Cesc: I’m staying to win trophies

Cesc says he has ruled out a switch to Barcelona until he has won trophies with the Arsenal.

That’s according to the NOTW this morning which reports that the skipper – whose pen gave us a 1-1 FA Cup draw with Leeds yesterday – said: “Why would I want to leave? It’s fantastic here. It would be a dream to lift trophies for Arsenal.

“Afterwards you can be attracted by new challenges but my real challenge as captain of Arsenal is to bring this football club success. This is the biggest dream I can have. I want to end these five years without a trophy and, hopefully, I can do it this season.”

Cesc adds that he is still hurt by suggestions he was out of sorts because a move to the Catalan club didn’t come off. He added: “It hurt me a lot to hear that my head was not here and my heart was somewhere else. It is painful when you have worked so hard for the club.”

Meanwhile the Mail reports that Theo Walcott took the ‘extraordinary and almost unprecedented step’ of apologising for diving at the Emirates against Leeds. Walcott went down in the box under challenge from Alex Bruce with two minutes to go and referee Phil Dowd appeared to award a penalty before changing his mind, apparently influenced by the lino.

Theo said: “I want to apologise to the managers because I actually dived,” said Walcott. “I was trying to win a penalty. I asked one of their players, Would you have done the same?. He said he probably would have. I’m not the sort to do it, but I own up. It’s something I don’t want to see in the game. I’ve heard players say ‘If there’s a slight touch, go down’, and it can work both ways.
“I’m not happy with myself for doing that. I had a little joke with the referee afterwards and said, ‘That was my first dive … can you tell?’. I don’t have to own up and I can’t speak for other players. I’ve just expressed what I feel.”

Not sure about this one, but the Mirror says Sol Campbell may be given the chance of an third spell at the Arsenal from Newcastle, where he has only played three games. They say AW is mulling over the idea of bringing back the defender as cover for our central defenders.

The paper says AW has stated that the only position he will strengthen during the January transfer window is at the centre of his defence and could well bring in another player in that position apart from as Campbell.

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  1. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 11:16 |

    No doubt Walcott will now be vilified by the press for his honesty in owning up to a dive and will never again “win” a penalty.

    There did seem to be a degree of confusion over the award and subsequent denial of a penalty. At first the ITV commentators appeared to believe that there had been an offside, although that was never confirmed.

    If Walcott did dive then I am amazed that the, card happy, referee Phil Dowd didn’t book him.

  2. How ironic that after all the chat the other day regarding ‘rsol’ you want him again for a 3rd time, dont know what I think to that really, why does a club who claims to have money want to get a player who is struggling at Newcastle ?
    really confused by you lot at the moment

  3. JiN

    When I read TW14’s “admission” this morning I thought idiot, well something like that, but then I thought refs aren’t stupid…. no honestly, they know players dive or simulate and the fact he’s owned up to it and gives the impression it’s not going to be a regular thing may figure in future refs decisions in a positive way.

    I think AW feels when all fit our 4 regular CB’s are enough, whether the fans agree to that is something different, however, he possibly feels cambell is a tried and tested stop gap until TV gets his arse out of the treatment room.

  4. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 11:44 |


    It’s in the Mirror! So of course it must be true! I don’t think.

    More of a joke is that poor old ‘Arry wants to make the Beckham signing permanent.
    Who writes his stuff? Galton and Simpson?

  5. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 11:47 |


    I’m not sure that young Theo is into reverse psychology theory, but let’s hope it works for hin in the future.

  6. Good luck Cescy but with this lot and this delusional manager you will be lucky if you get a commemorative trophy when you are fifty.

  7. 100% respect to theo.

    anyone who thinks diving is not a disgraceful act of cheating should fuck right off and apoligising as theo has done is exactly what should be expected of all players. thank you theo for being honest and owning up to a bad split second decision you made. if only others will follow suit.

  8. its actually on sky sports news jin, but perhaps you are spending so much time worrying about my ‘pigsty surroundings’ that you fail to have time to follow sport !, all I am saying is that whilst you are chasing Sol , we are closing in on Luis Suarez ! do you have cash to come to the party or what ?

  9. Seems like it’s unlikely Beckham is going to play for you then.

    IF Skysports is accurate it would appear we’re more interested in Ligue 1’s player of the year Eden Hazard but more likely in the Summer.

  10. still got a feeling it will be permanent, dont know why just have . either way not fussed as I am not mad on a player of that age, only interested in his knowledge on AC Milan and looks like the club are doing that in it’s cheapest form.

  11. yep ..Interesting to know what RVP thinks of that admission after his antics at Wigan ?

  12. Why not just ask him?

  13. How do you show team set pieces and demonstrate moves unless on the training field with them ? good god you are a gooner aren’t you ! ha ha xx

  14. The Off-Shore Banker at the wrong side of the Lane, has a BIG, BIG problem. That stadium is not being filled on EPL match days. It is obvious that some of the “Bill Nicholson” stylists do not like having a barrow boy as a manager!
    Now if “bigsy” (why the small “b”?) is a Bill Nicholson fan then he must be from the Antiques Show?

  15. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 16:04 |

    Since Beckham has turned down the chance of a lifetime to join Spuds, (cough, splutter, wipes tears of mirth from eyes). Poor old ‘Arry the Twitch has put in an offer for a job lot of has-beens now deemed to be surplus to requirements at Old Trafford, namely, Giggs, Owen, Scholes and their shop-steward Gary Neville. It s reported that he feels “They can all bring something to to the club, They’re the sort of players every manager wants in his squad and any way they’re likely to be dirt cheap”.

  16. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 16:09 |


    Oh! so that makes it gospel then!

  17. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 16:13 |

    With a home draw against Huddersfield Town in the fourth round of the FA Cup as an incentive the players, whoever Wenger selects, wont need any urging to put on a top performance for the Leeds replay.

  18. Don’t AC have a new manager and many new players since Becks was there?

    And wouldn’t the cheapest way to gain knowledge about them be to watch a video of their games…?

  19. John in Norfolk | 09/01/2011 at 16:15 |


    Berbatov for one! Disgraceful dive at Old Trafford this afternoon.

  20. pretty much yes because everyone in the game respects and talks to sky sports unlike the papers !

  21. OK, that explains a lot. We’ve now found out that spuds believe what’s written in the morror… 😀

  22. dont know where you get this Jin you are acting like we at spurs care about the beckham deal , we think it is strange too and dont understand it, nice attempt to deflect the signing of a former superstar away from sol for the 3rd time !..2nd was bad enough ! ha ha

    and cheap is bad enough at spurs , a free at Arsenal is shocking given all the money you made from the lowbury flats ! xx now carry on reading your books in peace at the ground and remember if anyone makes a noise dont forget to shout shooosh please !..ha ha love the banter…

  23. Sorry about the small b notoverthehill always used to feeling small in the presence of you gooners it is a habit, most hate having Redknapp at the lane as we see him for what he is ‘a wideboy who jumps ship at every opportunity’ so truthfully would not be fussed if he left at all..but quite why you care when you are so superior is beyond me, unless of course you are rumbling in your trousers at the deafening noise of all the class at the lane now, with more following whilst you rely on the big top back 4 lent from the circus and calling
    on wengers head …you go about your business like you always have and dont worry about us ..we are the neighbours who have gone from getting battered by you to actually looking forward to playing you..speaks volumes dear boy volumes ! 2-3 old son, 4-4 old son..big goals conceded by the Arsenal..and back to the big top back 4 with sol to come in..xxxMWAH ! BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU ? HEE HEE

  24. try reading further down !!

  25. Something like Skysports reported Joe Cole was to join the Gunners, 😀

  26. BIGSY
    Don’t worry about us dear boy, 4 points ahead of you and a tough part of the season behind us, our team is now more defined with the knowledge of who the first 11 should be.

    I would have thought by now you spuds would have realised buying for the sake of it in January just disrupts the flow of the team, there again you do have a few crocks in King, Woody and co. that need replacing. Ha Ha Ha.

  27. Bigsy

    I meant ask him whilst at the training ground, no need to sign him just for the info. good god you are a spud aren’t you! ha ha..

  28. sod of you ! ha ha

    On another note , Jim Rosenthal earlier called the bloke on tv a ‘gooner’ now do we not think he should be professional, gooner may be an adopted name, but would he call a spurs fan a yid ? someone from manchester ‘a manc’ …thought that was a bit unpro if you get my drift !

  29. Rosenthal, sounds like a spud supporter 😆
    seriously though it is a bit unprofessional

  30. Bigsy

    Know what you mean about signing Beckham, he tried to get in at the mighty Emirates first but Arsene politely rejected him as we couldn’t fit him in. 😆

    On another note Thierry is training with us til the 19th and helping convert Theo into a striker. 🙂

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