Arsene Wenger Still Best Man For Arsenal Job

Good afternoon, readers. It’s been a while…

Sorry for the recent lack of inactivity. Generally, life has thrown me some rather challenging obstacles lately and in turn, I’ve had to deal with them accordingly. Everything seems to be back on track now, and it seems that normal service can finally resume, once again.

A lot has happened since I last posted, but none of which that I have any desire to talk about. We all know the problems currently surrounding Arsenal Football Club. You’d be a fool to suggest that everything is fine in the Gunners camp. After such a devastating start to a Premier League campaign, as fans, it appears we have a long season ahead of us.

Recently, some fans have voiced their opinions, stating that they believe Arsene Wenger should walk. As I write this, I still believe that this is not the solution.

Like I’ve always said, as long as I believe Arsene Wenger is the best man to run our club, I will remain to disagree with anyone who says that Wenger should go.

Well and truly, there’s no doubt that his best days are in the past now. The memories of The Invincibles will never cease to exist, but sadly, no one is able to escape the fact that those memories are edging further and further away over the horizon.

As a fair football fan, I always respect the opinions of fellow supporters, even if I disagree with the points of views that are raised – even with the recent shouts suggesting that we’d be better off without Arsene Wenger at the Arsenal helm.

I can understand where these people are coming from, I really do. They’re frustrated, they are lacking answers and most importantly, these people are seeing their hard-earned cash go strait down the drain after a disappointing, but ever-increasingly predictable day out following The Arsenal.

Fans should always show continued support for their team, no matter how bad things are going. Alternatively, it’s only natural, and totally understandable to see some fans express their frustrations in the public eye.

When people state that Wenger should go, it seems no one can ever come up with a realistic replacement. Most of which actually reply with “er, I don’t know….. But Wenger should definitely be sacked!“.

Some have proposed that Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola could come in and takeover from Arsene Wenger. There’s no doubt that the duo belong to the elite core of the best managers in the world.

However, I’ll tell you now that these two wouldn’t be able to sort out our problems.

Excluding his days at Porto, Mourinho has had to spendĀ  hundreds of millions to achieve his own success, while Guardiola was fortunate enough to inherit the best footballing side in the world. I can’t think of too many managers who would fail to win La Liga with a squad as good as the current Barcelona side.

Moving back closer to home, it’s clear that Arsenal are the unluckiest side around at the moment, mainly due to poor decisions from officials and an obvious lack of luck.

Of course, our own players have been the cause of some of our recent problems, and before you jump to any hasty conclusions, I’m not “blaming the ref” for our poor start to this year’s campaign.

I will save you the trouble and avoid going into too much detail, but the performance from Andre Marriner and his team at Ewood Park was an absolute joke.

On another day, or another stadium (Old Trafford perhaps?), Yakubu’s 2nd would have rightly been ruled out, Martin Olsson would have been sent off for a second yellow card after that disgusting dive, and Theo Walcott would have been awarded a last minute penalty, after clearly being brought down by Blackburn ‘keeper, Paul Robinson.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do when things like this go against you. Even Manchester City aren’t able to invest in serendipity. Like we all saw on Saturday, you are completely helpless when luck decides to go against you.

Moving on, before I start to sound like a bitter sore loser…

With just over 24 hours until our Carling Cup tie kicks off against Shrewsbury, the confidence in the side is terribly low – even lower than our current league position. Jokes aside, let’s hope the boys, whoever is given a starting role, can perform and deliver us with progression to the next round.

I will not be going tomorrow night. The last time I missed an Arsenal home game was when we played Bolton last year, when I made the decision to stand on the Wembley pitch, and watch a much more convincing performance from the world’s greatest band, Muse .

As someone who believes it would be utterly catastrophic if Arsene Wenger were to go, I really hope that his time is not running out.

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