Arsenal need to get their act together

There are few sicker sights I’ve seen in football than that of Chelsea’s Champions League celebrations last night. They are the first London team to bring home the European Cup.

It should have been us. We are London’s biggest club. Chelsea were nothing before 2005 when Roman Abramovich’s millions and Jose Mourinho’s dull, defensive football won them only their second ever title. This, inconveniently, came at a time when Arsenal were in better shape than Manchester United and probably would have gone on to dominate English football for a few years. I guess it’s pointless to think about now – we all know what happened: Chelsea’s money made it harder for us to compete and we have developed a small club mentality ever since – we don’t buy big, we don’t aim high. Third place this season was met with wild celebration.

Chelsea being the first team to bring the Champions League to London doesn’t make them bigger than us, but we have to start acting like the capital’s biggest team again. Even Spurs are catching up with us. We have lived off our reputation for too long now and need some more modern history to boast. We haven’t won a trophy for seven years, for crying out loud! If we go another seven years without one, you’d be right to start asking questions about exactly how big a club we are.

I don’t necessarily believe we have to sell out all our principles to win trophies. We don’t have to go down the Chelsea route, buying the most expensive players and pay them to sit in their own half for an entire game, but we do need a more ruthless approach. We need players who can keep their nerve, and who are happy to work hard and fight to get the ball back. Too much emphasis has been placed on technical ability, but this season alone we have seen the value of having an Arteta over a Fabregas. To put it simply – we need winners. Football is about entertainment, of course, but it’s also about results.

If there is any positive to take from tonight, it is that you don’t have to be the best team to win this competition. Chelsea finished sixth in the league and were outplayed in the vast majority of their Champions League games this season, including their final three games when Barca were all over them in both legs of the semi-final and Bayern outplayed them in the final. I hope I never see Arsenal resort to such negative tactics, but with a bit more mental strength and, hell, a bit more luck, we could do better in this competition. This is a timely reminder that, being a cup competition, you can fluke your way to success through away goals and penalty shoot-outs. Smaller clubs, such as Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest have won it before us as well, so let’s hope Chelsea end up where those two are sometime soon.

Another positive, of course, is that Spurs not making the Champions League puts their immediate future into some doubt. They will certainly struggle to keep their best players and attract better ones with only Europa League football to offer. Given that Chelsea will almost certainly improve next season, I’d welcome less competition and it would be nice not to have to worry about Spurs.

Still, it is a sad reality that we have allowed Spurs to get so close to us. They don’t have the financial backing of Chelsea or Man City, but they have made some good signings and shown real ambition to climb up the table, while we have been content with 3rd or 4th for far too long.

Seeing this crappy Chelsea team celebrate tonight should make our players annoyed and determined to improve. They are not doing themselves or this great club justice.

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  1. Brilliant post, Arsenal really need to take a look in the mirror and re-evaluate if they’re doing enough now or are just content to coast and survive until FFP and new commercial deals kick in.

  2. The European cup is beyond us,we dont do well against other english sides and we have only ever beaten barca once in a dozen meetings.

  3. How about spending some of that 150 mil cash reserves.

  4. One word to describe the regime that is running Arsenal,Pathetic.

  5. Our club is owned by those people who doesn’t care bout winning trophies and they know if they sack wenger they will lose a manager who is happy to make his bosses rich rather then winning trophies.wenger’s first mistake was to sell viera second by appointing Ivan gazidas as the chief negotiator of transfers.gazidas doesn’t know how to negotiate with player agents .and the biggest loss was when we lost David dien who brought viera pires and Henry to arsenal it’s time to get rid of present arsenal owners and alisher usmanove should be the person to take full ownership.Its time to say goodbye to wenger as well and get pep guardiola as manager.pls have mercy on arsenal fans and sell the club to usmanove .

    •  Dein did only one good thing for Arsenal. He recruited Arsene Wenger and Wenger made him a multi-millionaire.

      The players Veira, Pires, Henry, Wiltord etc were recruited on the recommendations of Wenger most of whom played under him in Monaco or whom he had intimate knowledge of.

      Pep Guardiola success may be due to Barca’s production factory. For example, Rijkaard had never achieved the same success after he left.

  6. Dear Mark

    I have always been a huge fan of the way you say things as they are.  However, I watched last nights Chelsea victory and I saw the difference between an assistant coach like Di Matteo and Arsene Wenger.
    Di Matteo is a humble man who does not make rubbish excuses.  He played to Chelsea’s strength, i.e. that defense fought for him and their fans.  They showed grit and determination.  When everything was falling apart for Chelsea a few months ago, this assistant manager and his team played match after rigorous match after three days, some against the best sides in the world, didn’t complain of fatigue (unlike our pansy manager who after every loss to Queenspark, Wigan, etc. claimed fatigue after his players had rested for  six seven days).  That Chesea takes the FA Cup and The Champions league Cup so seriously and win these is something to be admired after such a hectic soccer schedule like theirs.  It is something Wenger can learn from and as a Gooner of 40 years standing, I am tired of our manager, players and fans talking about never wanting to win like Chelsea.  Chelsea were up against the odds but they never made excuses or shirked their responsibilities in their FA Cup and Champions Cup run.  That is why they are champions.
    Those fans of ours who keep on harping about Chelsdea’s luck (teams make their own luck)or their style of football need to smell the coffee.  We laugh at Chelsea’s defensive tactics (we need to laugh at our manager’s own diabolical tactics).  Drogba for all his play acting is a champion and plays like one.  Even when they had five minutes to go Drogba said they believed they could come back.  What would have happened to our wilting roses?
    I would rather win an FA Cup and a Champions league with such football than be lied to by Wenger and his board.  The difference between Wenger and Matteo is that Wenger says only one team can win a league or a cup while the likes of Matteo or Ferguson believe that that team should be the ones winning the cups.
    Our manager basks in the glory of third place – it’s a TROPHY. Too many Gooners fall for this spin.  Van Persie watched last night’s Chelsea celebrations and looked at Ashley Cole’s haul of medals and celebrations since he left Arsenal.  He watched how Meireless and Torres who left Liverpool pick up medals that he can only dream about in future lives.  Then he probably thought about grinding out years under Wenger and a one-dimensional Arsenal team limping towards the arse end of another Arsenal season in tatters and realised the writing is on the wall.
    I have said this for years and I will continue saying this: UNDER WENGER, ARSENAL WILL NEVER LIFT A TROPHY AGAIN!!!

    • Lol I think you falling for the Euphoria of the situation Chelsea winning the Champions League, lets look at your points objectively…
      You are praising a team that Finished 6th, in the Premier League with only 64Points, 5 away from 4th? This is the model we as Arsenal need to follow, or maybe its that we need a manager that doesn’t win games but goes for draws? Cause as I see it 38 Draws in the Premeir League add to about 38 Points, the mentalitly here is so flawed its not even funny, the Chelsea squad, Drogba, Cole, Terry, Lampard etc How old are they and they are this teams true core…
      Arsenal are also the team in the league that came back the most from winning positions…
      Show me a better system in the Premier League then our and show me their bank accounts and compare it to ours if FFP comes in Arsenal will have the best chance and at the same time we would of been consistent not 6th below New Castle. People look at the season and not 3 games!!

      •  “… the mentality is so flawed it’s not even funny”  … Are you sure you are not talking about your own or are you Wenger in disguise?
        “Drogba, Cole, Terry, Lampard, etc  How old are they and they are this teams true core”… So mate, for the last seven years please remind me who have tons of FA Cup, Carling Cups, Premiership titles and  a European Cup winners medal to show?  And remind me what we have won for seven seasons (your words … People look at the season and not three games  .. LOL).  AND you write … “Let’s look at your points objectively”  Wow… OBJECTIVELY?
        “Show me a better system in the Premier league”  .  Man City – Premier League Champions … Man Utd Runners Up … ONLY 19 points difference.  Arsenal 3rd … battling away with Spurs BY ONE POINT to make up Euro League numbers. 
        Don’t worry mate  … if you say OBJECTIVELY you are right, then you ARE right.
        Let’s all wait for the illusionary FFP; by that time we will not be competing for a place in the Euro Championship.
        Keep worshipping at the altar of Wenger.  Who knows, maybe there’s still some life left in this tin god.
        Now do me a favour, see if your arguments wash with Van Persie. 

    • I agree and I did mention that, while I wouldn’t want us to resort to such negative football, I would like to see us find a fighting spirit of the kind that Chelsea have shown. We haven’t had warriors in our team for a long time. Under Wenger, even our best players like Henry would often go missing in the big games (compare his cup final record to Drogba’s) and one bad result would often mean a string of more bad results to follow.

      And as I’ve said many times, I don’t think 3rd is a trophy. I’m glad, considering the context of this season, that we made it to 3rd, but at the start of the season I always hope we will at least challenge for 1st.

      •  Well said, Mark.  I often hear our fans say its not our divine right to win a cup, but Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola and the Man Utd, Real Madrid. Barcelona, etc. fans BELIEVE it is their divine right to win and more often than not, THEY win! That is what is lacking in Wenger.  For him winning is about football being aesthetically pleasing, trying to be a goody-two shoes and HOPING “his” way will somehow win the day.  I’m afraid to say  he is sadly living in his own bubble – somebody needs to tell him he is still floating, but the bubble burst a long time ago with the appearance of Abramovich and Mourinho.  Now City are the new Midas on the scene, and the football terrain is completely changed.
        FFP or not, Europe will never do away with the top teams.  Today, football reminds me of warfare.  While countries (other soccer clubs) buy the latest and most powerful weapons to defend themselves and to attack their enemies, poor Arsene Wenger and Arsenal carry around outdated rifles, not to engage in war but in battles and fight a righteous battle in the name of FAIR PLAY as if war is fought on some gentleman’s  agreement.
        Arsene Wenger is a World War Two general trying to fight a modern day battle.
        Time to retire the general.


  8. It’s not just about money. If it was, then Chelsea would not have won last night. Remember, AVB had that team and was taking them nowhere. The fact is the players did not believe in him and that affected their performances on their performance on the pitch. When he got pushed out and Roberto came in well, what a turnaround! He had the players behind him and THEY played for him. I can’t help feeling that Wenger hasn’t got a team that believes in what he’s trying to achieve at Arsenal. In truth I don’t think Wenger even knows – it certainly isn’t winning things. First is first and second, third or fourth in nowhere!!! Wenger seems to be a decent man, and for a time he was good for the club. But for the past few years we have just stagnated, we’ve been treading water, not really believing that we can win a trophy. That’s why we lost the top players like Henry, Cole, Fabregas, Nasri and, almost certainly RVP. It’s not just about the money with these players, they have professional ambition as well. The mindset at Arsenal at the moment stinks. The club has a defeatist attitude and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. I hope Wenger’s attitude changes, that he buys decent players and doesn’t settle on cheap imports that cannot compete in EPL, that installs some discipline in the team and pays some attention to defending. I won’t hold my breath though. I’d settle for a performance like Chelsea’s last night if it meant we actually won something.

    • AVB was removed due to players’ rebellion as the older players knew they will be shipped out very soon. They were fighting for their footballing and financial futures since they knew they won’t be employed lucratively again except maybe in China (eg Anelka).

      In Di Matteo, they have an ally (he is temporary too) so this mutually beneficial alliance allow both parties to try to go out with a bang and hopefully enabled them better future security.

      Wenger did not have the same problems in Arsenal although I do agree the youth do not have the mental strengths of Chelsea’s older player.

  9. Totally agreed! Weldone to Di Mateo who has done a fantastic job although Chelsea squad have some bad model of players for our kids. In the other hand, Arsenal’s hierachy is so pathetic with bunch of idiots including Arsene Wenger despite his reputation. We are not saying to spend big as we can’t afford but move smarlty by offloading some bunch of crook players and bring some new faces. God knows, how long this saga is going to last.

  10. I don’t understand this post, honestly… Chelsea winning last night was the best result for us ever… Yes it sucks they the first “London” Club to win the Champions League but there is a few things you are neglecting to see the positives of…

    1.) If Bayern won last night Platini and all the higher ups in Football would say it is a testiment that we do not need a FFP in Europe since the “Mega Rich” Chelsea has won, this was a double edge sword in a sense for Chelsea by winning it they proving that Europe should maybe begin instating a “Fair Play” policy as we all know Chelsea aren’t the best team in Europe… 

    2.) Look at Chelsea, look at their age, the squad is growing older and older, Drogba may also be on his way out and if the FFP is placed Ambromavich won’t be able to just buy buy buy… They have a “Good-ish” couch in Di Mot but in the end he is a “Cup” Couch, in the league there would be no shoot outs or away goal rules (which saved Chelsea so far) they would need to go for the win and in a League where you need to win Chelsea have shown their flaws and finished 6th’s. Seriously 6th, this is what we looking for, “lucky” trophies and 6th? Come on we better then that.

    3.) Spurs point you made is true in the end they are a greater threat then Chelsea in the near and distant future, they have spent well and a young squad but if Arsenal just put their foot down and begin holding onto their players where you think the next “breeding” club is gonna be, teams will begin to look to the Spurs squad for “bargins with experience” and with no Champions League Football they have nothing to offer the players coming in…

    I believe we have one of the best systems in the premier league (not perfect) but still we spent less money in recent seasons then even the likes of Sunderland, and we finishing 3rd? We have fought back from more loosing positions then any team so our mentality is one of the best, look no further then Arsenal 5-2 Spurs 10 points behind, just got dumped out the Champs and FA Cup and we fought back those 10 points from that point, if we have this mentality from the beginning of a season and play like we did in the second leg of AC Millan, we will be better. We showing intent in our buying and for the first time in AGES our back 5 look “World Class”

    All this and when we reach the FFP we one of the few clubs with a young squad and a our books in the Black

  11. arsenal need someone like torres, someone that willing to chase ball, someone that shows determinations, someone that want to prove the fans judge him wrong…

    and strong manager, not the one that keep moans being kicked, bad field, or bad call from refree…

    last we need football minded tycoon…

  12. has anyone on these posts been on the underground train going back to Basingstoke after watching arsenal grind out a 1 nil victory looking at your mate and finding nothing interesting to talk about,,,thats what its like being a Chelsea fan at the moment,thats the type of football they play.1980s arsenal football.

    dont think i want to go back to that,after spending £60 on a game of football the last thing you want to see is a defensive masterclass,in most games this season we have dominated the opposition and may that continue,

    only been to 4 home games this season one of them being arsenal man city ….1 nil to the arsenal was that a boring game… a blinder we outplayed them in every position so why would we want to go back to playing like Chelsea,Wimbledon,you know the culprits were getting there so hang on in and let it happen

    1 nil to the arsenal 1 nil to the arsenal

  13. Before criticising Chelsea s tactics and approach – and I agree it does hurt that they are the first London club to win the European Cup – think about our win over Parma in 1994…


    As childish as this may sound it was it made me somewhat sick and
    jealous to watch Chelsea in delirious celebrations yesterday, yet the most
    candid part of those sentiments was that I completely respected their fight,
    hunger and spirit which was summed up by a mesmerising block by Gary Cahill who
    without hesitation through himself in front of a close range shot by a Bayern
    Munich attacker. Coming from a player that we missed out on because we refused
    to stump up the cash, this was simply a bitter pill to swallow. To add insult
    to injury, we were completely snubbed by Juan Mata last summer on the grounds
    that Chelsea was a better proposition for winning trophies. With an FA Cup and
    the biggest prize in club football now under his belt in one season, who can
    argue with his decision. Taken as a whole, Chelsea’s feat yesterday sadly did
    nothing but add to my antagonism towards this current Arsenal regime in the
    shape of the board, manager and team. In each of these departments we are
    seriously lacking. The board has turned what was once a successful ‘football’
    club into a business enterprise that is all too concerned with making profit.
    Our manager continues to feed us lies year after year with a philosophy that after
    seven seasons without a trophy he is still trying to prove, and has to some
    degree eluded the old football adage that ‘no one is bigger than the club’. Arsene
    Wenger certainly is. Our players (well…the majority of them) do not appear to
    show any belief, respect or motivation for competing and fighting for
    silverware. I am convinced that while can avoid the word crisis we are
    undoubtedly in state of disarray.

    We have put qualifying for the Champions League on the same pedestal as
    winning a trophy. How can this be the ethos when despite successive
    qualification over the past 15 seasons or so we have only really competed for
    this cup on maybe 2 or 3 occasions. Reaching the semi-final only once from 15
    attempts and that was on route to the final. I think it’s safe to say that we
    have been mere participants in this competition as opposed to competitors.

    Instead of focusing on bringing in players at the end of the season to
    bolster the squad we continually have to spend the summer fighting to keep
    players that no longer want to stay. First it was Adebayor, last year it was
    Fabregas and Nasri, and this year it’s Van Persie. Not to mention Hleb, Flamini
    and Clichy, and who is to say that next year it won’t be Wilshere.

    We can make a team out of the deadweight we have at Arsenal at present.
    Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Arshavin, Denilson, Vela, Chamahk,
    Bentdner and Park; and then there are those that show no signs of bettering
    themselves to become the players we want them to be. Walcott, Ramsey, Diaby,
    Gervinho, Metesacker and Santos all seem to fit that bill.  

    Starting with this summer we seriously have to think about what our
    mission is. Changes need to be made and it looks like with have started that
    with the signing of Podolski. More of that and I will be convinced of our
    chances next season but I cannot take another unambitious campaign.  

    •  last night has to be the weirdest of all football nights …my girlfriend being German wanting Munich to wanting Munich to win as i might get a celebratory blow job ..and me wanting the crappy Chelsea to win so spurs wouldn’t get into the champions league …weird or what !!!

    • Would you quit your job if someone offer you triple your current pay? Well, I believe RvP would. Even Rooney threatened to leave MU when at that time they are the team most likely to win tons of trophies.

      Seem Adebayor is the most honest chap admitting he went for the money. The rest are liars.

  15. I guess I
    really just have three questions that I would love answers to:

    1.       1. What is the
    mission of the club?

    2.       2. Why have we settled for mediocrity despite knowing the joys of winning trophies?
    Since when did we decide to put the business ahead of the football? It is as if
    the club just suddenly decided that silverware wasn’t important.

    3.       3. When does
    enough become enough because clearly the continuous departure of players; losing three cup finals;
    missing out on the carling cup to later relegated Birmingham and having our
    season embarrassingly implode
    thereafter; the 8 – 2 thrashing we suffered at Old Trafford; former players now
    rubbing their achievements in our faces; and fans showing more impatience than
    ever have by no means served as turning points.

    • You will never know the joy’s of winning cups ..stick your head out the window towards west london and maybe catch a sniff ha ha ha!

  16. DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 20/05/2012 at 12:58 |



  17. As a huge Gooner it hurts me to see the first European
    Champions League trophy to arrive in London going to the Chavs.  But what worries me is to see all the lame
    posts by Arsenal fans living on past glories, should have been our trophy for
    years, self-justifications of ‘at least we play some great football’, and how
    we are still bigger than Chelsea, etc, etc. – (I am not talking about this blog
    and post here, but what I read elsewhere).

    This is the sort of backwards looking, excuse justifying behaviour we have seen
    from scum fans for years and what is so evident amongst Liverpool fans, and
    what perpetuates continuing in the same way with no change until it is too
    late. – This is now ‘us’.

    Here are some points to observe:
    – Yes we play some nice entertaining football at times, but we also too often
    play tippy-tappy crap, and football is not just about nice passing and approach
    play, it is also about defending, resilience, robustness, qualities which were
    part of our past, but nothing to do with our present. – And as long as that
    stays the case, then nothing will change.

    – Add all our trophies and yes we are London’s biggest club, but not in the
    21st Century, where we all live. – And not since 2005 when we scraped an FA cup
    victory (playing boring football). And how ironic that every home game we are
    now reminded both how many trophies we have won, but also how long it is since
    we won one.  – Since 2005 – Portsmouth
    and Birmingham City have won more than us.  

    – Arsene Wenger will never deliver us a League Championship again let alone a
    CL, perhaps we might scrape one of the cups one year. – Don’t get me wrong, I am
    grateful for what he has done for us, and I admire his philosophy, but it is ‘naïve’,
    and past successes owed a lot to what he inherited as well as his own attacking
    principles and shrewd purchases. But  AW’s
    philosophy is built upon attack and ignores basic defending principles. – We
    were blessed that he was able to marry his philosophy with the defending
    robustness left behind by the George Graham years, note our last season as
    champions still had Keown as part of the defence and Cole who was groomed as a
    defender through the 1990s learning the Arsenal way under then youth team coach
    ‘Don Howe’ – need I say more. Even though the Graham players slowly
    disappeared, part of that defensive culture remained for a bit, but in time it
    has drained away to the point where we have good defenders but no defensive
    nous.  – Can Bouldy change that? I
    believe little will change, as AW is totally in charge there.

    – Our current set-up as a club will not deliver us a major trophy of any
    significance. – Financially we are so far behind MC and CFC and MU that the gap
    is a chasm. – We actually bat well above our weight, which is a credit to the
    way the club is run, and the manager’s ability (See I am not knocking AW) – But
    if I am honest – look at us, we are a ‘BIG CLUB/FEEDER CLUB’ – Soon as
    anyone has shows consistent ability at the top flight, they depart. – We never
    use to be like that. It started with Ashley Cole ( that hurt a lot and still
    does),  but look what he has won in that
    time and look what those he left behind won! – Top players want to win things,
    sure they want megabucks too, but if you are a top top player, you want to be
    winning things, going for League Titles and CL finals, with the compensation of
    winning a cup final medal or two if you fail.  Not celebrating 3rd place –
    and watching your sub-standard reserves exit cups. – There was a spell after
    Cole, where few left, but look these days – it is common, and they have mostly
    gone on to better things, – Cesc, Nasri, Toure, Clichey (Who looks a much
    better in a decent defensive set-up), – Adebayor never did because he was a
    c*nt, but he should have done.  – And
    some of the players we failed to land in recent seasons – Mata for starters,
    Cahill (apparently), Alonso. – Big players tend to go elsewhere now. – 
    But lets focus on where we are currently. – ‘RVP’ – I would love him to stay,
    but if he goes it will be because since joining is in 2004 he has proved to be
    one of the world’s best players, and yet has not a single winner’s medal of any
    sort what so-ever (He did not play in the 2005 cup final), whilst watching all
    his departed colleagues collecting silverware in abundance. – I would not
    begrudge him that chance in his final 3 – 5 years at the top. – But we do at
    least already have a replacement in errrr errrr… a team that just got
    relegated from the Bundesliga………!!! -Fuck me that’s ambition for you.

    – What about our future if it stays this way, well let’s hope RVP stays, though
    I think it may take some sort of a prayer or perhaps a summer injury to keep
    him. – What about the top players we have coming through – Jack Wilshere, The
    OX, Kozza perhaps? What if Szczesny develops into the world-class goalie I
    think he may become. – It is not going to be difficult for them to leave in 1, 2
    or 3 years now that the exit gate has been so widely opened.  A big club cannot afford to let go of quality
    talent that is what feeder clubs do.  

    So what are the answers?– A new manager? Splashing the Cash?
    A new attitude from the board?

    A new manager? – Well that’s not going to happen is it?. Not
    yet anyway. – And if it does – like we cannot attract the best players anymore,
    can we attract the best managers going forward? We would probably have to take
    some gambles on up and coming managerial talent.

    Splashing the Cash? – We are always rumoured to have far
    more cash than seems to be the case. – Maybe we have – but Leopards don’t
    change their spots, and the Arsenal board and management are unlikely to
    suddenly have a damascene conversion.

    A new attitude from the board? – Refer to the point above,
    the only thing that would change that would be a in my opinion a major change
    in the board/ownership of the club. 

    In my opinion, if we are to stop this viscous spiral
    descending into football anonymity things need to change and change fast. –
    This season we were Marton Fulops’s calamitous goal-keeping away from being
    shunted to the Europa and Channel 5. – Can we afford that again? – The answer
    to me starts with Alex Usmanov, – the Russian made a cool £1 Billion pounds on
    Friday alone on the Facebook float, that could be quite handy. – It may be his
    time, in the modern game Money Talks, this season MC and CFC have shown that. –
    We can keep burying our head in the sand, or we can wake up and smell the
    coffee. – One of the Riches men in the world is standing there at the door,
    with Cash dripping out of this pockets, and we won’t let him in.  – (There are also rumours that David Dein may
    soon be appointed football director at Liverpool, that would be a disaster if
    he went there instead of back to us). – As for Stan Kroenke – I’m not even
    going to go there.   


    I could go on, but I’ve taken up enough of your time for
    now. – Things have to change.

    • “BLUE IS THE COLOUR”  Awaiting outside a Pub in west London to see the best team in Europe Chelsea!…  has a nice ring about it ha ha ha greatest feeling since i was born!!!

    • Your second sentence says it all.  I personally think the “invincibles” was the worse thing to ever happen to Arsenal.  Yes it was nice to do something no one in english football had done in over 100 years, but……so what?  It’s not like it was our first championship.   It’s not like we went undefeated with a 100% record (that would be an achievement).  It’s not like we even one ANY of the cups that year.  We simply won the league…….and when you listen to any long-time Gooner, they talk like it was the single greatest thing that ever happened in football.  And then they used to talk like they expected it every year.   We are living in past glories.  And while I love that the club is probably the only Big club in europe that’s self-sustaining and not on the verge of bankruptcy and not beholden to the whims of a billionaire, we clearly need to re-evaluate who we are and what we want: consistent mediocrity or to be winners?

      •  I agree with you except the invincible season was something special.  A fantastic achievement that shouldn’t be belittled with comments like “so what?”

      • How an earth can you say the “Invincibles” was the worst thing to happen to this club? It’s a historic achievement that will hopefully never be repeated in the Premier League again (unless we can do it again). It’s a moment in history that I will always hold forever as being one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed.

  18.  well i for one am glad chelsea won unfrotunately my gf is a bayern fan but hey we made a bet long story short she ended up on her knees and i ended up a very happy lad

  19. to yogi berra if rvp didnt play in 2005 cup final id love 2 no who was wearing his shirt when he scored in the penalty shoot out

  20. still agree with everything you say yogi arsenal need a massive change in attitude if we are ever to be a force again

  21. Everyone speaks about wenger but i think the Board is the Problem, and a big one too!!

    •  why? Who decides on the transfer targets? Who decides on the wages? Who is meant to motivate the players? who picks the team? Who refuses to play with different tactics depending on the oppostion? Who has been lowering expectations and shown no ambition (other than to pretend we have a successful youth policy) for the last 7 years?

      The board are at fault for the ridiculous ticket prices

      Maybe they can be blamed for having too much faith and respect for wenger and not forcing him to spend.

      They can possibly be looked down on because they are all wealthy individuals who have put nothing of their own into the club but that is apparently how fans want it to be. I would say most fans want us to be self sufficient.

    • They are one and the same problem.

  22. Completely agree with you. It was a bitter pill to swallow seeing Chelsea winning the CL. I still believe Wenger is the right man to get us back to winning ways. It has to start this year. Sort the RVP issue, buy 2-3 world class players & we would have a trophy winning team. Maybe the board needs to show some ambition, they have always remained silent. To all my fellow Gooners who are, like me, desperate for Arsenal to win a trophy…. Keep The Faith! 

  23. Bring in Bergkamp | 21/05/2012 at 08:33 |

    Yogi Berra is spot on for what he has said and I hve been saying this for 6 years….To answer his questiona bout a new manager- I would employ Dennis Bergkamp- the guy would give a real lift to the community- and will cary on the philosophy of football as he comes from the Cruyff school- old school Ajax which is now Barca’s system…..I feel he would attract top top players- and he would be ruthless….I genuinely feel he would have the same effect as Pep Guardiola- time for a change- not a massive one- but definetely a change- celebratig 3rd place as a trophy is a joke…..Champions League should be for Champions anyway- ‘Football’ in a 100 years will look at this system and nod their head- how can Champions League winners not even be League winners from the season before or teh season before that or even the season before that lol…Chelsea being 6th this year and 3rd last year and winning the competition is a joke- If the Champions League only rewarded the Champions to be in it- then Arsenal would not be so complacent- in terms of their playing mentality and lacklustre activity in the transfer market. Arsenal are a business now not the working mans club…Where a safe club- a great business model as Mr Gazidis always reminds us- and I would not be surprised if the likes of Wilshere and The Ox decided to leave for Arsenal light blue- aka Man City…A team that has now become used to treating us like w****es….Anyway rant over- WENGER OUT 

  24. Correct me if I;m wrong, the arsenal invincibles i believe collected fewer points than morinho’s chelsea- One of the highest point tally ever by a premier league team .

    arsenal are doing ok with what they have in today;s realities but this falls short of what fans expect.

  25. Arsenal as a football club has failed its supporters, i can’t believe Chelsea has won the Champions league before Arsenal, this is really sad. Its time the supporters start complaining, the club has really gone backwards in the last five years, we no longer can attarct a big name player (likes of Yaya Toure, Mata refused outright to join Arsenal). We have a lot of mediocre footballers who would not even get into other teams (Benayoun could not even get into chelsea team still yet he is in Arsenals first team). Wenger keeps bringing in players who are too young and not matured yet. he needs to buy strong abled players who have been tested. Players like Diaby, Ramsey, Denilson, Park, Chamakh,Gibbs,Bendtner, Almunia, Fabianski should be shown the door. We need players that are stong, minimum six footers who can defend and Mr wenger france is not the only country they sell players. He keeps going to France to bring all these mediocre players , why not try Latin American, rest of Europe.

    Mr Wengers style of play is no longer a winning style, he should have sourced that out by now, a team that cannot defend is a team that is not prepared to win. Chelsea have just won the Champions league by playing defensive football and attacking when required. Arsenal needs to learn how to defend if they are to make any progress next season. Mr wenger should revert to arsenals original formation of 4-4-2 which have been proven to be successful for the club instead of all these funny formation he is trying to invent. they simple do not work with arsenal and if they do work with other clubs they do not suit the type of players we have. Wenger has consistently bought players and played them in positions they are not used to. Arshavin who is an attacking midfield player that loves to play behind the main striker was tossed out to play left midfield where he felt lost Wenger should buy players for the positions they are suited instead of buying one player and saying he is suited for three positions. Wenger’s credentials also should now come into question, a manager who has qualified for Champions league 15 times but has only been in the final once. Chelsea for example has been in the FA cup final five times in the last five years winning four times, they have been in Champions league final twice in the last four years. Mr Wenger, what exactly are you doing?

    The transfer market is here again and wenger as usual is being quiet again, he needs to move now and start rebuilding this team. My view is that Arsenal were just lucky in getting Podolski who i think will be a good player only because he wanted to come to arsenal and not that Arsenal were really desperate to buy him. Its a shame that Arsenal can no longer compete in the transfer market anymore and the blame shoild be put on the board. The majority shares should never have been sold to Stan Kroenke but to Usmanov who has a better plan for arsenal but the selfish board members thought it would be easier to deal with Stan than Usmanov.
    It saddens me to see that players now leave arsenal and become successful in other clubs, the likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Toure are all celebrating trophies after leaving Arsenal. One cannot pu the blame on them because even me, if i feel i’m employed by a company and i cannot see a future there, i’ll leave. so for these players who have left and won trophies, we sadly have to say they made the right choice.

    • Well said – if RVP goes to Manchester City we can say this
      Manchester City (Arsenal A team) 4 very good ex Arsenal players ar there already ply RVP then it will be six and Arsenal (Emirates) will be B team

  26. From the looks of where Arsenal FC is heading i.e. unable to keep best players, buying proven players, and most importantly playing to win trophies and not just show up and compete, doesn’t seem like anything is going to change anytime soon, and winning the champions league is only a wild fantasy.

     We as a club are finding ourselves stuck in a position where qualifying for the Champions League each year is the best we can ever do (that is according to the standards set by Arsene and the Board)…

    I respect and appreciate what Arsene Wenger has done for this club, but sometimes realising that it’s just not working anymore and the time has come to move on, wouldn’t necessarily be marked as failure. What will though is him arrogantly overlooking the fact that 7 trophyless seasons is a complete and utter disaster. 

    I cannot ever recall Arsene Wenger admitting that these past 7 years  are unacceptable for a club of Arsenal’s stature, but rather chooses to justify his and the squad’s failure to win a trophy.  Surely if he spoke about the past 7 years being unacceptable, it would put some much needed pressure on the players and maybe raise the standards and ambitions of the squad. That way it separates the players who are up to the job from the ones whom are only there to make a useless appearance and to collect a big paycheck at the end of it.

    I am sad to say that the time has come for a major change at the club, manager, underperforming players, and failing transfer policy.

    The sad truth is, the longer we leave it like this the more we fall behind the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and unfortunately after winning the champions league now Chelsea.

  27. i hope we do get some new signings. I mean real signings. not wilshere or diaby being fit! i hope….michael owen???

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