Arsene Wenger’s defeatist attitude shows lack of leadership

Arsenal to be cautious with signing’s

It looks like Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas has more faith in Arsenal’s squad than their own manager does. Villas-Boas said he believes that Arsenal, one of Chelsea’s fiercest rivals, can overcome their 4-0 ass-kicking in Italy at the hands of a mediocre AC Milan side and progress to the next round of the European Champions League. I don’t know if he’s prepared to put money on it, but it’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

The return leg takes place in the friendly confines of Emirates Stadium on Tuesday March 6th and Chelsea’s Portuguese manager said Arsenal is capable of wiping out the 4-0 deficit in the round-of-16 tie. However, history says it’s not going to happen. No team has ever advanced in the money-grabbing Champions League tournament after falling behind by four goals to nil.

But while Villas-Boas is showing an optimistic attitude, Arsene Wenger is being defeatist and providing a complete lack of leadership by saying his team’s finished in the Champions League this year. His statement is realistic and likely going to be proven true, but it sure as hell isn’t any way to motivate players and fans for the second leg.

According to, Wenger was quoted after the Milan humiliation saying that there’s no possible way his team can turn around the 4-0 score line and keep going on the way to the Champions League Final. Well if Milan was able to win 4-0 at home, it’s surely not impossible for Arsenal to equal it and do the same at home is it? These are the types of questions Wenger should be asking the press and his players leading up to the second leg.

Football teams have come from behind when trailing by four goals in the past, perhaps not in the Champions League, but in other leagues. Wenger should know this first hand since his team blew a four goal lead to Newcastle just last season and had to settle for a 4-4 draw. You’d think that Wenger would be finding as many examples as he can to at least give his players some hope to hang onto.

Why should fans spend their money on tickets if Wenger’s already given up? Leadership comes from the top and when players see their manager being so pessimistic it’s easy for them to adopt the same poor attitude. Anyway, Villas-Boas told reporters that Arsenal can achieve the impossible if they score early in the next game. But it doesn’t really matter if they score early, late, or in the middle of the match, the fact is they need four goals.

He said that anything can happen in football and the impossible often takes place when you least expect it. Villas-Boas said an early goal could get the emotions running high and the fans will get behind the team. This could result in the unexpected happening. He didn’t really give a good example, but Villas-Boas said when he was managing Porto they took a 5-1 lead into the second leg of a Europa League tie against Valencia and ended up losing the game 3-2. That’s still a 7-4 win on aggregate though. He said his side was lucky in that game however and could have lost by a bigger margin,

Neutral football fans will tune into the game to see if Arsenal can indeed pull off a historical Champions League comeback and most Arsenal supporters will be cheering their team on regardless of what Wenger said. Love him or hate him, comments like, “Let’s be realistic, we don’t play in a dream world. There may be two per cent or five per cent chance statistically, but realistically we’re out of this competition,” should be kept private and not broadcast for the world to hear, no matter how accurate they may be.

It’s doubtful that Arsenal can come back and dig themselves out of their hole, but if there’s anybody out there who should be encouraging players not to give up hope, it should be the club’s manager. There’s no reason or need to admit defeat to the rest of the world until you’re officially out of it.

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  1. how many times has AVB been in Champions league?…oh yeah, ZERO. who is he to comment.. i would think he has more on his plate to worry bout than the red and better half of london… wenger is a realist and in my eyes should rest the likes of rvp for this game and we should concentrate on 4th..any person who thinks we can qualify is delude and your attack on our manager is unwarranted..

    • Your nickname serves you well, you truly are deluded. Are the players going around saying they have no hope?, no Wenger is.

      • The players generally display to many of us that they have no hope and Wenger defends them, well a lot of us are glad at last that he’s stung their shitty arses and the author of this piece got it wrong, Wenger said there was a 2-5% chance of getting through.

        Steve of Chiang Mai was right whatever Wenger had come out with he’d be ridiculed by the press AND his own fans.

  2. Steve of Chiang Mai | 18/02/2012 at 03:05 |

    Palmer you are a disgrace…if Wenger had said “we can still go through” you would have written a “Wenger is delluded” piece. The team and the tactics were questionable and if you think Wenger had any right to protect his players on Wednesday night you just didn’t watch the game. Many commentators suggest he has done that too much over the years.

    • Do you have a clue what you’re talking about mate? A manager’s job is to motivate players and fight till the end. Thank fuck Churchill didn’t have an attitude like yours or Wenger’s or this site would be written in German

  3.  Wenger, no matter how much he is to blame for the tacticst and some of the horrific players he’s brought in, is not to blame for saying we’re essentially out of this competiton. Any other suggestion would be sheer folly.

  4. I don’t believe Arsene is being defeatist, I believe he’s playing mind game with Milan given them a false sense of security. I strongly believe we can overturn the defeciet

    • That’s a distinct possibility if you really believe it. Sure, there’s no excuse not to go out and give it your all. Whatever happens happens. In life you have do give it your best shot, hold your head high and go down fighting. If you lose at least you know you gave it everything you had. 

  5. Just to go out and put that little scut Robinho in his place would be all the motivation I would need. What goes around – remember that Ibra! Oh, by the way – I think you should betray your latest team and go play for some one else. There’s a challenge…..

  6. We’re turning it around. The pitch was bad and the referring was poor in the first leg with an offside goal and a penalty that was not. We weren’t given a stonewall penalty as well. We were unlucky with the injury to Koscielny.

    Overall, the spirit is there and the players are very confident. We have Chamakh and Gervinho back for the next leg. It won’t be easy but we have to keep faith.

    Is that what you want Arsene to say?

  7. “Neutral football fans will tune into the game to see if Arsenal can indeed pull off a historical Champions League comeback…”
    Not me. I’ll be tuning in to see them get another thrashing like the other night. I enjoyed seeing that so much, I’m hoping for another good hiding for Arsenal to double my joy. The game can’t come quick enough!

  8. Arsene will overcome his doubters with a fantastic win today i truly believe that!
    And i actually dreamt last night that we won after extra time against Milan and put them out! so i’m really buzzing today with our chances.
    Arsene has started his mind games.

    In Arsene we trust. 

    • Did you watch the game on Wednesday Jenny ? At any point in the ninety minutes plus injury time that were played did you really believe what you have just written? One of the problems with Arsenal are people like you who still hold faith in this man. SEVEN years of achieving nothing and you still believe he can lead us to glory ? And as for the fucking mind games why does he not try TACTICS instead ?

      • don’t waste your time replying to Jenny it is an idiot trying to pretend to be a woman, noone can possibly claim to love Arsenal so much and never discuss the footballing aspect of it, it is a blatant attempt to win up people who care about the club by ‘trusting in wenger’

        • And don’t waste your time even reading any comments from Bigsy he’s merely a spud determined to wind up anybody with anything good to say about Wenger or Arsenal in general.


          • JohninNorfolk | 19/02/2012 at 10:37 |

            You’ve lost it Bigsy, try getting some help, or lay off the booze.

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 19/02/2012 at 20:05 |

            BIGSY MAN UP! U TYPE LIKE ME!!!!

          • Thank you John.. I think his having a breakdown.

        • It doesn’t matter if Jenny is male or female or whether he/she knows anything about football or whether she is right or wrong. I’m sick and tired of people who think their ways and beliefs are right, it’s called opinion and the freedom of speech.

        • Oh, is that what you think.. who’s the deluded one now.



  9. Jpabloherrera14 | 18/02/2012 at 08:04 |

    Yet when arsene says he believes in his players and that they can achieve sucess, he’s seen as delusional. So come on, which is it?

  10. however, wenger trust his first squad.
    so his squad was defeated, wenger could be angry
    so i understood his think and opinion
    but , Wenger must find some of problems on his leadership for arsenal

  11. I cannot help but look on in bewildered awe at some Arsenal fans when it comes to Arsen Wenger. It’s like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ all over again with them. Wenger walks about stark bollocked naked telling them that he is wearing Saville Road suit and they stand there admiring the quality of the material!!!! I just don’t get where this blind faith in the man comes from. This club has been going down hill since the 2006 C/L final. It’s been a collective thing, the board, the players and, without question, Wenger himself, are to blame. If things don’t change next season we’ll be getting the same crap as this season – only without C/L football. Can we beat Sunderland today? Yeah, it’s possible, but if we do our progress would be dependent on who we were to draw in the next round. Can we get past Milan the week after next? Oh, please! Given the performances of this season – not just what happened on Wedensday night – we don’t have prayer. We are simply not good enough.
    And I’m sorry, given that this is Wenger’s team, Wenger’s tactics and Wenger’s purchases (Arteta 10m? Mertasacker 6m? Santos? Park? Gervinho?) then he must take the bulk of the blame!!!

    • I’ll bet the Rangers and Portsmouth fans would swap places with our unsuccessful team right now

      • Why do you bring up money? I’m not talking about spending vast sums of money we don’t have, I’ve never advocated such reckless tactics. Never have – never will. My problem with Wenger is his FOOTBALL management, not how well he can save the club money. Football wise Ijust don’t think he’s up to it anymore. So please, in the future when dare to criticize Saint Arsen, please don’t level that tiresome argument of money against me because, for the last time, that is NOT why I have an issue with him. I am an Arsenal fan first and foremost and if we do Sunderland tonight believe me I will be ecstatic. To be honest my hopes are not high but we shall see. But whatever the result I think Wenger’s best days at Arsenal are behind him. I’m sorry if that doesn’t comply with your opinion butI’m afraid that’s what you get for living in a democracy. As for Portsmouth and Rangers well, that’s down to poor financial management. Something I do NOT level against Wenger, ok?

  12. Cleary wenger sayin we have no chance is putting the pressure of having to score four goals against milan off us is it not??? After all he has done it for years! I still hope we have a clear out at the end of the season. I was talking to some arsenal fans and we are all of the same opionion that there is too many similar players who are either at the end of there days i.e rosiky or got stale i.e vela, bendtner, song etc. we should have a good look at this currant squad and look at the winning sides of years gone by. We had a first team squad of 16 quality players and that squad prob all of them good enough to walk into any team in europe. Petit overmars wiltord bergkamp viera the list goes on amd who today would man utd take off us???? Varmalen or sanga??? Our aquads poor an untill its addressed we will continue to fall away from the top teams.

    • Agreed, we haven’t got the same class of players barring one or two as we did pre Emirates, the move was necessary (or so we’re told and I wouldn’t doubt it) but bad timing with the property market forced our financial plans southwards and self sustainability was the solution and probably we went too far with ss.

      This season has shown up the weakness’s particularly with the unbelievable injuries to the defence, the lack lustre performances we’ve seen from some players you can bet has annoyed Wenger as much it has the fans but he’s kept the lid on it til now but finally lost it in Milan, then gets slated by the scumbag media and some of our own when he finally loses it.

      • Too be a good leader you have to listen and be able to admid when you are wrong… Think in this outburst he has showen us the fans that arsenal doing poor effects him as much as him so ur spot on! Agreed with the move but we could never have expected man city and chelseas turn of fortunes! But we need class and if we could ship out these duds then maybe combine the wages and pay a star like kaka or someone who would be markatable maybe the asian boy at dortmund kawagaga or somit he is amazing and we need a creative spark again! Some players are shocking an id rather has a small squad relying on some youth when injuries or suspensions take place rather than this big squad of crap. We need to be more routhless and cut this squad. If moneys tight get a few loans in but it needs to be quality from now on. Javi martines or muianin both at athleico. Nigel de jong at city. Just a few suggestions! Anything better than song arteta and ramsey there just not good enough

        • I’m all for shipping out the duds though I don’t class Song as one of them, I think the guy is left to do a lot more defending than he should and often takes one for the team, a yellow card here and there which are usually because some useless twat has been too lazy to track back or out of position, agreed, sometimes our tactics appear crap and this is where I’d like Wenger to concede on.

          • Bigpapa1069 | 18/02/2012 at 14:44 |

            Id love it if we bought a big strong forward like cordoza at benfica or even drogba as we would get goals for a few seasons. Also sturrige at chelsea he is an arsenal fan. What i hate on these sites is folk expecting signings but never name who lol. Song is ok but in a midfield of artea who cant cover ground and ramsey who is getting worse week by week we cant win anything. Id love de jong in there great passer and a hard man! The left back needs addressed too… That qpr signing tawio on loan from milan could have been the class we needed but again he cant defend for love nor money but great going forward. We just need freshened up and more so with players leaving than folk coming in!!!!

          • JohninNorfolk | 18/02/2012 at 15:06 |

            “That qpr signing tawio on loan from milan could have been the class we needed but again he cant defend for love nor money”  So what’s the point of signing a defender who can’t defend? 

          • Bigpapa1069 | 18/02/2012 at 17:09 |

            because we need a left back with international and champ league experiance…. Alsob santos out for the season and gibbs injury problems… A loan of a player his quality would have been a good quick fix till end of the season mate. An option but not long term. Better than varmelen out there. He is quality but suspect at defensive duties thats all i ment regards to the defending mate

          • Berg10 | 18/02/2012 at 15:48 |

            Frimpong will be our midfield hardman, dejong would never leave citeh, at the moment their squad is stronger than ours and he’s probably on  a 5 bed detatched house wage per week.

            I don’t think Ramsey has been given enough time to re settle after his horrific injury.

          • Bigpapa1069 | 18/02/2012 at 17:14 |

            Frimpong was class the first few games and i was shocked he seemed to be left out and then loaned. Ramsey choakes in big games and when we rely on him perfect example was swansea he done nothing full game and thats not what we need we need consistant performers. Maybe tweeking our formation to two defensive minded players ie song and frim pong and one attacking mid behind the forwards till we get results???? We need a change.

            To the coment above even if we ship the players out for peanuts it saves us a fortune in wages so thats move posative than keepin crap players and paying them high wages for zero return. Surley all the players you mention comes to £200-250k a week. There is one or two quality players saleries!

          • JohninNorfolk | 18/02/2012 at 15:00 |

            Problem with dumping the duds is who will buy them.  Which club is going to pay anything but peanuts for Almounia, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner et al.

            Honestly, Arsene would be hard pushed to give them away.  If that is the only way to get them off the payroll then so be it.

          • Berg10 | 18/02/2012 at 15:09 |

            This is the problem John, they’ve been pampered and overpaid but sometimes you have to cut your losses and as you say get them off the payroll AND make space in the squad for quality.

          • Thats what happens when you have a shit manager

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 18/02/2012 at 20:52 |


  13. What do you think Berg10, can Arsenal win the the tie?

    I confess I’m as nervous as a long tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.

    • And we just let this speedy tricky winger out on loan!!!

      •  of course what did you expect, that Palmer guy wrote last week that there’s no judgement of talent at Arsenal. I bet Chu Young Park’s just as good or better even, but Wenger glues them to the bench or lends them out

  14. Keep believing JIN and Jenny I think you are on to something about trusting in Wenger I saw the merest glimmer of hope tonight it was only 2 -0 instead of the more usual pasting of 4-0 and more at least it wasn’t 8 again, so that’s you lot finished for another season then Jin and Jenny..keep fighting for Arsene , hell I don’t ever want him to leave ! i fucking love him ! HA HA

    • I feel sorry for you Bigsy because today i have seen your true self and it’s not good place.. Bitter, unger, rejection, paranoid! horrible horrible place.
      You need help indeed! it’s ok we understand.

      Back to the match ton

      • Back to the match tonight.. I am very sad about the result and i know people will call for Arsenes head and i would be very very sad to see him go.
        But i’m just trying to be positive that’s all.. not much of it around these days.

        • Still fancy us to turn AC over?  Dream on. 

          • Hey, i’m sick of people being so bloody negative.. ok be down!
             Can’t you see Arsene was suffering tonght aswell as us???
            We are like family and family don’t turn against one another.

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 18/02/2012 at 20:47 |


          • Crazy horse | 19/02/2012 at 00:29 |

            Sick of him and his crappy tactics and lack luster players. Come the new season this club needs fresh start. Get rid of all the deadwood. And start with Wenger!!!

        • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 18/02/2012 at 20:44 |

          OI JENNY! SHUT IT!!!!!!!!
          BIGSY IZ DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dan my work is done pal, back to the of the 5 people that use it, Vlad is cool, Berg10 is not quite believing what his head is telling him, but he remains ok, mashman knows his stuff, jin and jenny are moronic….i said to myself all along when their season is done im gone..and it is done ! see ya pal..coys !

          • arsenalbob | 19/02/2012 at 10:03 |

            And you’re just another  deluded wanker.  50 years of failure you tosser. Get back to your cow shed.

  15. We are abject.
    No passion, no leadership,no direction!
    We started the game well against Sunderland with the crowd quiet, get another injury and fall to pieces….
    Never thought I would say it but is it time for AW to go.
    Something is very wrong at the club, poisonous from the board downwards.
    Spend some money or lose any decent players we have

  16. Another pathetic performance.  How long is this going to go on for?  We’ve got Spurs next, does anyone seriously believe that we can beat them?  Christ all I can see is another hiding.  This season doesn’t matter now, it’s all over, unless you are that deluded that we can put five past Milan and not concede one.  We don’t deserve to win anything anyway.  No passion, no brains and no leadership…we’ve got exactly what we asked for.  Wenger won’t resign and he definately won’t be sacked, so things will stay exactly as they are.  We’re fucked.

    • Oh, everything’s allright, though, because we’re not Rangers or Portsmouth!!!!  It’s not about bad financial management…it’s about fucking football!!!!

      •  Vlad I totally agree. I cant understand the lack of effort that this team gives. Look at Sunderland today. 3 or 4 players after the ball on every occasion. They wanted to win at all costs. We on the other hand blame everyone else but ourselves. No guts no Garter. I am totally raged at our efforts this season. Failure after failure and no one holds accountability. However the blame rests with us the supporters. We should revolt and not go to games or buy shirts. The board are holding the supporters to ransom and lining their pockets. Wenger should come out and apologize to the supporters. We are the people you give him and all the players a job. You are not bigger than us. And finally Jenny. Shut up to Fuck. If my family did the same to me they know they would be put in their place. Its about respect. Respect goes both ways.

    • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 18/02/2012 at 20:41 |

      YEP UR FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 18/02/2012 at 20:33 |


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