Arsenal Still Need 2 Players In And 2 Players Out

There’s been very little going on this year in terms of players coming in but I think Arsene Wenger has the right idea. Getting 25 Million for Ade was genius. I’m not going to come out and say that he’ll be a failure at Man City but it was obvious to us all that he had peaked at Arsenal. The fact is Arsenal didn’t need Emmanuel Adebayor anymore but he was too highly paid to be a benchwarmer so had he stayed then Arsene would have felt compelled to play him just to justify the salary. In truth Man City don’t need him either but that’s not our problem if Mark Hughes thinks he can just sign a million attacking players and finish 4th by default…I wonder who their manager will be in January?
Now that Ade’s gone it looks like Eboue could be next. The rumours all suggest that Fiorentina are more than interested especially if they are publicly stating so in their website. Although Melo has now gone to Juve, there’s no reason why a deal couldnt be struck to offload our favourite utility man.
Despite Myles Palmer’s statement that Kolo Toure will go to City,  I see he’s been included in the squad for the next friendly and his brother Yaya is saying that Kolo will stay. I wouldn’t mind at all if Kolo left and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I think most people can see that while Kolo always plays with heart and determination, his postioning, organisation and heading ability all let him down severlely and do tend to cost us goals. Having said that I don’t think its a bad thing if Kolo was kept as a squad player, I’m assuming that Gallas and Vermaelen would be the first choice pairing.
As frustrating as it is to sit and wait for new players to come in, I am not disappointed as yet with what’s been happening. The clearout is a good thing and at least we have seen 1 new face come in. Of course, once the clearout is complete, Arsene must look to signing 2 players: A tall defender and a defensive midfielder who can tackle and doesn’t pass sideways (sorry to upset any Denilson fans but I can’t watch another season of him running around like a headless chicken and passing from side to side). If he doesn’t then I’m afraid we may have another season like the last one and I wouldnt bet on 4th place either.

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