Arsenal is sick…..what is the condition and the cure?


Arsenal is sick…but what’s the cure?

Imagine that Arsenal was a flesh and blood human being, who was a noted figure in its industry, but had recently stuttered.

It was very large, successful, had many supporters, lovers, and well-wishers, and had enjoyed much recent success in the latter part of its 100-year plus lifetime.

In the last 5-10 years though, with a new American benefactor, and the perceived failings of its long-time French mentor, Arsenal is not performing as well as it should. Its many followers are agitated, and maybe its long-time French mentor is not up to guiding it as he was, say, twenty years ago.

The symptoms that Arsenal presents are:

  • Moving to a larger home over a decade ago in which its gained more value, but not boosted its career advancement
  • Its French mentor has bought top workers but instilled samey tactics, methods, and approaches
  • It’s been humiliated in top competition vs. other European professionals, especially those from Germany and Spain.
  • Its neighbour from Tottenham thinks it’s rivalling it now, and also is building a large new property to get more money.
  • It continually fails in key points in the year.
  • The supporters of Arsenal want the French mentor dismissed since he is not as great as he once was.

What Arsenal needs, especially since it was doing well in the recent past, is a new direction, pace, and setting.

Treatment plan

So what is the treatments/prognosis? Well:

  • A new mentor. The French mentor, currently aiding since 1996, is perceived by many as being out of touch, out of date, and out of tempo with the modern industry climate. There have been rumours that a new mentor from Italy, with a strong track record in many top countries, is being scouted. These are just rumours, however.


  • New employees. A Chilean employee, who has achieved a lot for Arsenal since he joined, wishes to join a competitor in Manchester. A German employee also hasn’t committed himself, though seems more content and more willing to stay. However, new staff are needed to replace those leaving and to facilitate the new direction. Rumours are that a Gabonese worker in Germany is being headhunted, though such remains conjecture.


  • The American benefactor knows Arsenal makes him much revenue, akin to his native employees in the USA. But there needs to be more direction and strategy from him, if there is a genuine desire to compete at the top.


  • The transfer process, in obtaining new employees, must be addressed. Some employees of other top clubs in the city have said they were content to join Arsenal. There is evident dithering in the recruitment process.


  • The manner in which Arsenal maximises its corporate brand needs to change also. It is behind other big players from Spain, Germany, France, and in Manchester, Liverpool, and other parts of London, respectively.


With these changes, one can expect:

  • More sustained competition with others in its industry.
  • Less agitation from its well-wishers
  • Better acquisition of top global talent. The Chilean want away employee is a negative that should not be permitted to continue.
  • The utilisation of the sound infrastructure Arsenal uses, including its prime office holding in Holloway, London, and the training facility for its employees/mentor in Hertfordshire. Both are considered amongst the best in the world and belie how Arsenal is underachieving.

It now stands to the owner and mentor to institute this treatment plan. But it still stands accordingly.

Without immediate treatment though, Arsenal faces:

  • Sustained absence from the top level European competition for leading professionals per country.
  • A chance only to win the secondary competition for European professionals, with a chance to gain the top level if it’s won.
  • More senior employees who will leave to other professionals perceived to be more progressive.
  • Continued malaise, backed by its American benefactor.

It’s said one can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink. The doctor is always open for Arsenal to gain its cure.