Charlotte: Arsenal babe of the week

I’ve been to a good few Arsenal games over the past four decades but never have I had the pleasure to bump in to a Gunners fan quite as lovely as this buxom babe. More’s the bleedin’ pity!
So when this rather appealing snap landed at arsenalinsider we thought it only right and proper to share it with our growing army of visitors. The cutie in question is Charlotte, we are told, and she hails, unsurprisingly in some respects, from Essex.
Now, I know we have a highly successful ladies team and that opportunities for new players are few and far between unless the gals in question are at the top of their game.
But surely someone somewhere must see the value of bringing Charlotte into the set-up? Imagine the increase in spectators to see our gals if the likes of Charlotte were involved. I mean, I’m sure she’d settle for a role on the bench with the chance of the final 20 minutes once a firm lead had been obtained.
Enough! I am about to stray into tabloid twaddle involving phrases such as ‘twin strikers’ and ‘two up front’ etc, etc so perhaps this is a good juncture to beat a hasty retreat to my inbox and pray more pics come our way so we can brighten your day in between all the serious chat!
If they do, be assured I will share them with you soonest…

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