Bognor bids for Arshavin movie premiere

Andrey Arshavin has risen to the superstar status bracket since signing for the Arsenal – why he is even being offered film roles these days. Yes, I know he was a big name when he joined us from Zenit St Petersburg but his profile has rocketed since he came to the home of football in January 2009.
Now it has emerged that such is his fame that back home in Russia they are making a movie about our little power-packed wideman. He will have a role in a new film entitled “I’m not Arshavin” which will be directed by Russian scriptwriter Ilya Shilovsky.
“I was invited to play a role of one of the characters in the lyrical, sports comedy of Ilya Shilovsky,” Arshavin says on his own website. “The movie is called: ‘I’m not Arshavin.’ It all started, as usual, in the film business, with a script. It struck me as interesting.
“I hope that the film will come out and the audience will like it. Under the contract, I can not disclose the details of the film.” Well, put simply the plot sees our hero Arshavin takes on the role of mentor to an obese football fan. I know a number of fellow Gooners who could handle this role chief amongst whom is a character I met at Manchester City some years ago with the mantle Enormous Andy.
It got me thinking what other Arsenal connections ther were to movies. The first to spring to mind was the classic, The Arsenal Stadium Mystery. Then there was, of course, Fever Pitch and The Full Monty (with a Tony Adams and the Arsenal back four reference)…and I am sure I remember a Charlie Drake film in which he is seen sitting watching a game in the old East Stand. And who can forget, er, sorry, remember The baby Juice Express, 2001, a film about sperm smuggling in my home town of Bognor Regis, featuring the acting debuts of David Seaman and Ray Parlour. The Bognor/movie theme continues further down.
Any others? Or indeed TV appearances. Manu Petit had a small part in The Bill once. I think I remember Bob McNab being in an episode of On the Buses once as well. Anyway, I doubt if AA’s film will ever come to the Bognor Regis Picturedrome in 3D with subtitles but if it does, I’ll be first in the queue. In fact, I am going to write to him and the makers now and campaign for the UK premiere to be held at our local flee pit. Talking of my home town (again), I am off to see the Rocks (Bognor Regis Town seeing as you ask) play Sittingbourne at Nyewood Lane later on this afternoon in what no doubt will be a Ryman League Division One South humdinger.
Back over the Arsenal next week…COYG!

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