Arsenal's Hollywood Season Finale Overshadowed by Richard Keys' Lobotomy

Holidays are definitely the best thing about being a teacher. When they come around though the boredom strikes thoroughly and the immediate reaction is to hit the DVD collection in hope of burning away the hours.
Today’s choice was Oliver Stone’s 1987 classic, Wall Street. If you haven’t seen it, slick corporate raider Michael Douglas takes eager stockbroker Charlie Sheen under his wing. When Douglas buys Bluestar Airline with the intentions of breaking up it’s assets, Sheen’s father is out of a job. But the youngster doesn’t just stand around and bite his lip, no, he goes all out on the offensive, luring Douglas into bad deals with the hope of destroying his career and uncovering his illegal business transactions.
The point is, like Sheen, Arsenal have nothing to lose now. There’s no time to sit and admire Manchester United and Chelsea as they combat for the title. We might be less experienced in winning leagues compared to those big money freeloaders but that never stopped Charlie Sheen getting what he wanted. Douglas’s “Greed is good” speech is short-lived in the film and ultimately Martin Sheen is the last man standing in the form of a hard working blue-collar airline mechanic.
Jack Nicholson doesn’t accept the humiliations of Nurse Ratched’s group therapy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He aggressively speaks out against her bullying while taking his new entourage on a boat trip and a secret night of indulging in women and booze inside the mental institution.
Denzel Washington doesn’t allow the new flash hipsters of Harlem to take control of his mentors once disciplined and well run racket in American Gangster. He blasts his way to the top of the Harlem crime scene with nightclubs, ring-side seats and Puerto Rican beauty queens.
And Jet Li doesn’t allow the humiliating death of his father to stop him defeating the threat of Western imperialism and Japanese manipulation in Ronny Yu’s Fearless.
So why should Arsenal allow Chelsea and Manchester Untied to get away with winning more league titles by spending money they don’t have (Douglas) and bullying tactics (Nurse Ratched)? If there is one thing cinema is trying to tell me it’s to stand up for yourself, and Arsenal should do too in the remaining five games of this season.
Keys Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest
Jack Nicholson was given a lobotomy for his antics on Nurse Ratched’s ward, and I think it’s about time that treacherous swamp monster Richard Keys undergoes one. Wont somebody take the knife to that smug goof!
During Arsenal’s defeat to Barcelona on Wednesday he was accidently overheard by fans listening to an online stream. His screams were directed at Theo Walcott: “Get up you stupid little boy,” and “You’ve been shite, son, in your daft pink boots – absolute rubbish.”
Perhaps some of us have held criticisms of Theo, but then again I don’t suppose those people are paid fortunes to sit and waffle on about what they don’t understand, and I’m guessing they’ve never scored a hat-trick for England either.
Walcott’s boots aren’t half as daft as Key’s haircut and views on football. It’s simply another case of bias and more reason for Arsenal not to be pushed over as the season climaxes.

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