsenal are the more succesful club and there are others who in recent times have taken things to a new level, but if we can still be proud of history as a nation, then no club has a finer list of being first than THFC !.

          • Mashman147 | 08/05/2012 at 16:09 |

            A sensible post at last. Fair play.

          • arsenalbob | 09/05/2012 at 11:47 |

            You forgot to mention winning promotion to division 1 in ’78.

      • John_in_Norfolk | 07/05/2012 at 12:05 |

        No of course Spuds should not be within a point of us, but then your hopeless conglomeration of chokers showed their true colours when they went into terminal decline after a 5 – 2 hammering at … where was it?  Oh that’s right The Emirates.  Up until then you were saying that we wouldn’t get anywhere near you. 

        Did you put your house on that prediction?

        Tipster?  Yer ‘avin a larf!!  Ha Ha Ha .

      • We are the Arsenal fans here. Kindly leave the whining and the grumbling about no trophies to us. BTW, this is Spud’s BEST team EVER! And Arsenal’s WORST team in over 2 decades. Hope you are ready to make good your bet with Wilshere to chip in something towards the 30k you guys promised to pay to charity WHEN we finish the league ahead of you. Totters!

    • I think  you should look at your history book on football in the 1930s Arsenal were the biggest club in the world Man U were nobodys,Of course there was no Champions league or European cup then but Wenger has had his day and will never win any big trophy again.

  17. jin !!!!! Rather than spend all your time replying to me and Dan, why don’t you respond to the droves of people on here who see you as a Wenger fan and not an Arsenal fan, now I would find that quite offensive to be honest but you never seem to respond to your own fans and target only what we are saying, it must be very easy to try and create an us v them scenario when you are dealing with 2 spuds on an arsenal try and answer the questions of your own in the same vein and manner in which I openly and readily accept spurs, spuds, yids, are openly second best to your great other words grow some bollocks old man ! 

  18. Bigsy, why not spend some time on, they seem to be more honest about how shit tottenham are on there. Why don’t tell them that they should be proud that tottenham have won more titles than 8 clubs in the current EPL?

    • our fans are all the same, one back heel and you are a legend at the lane, I have always been brutally honest with my footballing opinions and if that means criticising players from my own club so be it, people on here need to recognise that when i criticise an arsenal player it is because i genuinely think he is not good enough and not because of the shirt he wears, then we can all play nicely, i rate oxo, i think koscielny has improved in leaps and bounds and I think Arsenal are a fantastic football club that have always had a brilliant tradition, but the last 7 years or so it has lost it’s way and Spurs have been allowed to close the gap in footballing terms, and wenger needs hanging for that, because he had one hell of a headstart..i have always found it hard to go on my own club website, i have never been one to just smile and go along with things in the name of spurs, of things are not right peoe should air their views, it does not mean we don’t support the club it means we are close enough to have a go, you boys seem very different, it almost appears you back arsene at all costs, even though he is making some monumental errors surely afc was here first and will be after wenger won’t it ?

      • Bigsy. Wenger is the one who got us light years ahead of you. Dont think we were way ahead of you when he took over. Sometimes you talk sense and others you just try and stir it up. Stick to facts and you would get so much more respect.

        • Yeah I can sort of see where you are coming from but we were on the verge of extinction when George graham was winning titles for you, in my lifetime the 80’s is where we were more dominant than you apart from that I can’t recall a time where I felt like we were as close as we are now, I have always expected to be second best to you lot, as I sit here now I stil wouldn’t trust either of our teams to take all 3 points this weekend and that is sad for nth london

          • Mashman147 | 08/05/2012 at 19:17 |

            To be honest, i am not fussed where we finish. What I want, is a summer where we buy decent players and prepare to challenge for the title next year, as we have done most years, with the exception of this one. Spurs never have been and never will be my benchmark. I expect my team to challenge for titles and I genuinely believe Wenger is the man to do it.

          • where do you think the squad needs strengthening and do you think the likes of Bendtner, Chamakh (fringe players) have done enough to be wanted elsewhere, as I see it you have a pool of money, and a pool of players plenty of which are not likely to cause a stampede if put up for sale, wenger needs a big top up in his pot of funds…(not disimilar to ourselves) would you snatch our arm off for Jenas, Dos Santos, Krancjar, Huddlestone, this to me is the problem we now have at both clubs, anyone good enough to get in our first 11 is likely to be wanted by City, United and Chelsea and our fodder is poor, so at best we can only get quality fringe players like Adam Johnson and the fact he is fringe tells you how strong City really are..

          • arsenalbob | 09/05/2012 at 11:36 |

             You are obsessed and desperate with the idea that tottenham may have
            arrived at the same place as Arsenal. I reckon that over the next 3
            years, tottenham will not compete for a top 4 place, but Arsenal will.
            Liverpool will overtake tottenham next year. tottenham’s season has been
            based on playing similar to Wigan and Newcastle, i.e. quite good but
            relying too much on getting goals early in a game, no tactics.

          • Mashman147 | 09/05/2012 at 12:36 |

            We need a keeper, a centre midfielder, maybe a left back and another striker. The players you mention as fringe, have let the manager down. He trusted in them and tied them up on good deals. That is the problem teams have now. If you have a player you think is top drawer, you give them a 5 year deal. If they fail to perform, you are stuck, as other teams cant afford them.

            Then you have the flip side, which is RVP. Before this season, most Arsenal fans were saying to cash in on him as he is injury prone. And I understand completely why Arsenal were reluctant to give him a 5 year deal on more money, when he played less than half the games in 3 years.

            Now fans and the media are saying AW screwed up by not tieing him up. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • Le-grove is highly critical of Wenger, some good write ups. Why don’t you go on there? I think the reason is you would be deluged with abuse, why not try it? p.s. pre-Graham? Give me Brady ahead of Hoddle all day long.

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