Cashley Cole’s hatred for all things Arsenal can be seen in encounters. He gestures to fans and is aggressive in the tackle with our players. He thinks that he is god’s gift to Chelsea. In fairness he does receive alot of vile and offensive abuse. The intimate use of mobile phones and associations with homosexuals being some of the false accusations levelled at the player. So one can understand why he may feel it necessary to have a go back.
My question is, are Arsenal fans being set up? For all the years that Cole has received abused he has never to my knowledge reacted like this in the media. Which rather makes me suspicious of his intentions. Is the odius little toerag trying to get his own back in the media and set up Gooners with a plan to making an official complaint to the Police?. It is important that Arsenal fans do not play into his hands. Sol Campbell managed to get some Scum fans convicted under various pathetic public order legislation. Arsenal fans have in the past often attracted criticism for some of the songs sung, with suggestions of homophobia and anti-semitism.
My poll for today is to ask Gooners, we know that he will get abuse when he comes to N5, but in this circumstance, why not let the media do the dirty work and not give Cashley Cole the pleasure of lining up the Metropolitan Police to get some Gooners banned from the club. There comes a time when giving pathetic little sh*ts like Cashley Cole all the attention, becomes a self defeating strategy. Lets move on I say, and concentrate on making noise for our own players.