Arsenal silence over Cesc shames our great club

Arsenal should hang their heads in shame today as we are left to feed on scraps concerning the possible move of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. We as fans deserve at the very least a statement pointing out the current situation and the club’s stance on the impending move.
The first twist and turn of many to come in the will-he, won’t-he Fabregas transfer to Barca came about this morning when Peter Hill-Wood declared he is confident the Spanish ace will stay. Hill-Wood is an Old Etonian who I have always considered somewhat of a cigar-chomping Old School type who is a tad out of touch with the real world when it comes to the Arsenal. His comments are hardly an official line. But at least he has said something, unlike the club in an official statement or indeed AW. The silence is deafening and it does the club no favours by ignoring the fans who are desperate to know what is happening.
For the record, Hill-Wood refused to confirm a valuation of our wantaway skipper but insisted that no bid would be welcomed from Catalonia cherry-pickers, according to the latest reports. ‘The message has been given to them we don’t want to lose him and will do our damnedest to keep him,’ said Hill-Wood. ‘We haven’t had an official approach from them and have made it perfectly clear we don’t want to lose him. I don’t know if he will stay. I’ve really got little to say but we very much hope he stays with us and we’re confident he will.’
Instead of what we want to hear, the media and Press are spoon-fed a load of shite about Sol Campbell wanting more quality at the club for a push next season. You don’t say. Nothing against Sol, who has done a fine job since returning to the club but surely the powers that be can cobble together something so we have at least an idea of the position we are in with Cesc. I am starting to get more wound up by the lack of communication with the army of Arsenal fans than I am about the fact that Fabregas is on his bike…or could be anyway. We seem to be getting plenty of reminders and literature and messaging concerning renewing our season tickets.
Even Harry Redknapp has had his bleedin’ say on the deal, telling the Sun: ‘Let’s be honest, it’s a dream move for Fabregas and, as much as Arsene would love to keep him, once a player’s made up his mind it is very, very difficult to stop.
“That is one hell of a scrap to win, and I will be absolutely amazed if the lad doesn’t join Barcelona,” he added. “Let’s face it, he’s a Spanish lad, he grew up in the same youth team as half those established stars, his family is there and so are his mates. And that’s before we even get to the fact he’ll be joining the best club in the world – because after signing David Villa too, that’s how I rate them – with the chance of the biggest honours in club football every year. I know Arsenal aren’t exactly small fry but this is Barcelona we’re talking about, where major trophies are expected every year – and usually not too far from arriving either.”
Bloke takes the two-bob pikeys to fourth spot and now he has the temerity to talk about us!
It is said Barca would like Fabregas to publicly declare his plans but they are reluctant to spend more than £30million on a player they had as a youngster. Tough luck, up your bid. Nou Camp president Joan Laporta said: ‘We are not going to pay more than we think is normal and logical. You have to take into account what he has won and the needs of both clubs. There are various ways of coming to the right price for a player who was raised by Barcelona.’
It all comes down to the upcoming Barca president elections and it is said that outgoing supremo Laporta wants to complete a deal before he leaves on June 30, apparently. Speculation in Spain suggests that Fabregas will be unveiled as a Barca player on either June 4 or 9, the first of which is the first date when Spain’s World Cup squad arrive back from training in Austria, while June 9 is likely to be a day off for Vincente del Bosque’s players following a friendly against Poland in Murcia.
There doesn’t seem to be a lack of communication from Barca to their fans. The same can’t be said our end. Should we inundate the club’s communication office with phone calls, emails, carrier pigeons and other assorted forms of messages of disquiet one wonders? If you think we at arsenalinsider should launch a campaign to bombard them and get some answers do let us know…I’m up for it!

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