Bring Me The Head Of Arsene Wenger!

In the aftermath of Sunday’s horrible loss to Manchester United the Arsenal blogosphere has been full of calls for Arsene Wenger’s head to be mounted on a spike outside the Grove. One blog even has a “Wenger Out!” e-petition up and running.
Aside from anything else we’ve got a vital and VERY difficult away game at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. The last thing we need to do just at the moment is to throwing the toys out of the pram like some three year old having a temper tantrum.
Some of what the critics say has validity to it. I find our continued inability to defend coherently as a team most frustrating of all. To be hyperventilating at this crucial time of the season is the worst sort of indulgence however. I don’t question the right of those in the Gooner Nation that want The Great Helmsman’s head on a spike to unburden themselves of that opinion. That’s their right. I do question their wisdom. What we don’t need just at the moment is inward-gazing navel contemplation. We need to rally ourselves for a concerted assault on the citadel of the uber-wealthy Chelsea arrivistes. 
There’ll be plenty of time for inquests after the season is over. We need to concentrate on a minimum third place finish in the League and to go as far as we can in the Champions League. Nobody can convince me that we’ll get a better offer for the manager’s chair at this stage of the season. The playing squad is now set in stone for the rest of the season too. There are clearly issues to address.
I think these are as much about our tactical and psychological awareness and preparation as they are about playing personnel. With Arsčne’s contract expiring on 11 June 2011 and with a “break” clause becoming operational this summer, the manager’s position will need to be addressed as well. We need clarity from Arsčne about his intentions. We don’t want to find ourselves in the situation that we did when Bruce Rioch resigned before he was pushed shortly before the start of the  1996/7 season, leaving us rudderless until “Arsene Who?” appeared on the scene.
What we don’t want is those considerations clouding out complete focus and attention on the critical games before us. It won’t take too many poor results for us to drop back in the pack in the League. A sense of crisis and dissention around the club isn’t going to help anybody, except perhaps Alisher Usmanov’s Red & White Holdings Ltd. Not the result I want to say the least. A case of being very careful what you wish for.
It’s time for level heads to rule ardent hearts. We’re all hurting at our failures against Chelsea and United at The Home Of Football II and our elimination from the FA Cup in the Potteries. We need to dig down deep and summon the belief and courage to face down our coming opponents. To do otherwise would be self-defeating folly.
Keep the faith!

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