Chamakh latest, Arsenal shares and Wilshere

Chamakh latest…
How is your french?

Bordeaux veut 18 millions pour Chamakh…
Jean-Louis Triaud avait qualifiée l’offre d’Arsenal de «ridicule». On comprend mieux pourquoi. Selon les informations du Parisien, le président bordelais réclamerait en effet 18 millions d’euros pour laisser partir Marouane Chamakh. Une somme que les Gunners ne semblent pas disposés à débourser pour s’attacher les services de l’attaquant marocain des Girondins, libre de tout contrat en janvier prochain. Dans ces conditions, le club londonien, qui aurait proposé 7 millions, n’en mettra pas plus de 8 sur la table.

Ok, I am sure that you got the gist of it. However just in case you didn’t manage to spot the report from Fance Football which gives some insight into the latest on the possible transfer of striker Marouane Chamakh from Bordeaux to Arsenal, then here is my translation: (by the way, what’s “Triaud is taking the piss!” in french?)

Bordeaux want 18 million Euros for Chamakh
Jean-Louis Triaud has described the Arsenal offer as ridulous, now we know why. According to the news from Le Parisien, the Bordeaux President wants 18 million Euros before letting Chamakh go, a sum tht the Gunners arre not prepared to pay for the Moroccan striker whose contract expires next January. it is believed that because of these details the london club has offered 7 million euros and will not put more than 8 millions on the table.

There are reports that Bordeaux left the Moroccan out of the pre-season friendly against Villareal  yesterday. He wasn’t even in the stadium. So fervent is the expectation of his transfer to the premiership, probably North London, then one should expect sightings of him very soon. Which will it be? London or Sunderland? You take your pick which reports you believe. I am convinced that he will shortly become a Gunner. Darren Bent might also agree, but you will need to check Twitter for the lastest on that one!
Jack Wilshere for first team appearance but to replace who?
Jack Wilshere managed to obtain man of the match on both days of the Emirates Cup which was retained by Arsenal’s 3-nil defeat of Glasgow Rangers. A delightful masterclass of trickeryand sublime finishing was presented by our seventeen yr old. in front of England Boss Capello as well for good measure. but lest we all get carried away, a note of caution. Who would this left footed English man replace?
Arsene Wenger has all but signalled his intention to go three up front this season. The central striking options appear to indicate Eduardo and van Persie alternating. With Niklas Bendtner and Arshavin occupying wide roles. Rosicky if he remains fit can alternate with Nasri when he returns it seems. So if Jack Wilshere is to play offensively then, it could be at the expense of Theo Walcott.
Now fans should see why Arsene Wenger keeps referrring to the quality of the squad. I doubt very much if Jack Wilshere will do anything other than warm the bench for the first few games, and will only feature to give the main first team player ahead of him a rest. The last thing we want is to overplay this hand. Jack Wilshere will be better than Wayne Rooney in my opinion, and having such a gem requires careful nurturing.
Yet to fail to play him may lead to other clubs circling like vultures. Real Madrid and Barcelona would be attracted by this world class teenager. Lets hope that Jack Wilshere gets his chance to play first team football soon, if only to cheer up the fans. How strong would the following line-up be? (How tasty…)
Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Rosicky, Wilshere van Persie, Arshavin
I have only put Song in in the expectation that we will not buy a defensive midfielder with Patrick Vieira coming back…(gasp) We seem to have a degree of imbalance with a forward line of predominantly left footed players, but Arshavin plays off both feet happily. I am presuming in my formation a defensive pairing of Song and Fabregas with Rosicky in behind the front three? What are your views?
Centre-Back needed?
The pre-season frinedlies not yet over and with important Champions league play off ties to come, it will have caused anxiety in the ranks to hear of our first choic centre-back pairing Gallas and Vermaelen are both nursing muscle strains. Gallas’s hamstring is said to be minor, and Vermaelen is recovering from a slight muscle problem. Given that we appear to be about to be parting with Phillipe Senderos to Everton, and Johan Djourou his co-countryman was less than convincing in the centre back berth, perhaps after Chamakh, Arsene Wenger might bid for a central defender?
Arsenal are still not able to convince me that the single signing will correct the defensive difficulties. Both Rangers and Athletico Madrid were able to turn our centre backs during the Emirates Cup. Our zonal defending from the corners was at best average. It seems such a straight forward area of the game to correct, with the right investment. I wait in hope but not in anticipation I’m afraid.
Arsenal shares continue to move…
Stanley Kroenke appears to have finally paid for his shares according to Plus markets, but just before the weekend there were rumours that Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith had found a buyer for her 15%, an associate or friend of Red and White. Which would be translated into 40% of shares supporting any Usmanov position. The rumour must be taken only as such, as I have no valid source other than reports than have been circulating in the blogosphere.
What is factual however is that well over a hundred shares were traded in the last 4 days, and shortly we will get to know if again Stan Kroenke was the purchaser as he is obliged to notify the markets of every share that he trades. All of this activity makes the up and coming AGM quite an interesting prospect. Red and White have waged an open propaganda war following the rejection of the rights issue by the Board. They may be keen to get some further support from frustrated fans/shareholders at the meeting.
Which really begs the question that unless they have the will to mount a hostile takeover this autumn, then Stanley Kroenke seems set to takeover the club with an established lower trading share price in the months to come. This will mean HUGE losses for Usmanov as they lack the percentage of shares to be able to vote off board members. If they change tack and play the card of conciliation then perhaps a place on the Board for Red and White might be the reward for ruling out any hostile intentions.

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