Bremen balls-up...DVD out now

AW has come out fighting to try to get us some protection against the braindead hackers who bid to bully us out of games. But hey, we can’t start this fine morning without a chorus of “2-0…and you f***** it up’ can we now? Indeed it seems that lot have even brought out a DVD of their instantly forgettable CL bow.
So on to AW and in the aftermath of Abou Diaby being assaulted by fatso Paul Robinson in the 4-1 win over Bolton on Saturday and he has spoken of his thoughts on the constant threat of thuggery we face.
‘I don’t know if my views are taken seriously,’ he said. ‘The only thing I regret if I speak about it – it is only controversial and it is, “Wenger, Wenger, Wenger, Wenger, Wenger, Wenger, Wenger”. If I read, “Wenger cries because his players are injured”, why should I talk about it? People say, “OK, it’s his team and he wants to protect his players and there is an interest there”. No, I speak about football.
‘When you love football, you can defend the players who go in a fair way. You cannot agree with the players who don’t play in a fair way. The (Robinson) tackle was very bad. I love the English game, but people are more interested in controversy than protecting the players.’
‘What I hate the most is a player who is not committed and jumps out of the tackle. But to have a committed game you need to know that the intention of players is right, that they go for the ball. The beauty of the game is down to the fact that you play with commitment, passion, but the right intention.  Over-protection can become boring as well. I’ve seen some countries where every little push or shoulder to shoulder is penalised. I prefer the philosophy of the English game, but you need to know everybody is playing the ball and only the ball.’
Also having his say this morning is Bacary Sagna, who reckons that English clubs have a great chance of Euro glory (like we care about the others). He said: “The Premier League is stronger than before. There is not much difference between teams now and everyone is improving each year.
“We used to talk about four main teams but you can’t say that any more. Look at Manchester United struggling against Everton. Everyone is coming to the same level and it’s still the best league in the world. The final’s at Wembley, which is a plus. You always want to play in front of your fans. It’s a short trip to the stadium but a long way to go to the final. We have to give everything to reach it.”
Starting tonight against Braga…see you in the Railway, Adrian…bring your dictionary!*
Private joke: mate I sit next to at the Emirates can’t spell…

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