Can Anyone Tell Me Why . . . . .?

Yes it’s time for another mini-rant from Renoogami.
But first I must say a very big thanks to Arsene and the boys for a fantastic start to the season – I can’t really remember such a good start before – played 11, won 10 drawn 1, goals for 26, goals against 4. Fantastic stuff!
Some might say we haven’t played anyone really decent yet, but the wins against Seville, Man City, Pompey and West Ham weren’t easy games by any stretch of the imagination, and even the draw up at Blackburn could be classed as a good result.
Seville have thrashed Real Madrid recently and were on a high when we met them, Sven’s City are turning into a really strong and dangerous team and he has done a ‘Wenger’ in adding continental flair to a strong and settled defence – Elano and Petrov have been inspired signings. Portsmouth might want to sort themselves out a bit defensively after letting in four at home to Reading, but they sit in 6th position in the league table after having played all the ‘big four’ already. Curbishley’s Hammers are nothing like Pardew’s and, apart from their last two results, have also had a great start to the season. And any team going to Ewood Park is going to find it extremely difficult to come away with anything at all the way they are playing. So, whilst we will have to wait another 4 weeks until we meet Liverpool, I think we have passed our early tests with flying colours.
Right lets get on with a little rant and ask a question or three.
Can anyone tell me why the Spuds played with white shorts when we played them at the Lane? Did their navy ones clash with our white ones? When have either side ever played each other in a changed strip before?
The same goes for their turnout last night. What a laugh to see them down 1-4 at home, and what a pity Villa let them scrape an injury time draw. But why did they play in another completely different strip at home? 125 years anniversary my arse! Anyway it looked like someone had puked over the shirts. That club has absolutely no class.
And why does Darren Bent have to have ‘Bent D.’ written on his back? Are there many other Bents playing for them to get confused with?
Moving on, does anyone know why are there so few live Arsenal games on Sky? What has happened between us and Sky? Considering we are supposed to be the most entertaining team to watch in the Premier League why have we been on only once. By the time we are on again (away to Liverpool) there would have been 10 weekends of Sky football. That’s at least 20 televised live league games and 40 teams on show – an average of twice each already. I don’t have all the facts, but I think most teams have been on twice – including Derby – whilst we have only featured the once. Neither have we been on Setanta, so is there some hidden agenda here? Perhaps the proposed Arsenal TV channel is the reason?
Anyway I think that’s enough ‘why’s’ for the moment – its time for another can of beer.
All answers and comments will be gratefully received.
Good luck to the team tonight.

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