Arsene Wenger's having a party...

Glorious. Absolutely glorious. The utter humiliation of the wheeler-dealer’s mob last night in the Carling Cup was up there with the best games I’ve been to where the urine was well and truly extracted.
A time to praise AW. From front to back (apart from Fabiaknski, obvioulsy) we were superb. The ball rentention was quite unbelievable. The only disappointment was that we couldn’t see them off in 90 minutes because it meant me, Skin and Burnsy missed our last train home.
All of the outfield players shone but you have to say Jack Wilshere stood out. Is it me or does he look better when he is calling the shots without Cesc in the side? And what about Koscielny? How bleedin’ good is he? It maybe a tad unfair to pick out individuals as it was very much a team effort, but hey.
And how good and vocal was the travelling support? Non-stop racket from start to finish with lashings of humour thrown in as the bating of the rancid cretins reached fever pitch. ‘Is there a fire drill?’ ‘Shall we make a DVD?’ ‘Arsene Wenger’s having a party…’ Classic stuff. The visit to the swamp reminded me of the old days when our away support was more hardcore than it is at present. 4,000-plus of the Arsenal’s finest heralded a magnificent demolition. Blokes all around me gave a f***. The level of support must have helped the boys out on the pitch. ‘Na na na na na na na na na, Samir Naseri, Naseri, Samir Naseri…’
Don’t believe how much that crushing defeat of the forces of evil hurt the imbeciles? For your delecatation I have perused T******** messageboards to bring you a flavour of their misery.
EXAMPLE ONE: ‘Maybe its not cool or the right thing to say..but I found it humiliating as those c**** in the corner were giving it the “Ole Ole” as they passed it round our pitch while 4-1 up.’
EXAMPLE TWO: ‘I agree with you about the humiliation..but us late 20s early 30s lot have grown up with the Gooners taking the piss thanks..we have beaten them about 5 or 6 times in 20 odd years isnt it? Although last nights is up there in the worst of those embarrassments.’
Right, the gloating is over. Until next time…FOYS.

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