Bring back Arsenal TV Mr Gazidis...

I read the other day that the rip-roaring Reds have a worldwide fan base estimated in the region of 30million. That puts us up there with the likes of big boys such as United, Liverpool, Real Madrid etc. So what’s the one thing these clubs can boast that our very own mighty Arsenal cant?
Our own TV channel is the answer you are looking for. Ever since the demise of Setanta, who provided the platform for AFCTV, we have been without. Well, ok, not ‘without’ in the sense that you can watch online but frankly, that is appalling. What’s the point of having a state-of-the-art TV with HD when you have to resort to a stop-start live feed on your computer monitor?
I tried to sign up to ATVO to watch some of the pre-season games in Austria and the faceless online team the other end couldn’t process my application for some reason. Five minutes before kick-off and I was still staring at a blank screen.
Sod this, I thought at went to and watched the game live for free. So not only it is a pile of cack watching online, you can’t even sign up and the club loses my three quid (the deal they were offering for the games at the time). Ad revenues and the like aren’t my bag but surely to God (Dennis) our new whizz-bang marketing executive types under the control of Ivan Gazidis can make the numbers stack up given that we have a potential TV audience of 30 million out there?
Admittedly, when we did have our own channel you kind of got sick of the sight of the omnipresent former soap star Tom Watt and Stewart Robson but, hey, you can’t have it all. Shovel was relied on a tad too much, too, even though you could see he was ardent Arsenal.
I miss watching the reserves live from Barnet but given that we aren’t playing so many second-string games at Underhill with the format of the new league this season, I suppose these wouldn’t be screened anyway.
Welcome your thoughts.
In other news, we play Legian Warsaw in Pol;and tomorrow in our last pre-season friendly ahead of the Premier League opener at Anfield but I have resisted the temptation to fly out there and instead will be going to see the reserves at AFC Wimbledon. I’ll bring you bits and bobs from the game tomorrow.
PS. Can I just say I now officially hate Neil Fat Get Ruddock more than Edward Sheringham. Can’t say why or he’d sue me. Twot.

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