Arsène Wenger won’t face his public any more

350 members of various Arsenal supporters’ organisations and shareholders will attend a Q&A evening with the club’s CEO Ivan Gazidis in the north end of the stadium’s Club Level next Wednesday evening, after Coldplay have packed up and moved on to their next venue. At this time of year, since before the move to the new stadium, such an event has been organised by the Arsenal Supporters Trust for their members. Whilst the AST will still enjoy a healthy representation on the evening, part of the reason it has been opened out to shareholders is that the annual Q&A event with Arsene Wenger has quietly disappeared off the agenda. First held in May 2008, the 2009 event a year on made headlines because of the manager’s fractious mood.

The questioning on that fateful evening was polite enough, and points were made, but Wenger was obviously in no mood to account for himself after suffering home defeats against Manchester United in the Champions League semi-final and Chelsea by a 4-1 scoreline. A politician like Gazidis – as he will next week – would have ridden out the questions without showing the distaste for his public that the manager did. When the following season also ended in disappointment, the session was postponed until September 2010 when a new season had begun and the mood was better. However, then, questions had to be pre-submitted, allowing greater control over proceedings. Now, it seems the manager’s diary is conveniently too full for him to make it to the stadium one evening after the season’s completion.

Yet the truth of the matter was in his dismissive opinion about the views of people who have “not worked half a day in football.” Ultimately, although he pays lip service to supporters in his ghosted weekly emails, his reality is that if a supporter has the temerity to point out faults in the team, by nature, they cannot call themselves supporters. Wenger is invariably polite when it comes to things like signing autographs for shareholders after the club’s October Annual General Meeting, although significantly, in October 2011, the customary questions from the floor for the manager after he had delivered his traditional address on playing matters were not invited, even if the team had picked up somewhat after a disastrous start.

It should be said that there is no compulsion for Wenger to have agreed to the idea of a Q&A session, nor attend the club’s AGM. The Q&A was devised as a carrot for small shareholders in the autumn of 2007 when the board were attempting to prevent them from selling their shares to predators – at a time when both Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov were buying, with neither inside the fold. However, the ownership of the club is now effectively resolved. It’s Kroenke’s baby unless he decides to sell up to Usmanov, who has indicated he is in it for the long haul. This summer will see more renovation work on the Uzbek’s super box at the Emirates – two hospitality boxes already knocked into one will see further upgrade with the bill footed by the oligarch himself. So the need to keep small shareholders sweet is a thing of the past. Kroenke might attend a couple of home matches a season, although tellingly, he makes it over to these shores more frequently to attend board meetings. This indicates his real focus where Arsenal is concerned – the club as a healthy and viable business (which it undoubtedly is) rather than a sporting concern.

It’s an approach that does not always go down well with the rank and file supporters – and most small shareholders (approximately 3% of shares are held by neither Kroenke nor Usmanov) are exactly that. Their shares are still worth a substantial amount of money (Usmanov’s representatives are getting in touch with them one by one to see if there is any interest in selling for circa £15,000 in his attempt to reach a 30% shareholding and access club information regarding the accounts that he currently cannot), but that they have not cashed in on them yet indicates that many have no wish to relinquish their small stake in the ownership of their football team.

And it is because they are fans that concerns will be voiced next Wednesday evening when Ivan Gazidis faces them, and supporters from the AST, the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, Arsenal Fanshare members and some from supporters clubs. Gazidis does come in for some flak from certain quarters, but ultimately the CEO is a highly-paid stooge for the two men controlling the club – Kroenke and Arsène Wenger. It should always be remembered that Gazidis was interviewed for his job by Wenger – the employee picking his own boss. It was because of this strange state of affairs that Celtic’s Peter Lawwell rejected the opportunity to take the job subsequently given to Gazidis back in the autumn of 2008, after Keith Edelman had been dismissed.

The CEO has put himself forward for a good number of Arsenal supporter Q&As in the past – at least four that I can recall – but this is the first time that questions have had to be pre-submitted. His approach is invariably one of empathy with fan concerns, a shared disappointment that things have not worked out as we all would have liked. Where questions get a bit tricky, he will fall back on the failsafe that there are things he cannot reveal because of confidentiality concerns, but that if we did know them, we would have a better understanding of why – for example – certain players were not signed. Whilst acknowledging overall failings, he will never be critical of an individual member of staff. So ultimately, the exercise is simply one of mental gymnastics. However, even when he is justifying the club’s hard-headed balance sheet rooted approach, he can unconsciously reveal something of the truth. Catch him one to one and have a normal conversation – which in fairness he is willing to do at such events after the formal business is done – and he is a little more forthcoming. In December last year he was very dismissive of then Serie A champions AC Milan, because of their business model. Milan were in turn quite dismissive of Arsenal when fate paired them in the Champions League a few weeks later.

Gazidis is running Arsenal a particular way, one highly reliant on Financial Fair Play coming in and levelling the playing field a bit. But he is acting on the orders of Kroenke with Wenger totally onside. He is there to be shot at, but is not the one deciding on the budget for the ammunition that the club utilise, nor how it is used. However, going forward, the reality is that Milan’s business model might actually be the one the Gunners have to consider emulating if they are to return to the days of winning trophies. Because as I will discuss next time, UEFA’s much vaunted FFP is already dead in the water…

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  1. Excellent Article. I’d forgotten the board meeting was up so soon. Will look forward to thursday to here what we are not told……

  2. Arse Insider is a haven for doomers who might as well be spuds for all the anti_Arsenal rubbish they spout.

  3. Personally I don’t see Usmanov as the messiah for the club either. Wasn’t he insistent on dividends awhile back? He’s definitely no Roman. The later will throw in hundreds of millions of pounds as long as he gets his trophies + get to sack a manager every now and then. Of course, We “don’t want that sort” do we? 

    • Interestingly, the one thing that both Kroenke and Usmanov have in common is that both are huge fans of the current manager. So a change of ownership would be unlikely to bring about a change in the dugout, although the club’s policy in the transfer market might well change.

  4. More evidence that Wenger is a dictator who is also well past his sell-by date.

    Wenger out!

  5. Do I follow your argument correctly:

    The annual events were introduced in 2008 (during and with Arsene’s time) and have now not been offered? Is that a slight on him or those who only use any public space to undermine and bemoan our club’s greatest ever manager?

    Brainless repetition of negative takes. Typical of the AST events in my view. And equally as unrepresentative of the life-blood of goonerdom.

    • The question you have to ask is why Wenger no longer honours the commitment he made to take part in an event that allows shareholding supporters a rare opportunity to discuss his methods and reasoning with him. i’d be interested to hear your answer.

      • Kevin, you’re not listening. More than one commenter has answered this question. It’s because people like you are using this platform as an outlet for your frustration and a place to crucify the manager. You can still get the answers from Gazidis but you know you can’t personally insult him and he won’t react if you do. Your disappointment with Wenger not being there has nothing to do with you trying to have a dialog with him on the important matters at the club, but more because you are now going to miss out on an opportunity to make him squirm. Schoolboy stuff mate, grow up.

  6. I’ll be most interested to find out why you think FFP is already dead in the water.

  7. Wenger will do anything to block out criticism, insistent that his way is the only way however illogical and for however long it fails. The man WAS an Arsenal legend but is now a disgrace to the club, depended on by a CEO and owner that pay themselves a fortune but know zero about the game.

  8. As you know Kevin, Wenger attends the Shareholders meeting not the Q&A with AST. 

    We all know that the Key to Arsenals problems are the additional funds to purchase that extra quality that only top players can provide and that doesn’t mean 5-6 players. We are the best footballing side in the premiership and most of the rest of Europe.

    We are the richest club in terms of generating our own money, Man Utd minus £900 million of rolling credit. Citeh Losing money, Chelsea, minus £80 million every year and the top Spanish clubs relying on TV deals or the banks to bail them out!

    We have two multi-billionaires on board & the self-sustaining model. In order to inject more money into the transfer kitty, the owners need to pay off the stadium debt, currently set at £97 million. This would release an additional £25 million a year on what Gazidis calls the Mortgage that would no longer exist.

     Two Quality players per season & get rid of the Deadwood. If Wenger has not delivered by the end of his contract, then as you know Pep & Jose will be available by then, I think Arsene knows this don’t you?

  9. Is there any wonder Arsene is avoiding questions if they are posed by the likes of the blinkered individual who wrote this article. Of course we are running with FFP heavily in mind. We do not, will not, EVER operate like Man City or Chelsea no matter how much silverware they buy. We run within our means, end of. We’re playing a long game and those who don’t like it, don’t care for FFP, can’t live without trophies etc should perhaps ship out! Top 4 in today’s game is success and if our long game works the playing field will be leveled substantially. You watch us go when it does! . . .  It’s called forward thinking, not benefactor drinking!

    • Brian, were the FFP rules anticipated 7 years ago? How long would you consider is a reasonable time to wait. Maybe Europe should keep on giving Greece more money!

      How would you inspire success for the club & Arsene if you accept a top four finish every year?

  10. Firstly what classifies as working half a day in football .Are they the dads who run boys football teams and ref and run lines on matches on Sundays .Well Mr AW with out me and those dads you are out of a job ,dont you ever forget it ,where do you think the likes of RVP and Cesc came from.
    And Brian Gunn if you ever think there will be a level playing field ,dream on 

  11. Yawn! I read a post somewhere like Football365 which quoted Arsenal Insider as a reliable source of information. Indeed. Having read the absolute drivel posted on here and laughed quietly to myself, I had to laugh out loud when I read this article and the one about Theo going to Liverpool.

    There is a bloke who comes in my local pub who is known as ‘Boring Barnet Dave’ because he is quite rightly from Barnet, he is unquantifiably boring and his name is Rodney. He spouts the most banal loads of testicles about Arsenal and football generally and is fundamentally despised and ridiculed by everyone. Bizzarrely, all the ridicule, mockery and taking the michael goes straight over his head, almost as though his conscious is made of Kevlar.

    He should start hanging about with the Arsenal Insider Team. What exactly are you ‘inside’ of by the way? Arry’s Redknapper twitcy head if your articles are anything to go by. You should stick to your job as a sports writer for that intrepidly newsworthy journal the Daily Snail.

  12. You would do well to read this piece before saying Arsenal should emulate AC Milan’s business model.

    • True – if FFP has any teeth. However, allow me to post my thoughts on FFP next time around and you will see that relying on it is something the club should already forget about. If they choose self sustainability as the way forward, so be it. They just won’t be able to compete when it comes to trophies. Football has changed and FFP will not reverse it. 

      • It’s not about the FFP, it’s about having the common sense to keep your own house in order. It’s silly to think Chelsea and Man City will continue this kind of spending forever, that there is a concept of free money. Giants United are feeling the pinch already, their reliance on the Jones, Youngs, Da Silvas and Cleverlys growing every year.

        Re: Milan, there is an ever stronger possibility that Berlusconi may be forced to sell the club with the impressive losses they are accumulating – more impressive than the trophies they’re winning, if you care to research. Your gloating of the fact that Milan beat us 4-0 completely discounts the fact that the same Milan which you hold up as an example were totally outclassed in the return leg – and finished second in Serie A as well. Your obvious pleasure of that reverse for Arsenal is indicative of why Arsene Wenger wants to stay away from a bunch like you.

        On the financial front, would you really take out loans on which the interest cost you 30% of your income just so your extended family can have a bit of fun on the weekend? Warning: the question requires you to think.
        You can criticize Wenger for footballing matters such as an aversion to adopting different tactics or sorting out the defending or cutting out the inconsistencies, but you certainly can’t criticize him for the way the club is run financially. Of course, the above would require a little more research, a better understanding of the game, keeping an open mind and the ability to acknowledge the positives and negatives – which your article clearly suggests you’re not bothered with doing. As it stands, this post is nothing more than a petulant attempt on your part at attracting attention.

        • Top post. Loving your work. None of our fans would risk their future by spending what they dont have. (well maybe some of the idiots will). But they want our club to get in massive debt to win a trophy. Glory hunting plastics.

  13. That swamp ass Gazidis has got the best job at the club….does nothing and gets paid obscenely for it!!!

  14. True Goons win lose or draw | 01/06/2012 at 01:47 |

    This site never fails to amaze with the crap they print.

    So Wenger doesn’t want to face a bunch of petulant clowns like the arse insiders,   for not spending well over out budget,  people that would never spend 150% of their own wages chasing a dream.    Would you bankrupt your family and future security on a possibility?

    Never a positive article on this s(h)ite.   Wenger is right,  you are not supporters – your fucking trolls.   Why bother following Arsenal if all you do is complain?    it”s the definaition of stupidity.    the fact you have a site to complain says a lot about the depth of your life – you live to moan,  sad fuckers. 

    Get a fucking life. 

    • If you pay the highest attendance prices in world football you expect as Mourinho would say, class A quality eggs! Maybe you don’t go? I hope your armchair was expensive!

      • I go and this has nothing to do with paying the highest prices. We are playing in one of the worlds most expensive cities, at a state of the art stadium. And i have had a season ticket for 4 years and before that went regularly. I love the football we play and that is why I go. I would not swap our football for chelsea’s, even with the trophies. And that is my choice.

  15. You want to know why Wenger stopped doing it?

    It is because he was essentially made the target of venomous questions from a group of people who felt frustrated, but were out of order. It was worse than a press conference – trial by Arsenal fans!

    The fact that people couldn’t control themselves long enough to respect the man after the things he’s done, instead wanting to repeat the same short-sighted complaints they read in their newspapers and on their blogs, meant the supporters ruined it for themselves. They only have themselves to blame.

    Everyone seems to think they’re an expert these days, that what they think matters. Well, if we’re all experts, then what is an expert? Someone who’s managed Arsenal for 16 years maybe? Maybe deserves a bit of slack from his OWN fans? But no. It’s the same old rubbish he has to face from those clowns who ask him questions before and after matches.

    These people should show some respect. I hope we don’t have a repeat of this press bubble nonsense. Know your place, AST members. You don’t speak for me.

    • The questions were asked by shareholders at the annual shareholders meeting Tthe people who pay his wages) & not by AST members, he doesn’t attend this meeting, its conducted by the CEO, Gazidis.

    • He lost his rag because people had the audacity to question the quality of signings like Almunia and Sylvestre. He needs to man up and accept he would be treated far worse by fans elsewhere.

  16. Question? If we had sacked the Man and replaced himwith WHOEVER, jose, Pep, some italian deud.. What if we did not achieved anything and incurred lots of debts. Where would those who called for his head be. Call for another head to fall…and then another and another. Thats what is called football management. Spend spend spend. Three S’s philosophy. It is an unrealistic aspect of football. So there are those who are pragmatic and those fans who ……
    Anyway, one should also look at the situation at MU.They could with their commercial wealth take on one billionaire, but, add another and they could not compete. Look at the transfer targets they lost in the past few seasons. Also, Ferguson recent comments that they would not pay crazy money, Wenger like comments.  
    I like the Arsenal model, much like Bayern, self sustaining. Period.

    • Bayerns self-sustaining model…..fine but they are winning trophys with it, throw in a champions league final as well!

      • in fairness they are a bigger club than us, and come from a country where foreign ownership of football clubs is illegal. They are more comparable to Man U than to Arsenal as a club.

    • Dont compare it to Bayern. The theory they are self sustaining is bullshit. They are funded by the banks, just like Barca And Madrid. And their stadium was paid for them also.

      • You obviously haven’t got a clue what you are talking about.

        1) they are funded purely by football and commercial activities. They are a lot better at maximising commercial revenue than we are.

        2) they funded their own stadium. They just managed to get a lot more money from their naming rights partner than we did and negotiated better terms with their local authority.

        3) Like Barca, half their team is home grown. We are nowhere near that despite all the talk about youth development we have been listened to for the last 15 years.

        4) Bayern, like Barca, are majority owned by their fans. Nobody earns money out of those clubs (apart from playing and other staff obviously).

  17. Too many Wenger apologists out here today.I reckon they are being employed by the club to defend their master at any costs like a certain Mr.Attwood who owns a site, which is read and commented by his Belgian pal, who despite attending about four games a season, demands the life long season ticket holders to drop their ST just because they are critical of Arsene Wenger.

    The blabberings about FFP from a group of so called ‘Arsenal supporters’ clearly reek of ignorance and stupidity quite characteristic of a group of followers who rarely go to the games and believe that the club didnt exist before Arsene Wenger. These guys were proclaiming that the home grown rule would signal the begining of our dominance in the league.Oh well, we cant bring in anymore players thanks to the false economy of wage parity introduced by the French philanthropist, which pays his French speaking love children as high as the top class players.Diaby on 
     £60k, Squillaci on 
     £50k, Chamakh on 
     £70k, Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou all on 
     £50k, which equals to gross negligence, and contradicts the ethos of the FFP propagated by the club.A travestyA person who hasnt worked half a day in football, can realise whats wrong with the team, when our arrogant and stubborn once great gaffer is the only one, who cant realise or more like doesnt want to rectify the mistakes,because admitting his mistakes would be deemed his failure,something which he wont do. A prisoner of his own policies, the interests of the club have taken a backseat behind his personal agenda.Before you all apologists come out as a horde to spew bile on me, you need to realise that there was a club here before Arsene Wenger. Some of you need to have a deep look at yourselves and find which club you would be supporting post Wenger. Two choices from my side. Spurs due to proximity or PSG

    • Too many Wenger haters on here today. There is suddenly no middle ground anymore. Either there is a blind love for AW or visceral and racist hatred. Dont kid yourself Jamie Anderson, you dont occupy any sane middle ground, you are on the extreme right on the issue when being the middle is far easier to resolve issues between two ends of our fanbase.

    • Absolutly right, there was a club before Wenger and I can still remember 17 years of winning nothing and the football was shit but we still supported the club, prats like you don’t know your born, yes he frustrates me at times, yes, his policy with youth doesn’t always work but I would rather watch this team than the ones in the past. Get over it.

      • Dicks like you cant address some one with out name calling, oh well I mean it. Going by the content of your post, you are into your wet teens. Go home  than spending your time in the school library, you twat.

    • Mate, you need to reign yourself in. There was a club before AW and there will be one after. Will it play fantastic football and play in the Champs League every year? Who knows. You can pick any club and see players who are overpaid and under played. The players you quote are all established internationals. That is why they command high salaries. Yes, they have turned out to be disappointing signings, but again, all clubs are guilty of this. FFP is due in this year. If clubs dont adhere to it, then I agree that it will be a farce. But FFP or not, we cannot compete in terms of lossmaking with the Russki’s and the Shakes. And I wouldnt want my club run in this way. It all depends what you want as a fan. I want success and good football. I would get bored if it became a case of who has the biggest wallet.

  18. woooah , back up people, I can’t believe I am about to say this but can you please get this in context, you have an amazing relationship between fan and board as it is, now having a little dig at the manager for not conforming is a bit rich isn’t it ?
    the nearest anyone at Spurs does in communicating with the fans is winding a range rover window down and shouting read ‘the sun’ im off to walk my dogs in sandbanks (twitchy twat)…I think sometimes you boys forget just how far you have all come and need to think a little bit about how much they do actually converse with you !
    you get your say, they listen..they may not act on it, but they do bloody open the doors which is more than most clubs do.

    • Welcome back Bigsy. This guy has an anti-wenger agenda. It looks like this site is now taking this stance. Is sad that it doesn’t take a more neutral stance, but the way to get hits is appeal to the morons who want AW out. My contribution here is dropping as I would prefer a site that supported my club, not slag it off at every opportunity.

      • “but the way to get hits is appeal to the morons who want AW out.”

        Why does wanting Wenger out make you a moron?

        “I would prefer a site that supported my club, not slag it off at every opportunity.”

        Are you suggesting that supporting the club and supporting arsene wenger is the same thing?

        • It is my opinion that people who want AW out are morons. If he goes, the club will be run the same. They seem to think we will suddenly change the whole club philosophy. And spend millions. Not going to happen.

          And the secnd point does need explaining. I said supporting club.

      • Thanks Mate, Im the dog now to avoid detection ha ha,
        despite our differences we love our clubs and the game, you would support Arsenal if they were conference, as I would my boys, sadly with new stadiums, glamour players and the overall way Arsenal FC has catapulted itself into the elite in football it has now got an unrealistic fan base hanging on to its coat tails..said it before the Lane is heading the same way, personally I don’t recognise our fan bases anymore, they are a million miles from when I was a kid…look at the last thread, it clearly states “most gooners can only dream of Usmanovs money” ..errr isn’t that what Man City have and people on here accuse them of buying titles ? I will declare my love for my club now ” the only way I get spurs how i want it is by them being relegated ! so all these hangers on disappear elsewhere !

  19. One thing’s for sure, no matter if we are pro or anti Wenger we all have one thing in common and that is the success of the club, and AW’s absence will be one less opportunity to feed the media with more opportunst mud slinging.

  20. Big Al, Koh Samui, Thailand | 01/06/2012 at 09:04 |

    The award for reply-of-the-day goes to BIGSY.
    Take a bow. ‘twichy twat’ (hehe)…

  21. RVP is gone, he’s seeing all these moves CFC is making and looking at Wenger like “The $@%!? come on.” Hope Arsene gets it together and he stays.

  22. Arsenal self-sustaining model & future seems to hang on the Financial Fair Play Rules. You can download them via the link below & decide for you self. However a clubs relevent income is judge as follows; (Taken Directly from FFP Rules).

    71Relevant expenses are decreased if the elements a) to e) in paragraph 3 includeany items below (detailed in part C):g) Expenditure on youth development activitiesh) Expenditure on community development activitiesi) Non-monetary debits/chargesj) Finance costs directly attributable to the construction of tangible fixed assetsk) Expenses of non-football operations not related to the clubB. Relevant income1. Definitions for the elements of the relevant income are as follows:a) Revenue – Gate receiptsIncludes revenue derived from general admission and corporate matchattendance, from both season tickets and matchday tickets, in relation tonational competitions (league and cup), UEFA club competitions and othermatches (friendly matches and tours). Gate receipts also includemembership fees.b) Revenue – Sponsorship and advertisingIncludes revenue derived from main sponsor, other sponsors, pitch-perimeterand other board advertising, and other sponsorship and advertising.c) Revenue – Broadcasting rightsIncludes revenue derived from sale of broadcasting rights to television, radio,new media and other broadcast media, in relation to national competitions(league and cup), UEFA club competitions and other matches (friendlymatches and tours).d) Revenue – Commercial activitiesIncludes revenue derived from merchandising, food & beverage sales,conferencing, lottery and other commercial activities not otherwisecategorised.e) Revenue – Other operating incomeIncludes all other operating income not otherwise described above, includingrevenue derived from other activities such as subsidies, rent, dividends andincome from non-football operations.f) Profit on disposal of player registrations or Income from disposal of playerregistrationsFor the calculation of relevant income, whether a club includes either (i) profiton disposal of player registrations or (ii) income from disposal of player

    With Man City sponsoring their own stadium for £400 million, we have no chance. 

    Download the rules for yourself here; 

  23. A little middle ground is needed here. Its true the supporters scrwed it up themselves by letting emotions get in the way and I can’t blame him for not wanting to be put on trial. I think the frsutration comes form the fact that we expected more transfer movement at this point but due to the euros it will be later than we like but theres nothing we can do so lets see if they act on time. The final point is that we know we can’t spend like Chelski or Mna city but we know also that there are players such as Afellay, dempsey, vertonghen, demba ba, who we could and should sign for the right money. Its when we watch hazard and kagawa slip away we think its all over, but bear in mind that we don’t just need players with quality we need players with hunger who don’t think they’ve made it who have something to prove. I personally think we will be pleasently surprised by the end of the transfer window as I think we will get a number of (in my humble ill informed opinon) players including Afellay, dempsey, ba, vert, marvin martin, de jong and that kid from Real Madrid castilla second team Josenus or something like that. What worries me is that people think that because we might have a usbeki billionaire as an owner that we would spend like Chelski but I don’t think we will ever be l
    Ike that we are just not that kind of club. That are plenty of top draw players avilable at decent prices, this is what supporters want to see and if we can’t get these players then there is a big issue. Oh yeah price tags Vert 10 m plus 60 k a week, Afellay 6m 80 k , ba 7 m 80 k, martin 8.4 m, De jong a little more at 16 m but we can get that down. I think this is resonanle to ask when we pay some of the highest prices.

    • Do you think this is a game of Championship manager? You need to come back to the real world.

      • You think these players are beyond arsenal in what way? Money? Reputation? You think we already have better players on the bench? These are actually realistic targets, and these prices are from the web site which all the clubs use to do research and check valuations on players. If you have better suggestions or more realistic better targets then I am all ears. Also bear in mind my job is to analyze markets and potential strategic moves by companies and have spent a while researching this and yet I still think my opinon is not that great and I do think AW knows better than anyone on what needs to be done, its the board and kroneke that I worry about.

        • I did not say they were beyond Arsenal. My point was, the club will decide which players they want. No one else. The selling club will decide the prices. I appreciate you have done your research. Apologies in bracketing you in with the numpties that come on this site saying who we should sign, how much we should pay, what formation they should play in etc etc. all the names you mention seem like good targets, but who knows what the club will do.

          I will not be slagging them off if we dont sign these players. Too many fans complaining about players we are missing out on. Is pointless and childish.

          • Scravaldio | 02/06/2012 at 11:18 |

            Fair play thats a good point thanks for not putting me with the Fifa manager muppets. Afellay has got to be the litmus test for me. He is best mates with RVP, a really good player and plays the style of football we like and he is affordable due to his knee issues. If we don’t or can’t sign a player like this then some serious questions need to be asked. Dick Law is the man in the meetings and a bit of an indication of what’s going on from him would be appreciated. Arsenal leave us in the dark far too much and this is part of the frustration from a lot of fans. A little explanation from the club or a proper fans forum were the presenter doesn’t kiss anyone associated with the club’s arse, would go a long way.

  24. Jesus christ. When did football turn into accounting? People go on and on about the money.

    Who here supports Arsenal and who here supports the “self sustaining business model”? Who supports kroenke or usmanov? Why does everyone have to be part of a “moronic wenger out brigade” or an “akb”?

    This is not sport. And apparently being an Arsenal fan is no longer about the sport. It’s about financial reports and agm’s and bickering about wage structures and if we’re breaking even.

    As a fan, all I want is to see a team and manager who show passion and who have the ability to challenge for a trophy.  I don’t think wenger can do that. He has failed to motivate the players and sitting in the emirates has turned into a cold and emotionless thing where the players don’t seem to care, the fans are for the most part, tourists or corporate people.  And the reason the emirates is so lifeless? Because it was designed with money making as it’s main purpose.

    What I’m trying to say is that all this focus on the business and the money is taking the fun out of supporting arsenal.

    • Massive contradiction. You want to challenge for trophies, but you complain about the club trying to maximise revenue. So how will that work?

      •  I’m not complaining about the club trying to maximise revenue, I’m saying that supporting the club has become solely about money. I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation with anyone about arsenal that in the end, didn’t come down to money.

        Clearly to win trophies the club needs to have big enough revenues, but the divisions this topic has caused amongst the fans is not worth it in my opinion.

        Also my criticism of the emirates remains. I would prefer that proper arsenal fans had not been priced out of going to games and arsenal made less than the £3 million per home game. I would prefer it if they had made the lower tier bigger and put the away fans in the upper tier to get a better atmosphere but of course you can charge more for upper tier tickets so they haven’t. Some revenue can be forgone in this area (considering we make large profits every year).

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