Arsenalinsider Podcast no2 And Nou Camp – Field Of Dreams?

Afternoon my arsenal friends… As we head to the big match tonight we are pleased to give you are Arsenalinsider Podcast no2. This week Eldo takes a look at the Barcelona v Arsenal Champions League match tonight, we introduce our poetry corner and Eldo 71 has a very interesting interview with Glen Helder.
Next we hand over to Vic Crescit for his look at things Arsenal.
As a mate of mine said coming out of the Grove on Saturday, “We should leave it a bit later next time.” Too right. Still, at least we stuck at it and got the three points. Unfortunately Chelsea’s win at Old Trafford means they’re now three points ahead of us with a much superior goal difference. It doesn’t seem very likely that they’ll drop four points in their remaining five games, even if we manage to win all ours. The latter isn’t out of the question, difficult as the coming visit to White Hart Lane will be. They’ll be absolutely desperate to rain on our parade as they fight for their own Champions League spot. Chelsea dropping four points is all but out of the question I would have thought but all we can do is try to win all our games and see what happens.
All that needs to be pushed to one side however as we concentrate on tonight in the Nou Camp. As I repeatedly blogged before the home leg one of the most impressive aspects of this Barcelona side is how hard it works when they don’t have possession to win it back quickly. It’s not just all silky skills, tricks and sublime technique. It is sheer bloody hard grind and tactical discipline. It’s the combination of the two that makes this side the current Spanish, European and World Champions. Yet they can be vulnerable at the back. Not that many teams get to find out of course. Barça’s opponents tend to spend most of their time worrying about conceding goals in their own third.
We need to go out with respect but not reverence tonight. They can be beaten at home in Europe. They already have been this season by Rubin Kazan of Russia, beating them 2-1 in the Nou Camp (they also took a point of them at home in Russia in a nil-nil draw). They’re not invincible. Let’s keep that in mind. We need to play with respect but not fear tonight. When we don’t have the ball we have to hunt it down and pressure possession as they did at the Grove last week.
I’m sure the 4,600 strong travelling Gooner Nation, the forward detachments of which have already arrived in the Catalan capital, will do us proud is singing the boys on. Arsenal expects everybody to do their duty tonight, on and off the field. If we don’t believe we can do it, we won’t. It’s that simple. Even believing won’t make it so, but it will give us a chance. It was only a couple of seasons ago that we knocked out Milan, then the reigning European and World Champions at home in the San Siro, one of our great European nights. Let’s all work for the same tonight.

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